It is a crime to remain silent in the face of evil, it is said. Thus, I am speaking up and urging other good men and women to raise their resonant voices while they can before they are brutally silenced by the ever-creeping Islamofascism.

-- Amil Imani

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Islam Expansionism in America Featured

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Islam Formation

Right from the start, violent jihad served as the engine of Islam under the command and supervision of Muhammad himself. After Muhammad's death in 632 A.D., his friend Abu Bakr was named Caliph and ruler of the Islamic community, or Ummah. Muhammad's followers in a short time occupied a vast geographic area; conversion to Islam was heightened by Islamic missionaries, who intermingled with local populations to promulgate the Islamic teachings. It resulted in Islam's spread outward from Mecca toward both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the creation of the Muslim world.

Islam is based on intolerance, fatalism, institutionalized slavery, injustice, jihadism, oppression of women and non-Muslims, celebration of death, lack of respect for individualism, rejection of freedom and democracy, belief in the theocracy of Allah as ministered by the self-serving clergy who are not accountable to the people, stifling of questioning and inquiry, disallowing all legitimate forms of freedom, and on and on.

In no time at all, Islam spread like a pandemic. Once it attacked the mind of its victims, this debilitating disease transformed them into helpless pawns that had no choice but to do what they were directed to do. This is Islam in a nutshell.

Twenty-First Century

Fourteen hundred years later, this pandemic disease finally arrives in the continental US with a 30-year or so plan to make Islam the supreme law of the land. Since this vicious ideology never has been reformed, it always reverts to its original modus operandi. It is as though we are facing the Islam of 632 AD.  For many Americans, this ideology is unknown and not many people understood it at all.

Moving to America

I left Iran in the middle of the Islamic Revolution and witnessed how Islamists operate. “On August 19, 1978, Islamist terrorists killed 470 Iranians by burning down Cinema Rex, in Abadan, Iran to cause hatred and anger against the Shah. This triggered Khomeini’s 1979 Islamic d/revolution. Western Mainstream Media instantly and foolishly blamed the Shah’s spy agency SAVAK for the fire so the Brits, their American and French allies, together with their media would start assisting Ayatollah Khomeini with his hoax revolution.”

It was as though Iran’s history had turned back 1400 years, fighting yet again with Muhammad’s army. The brutality of Muslims’ savagery was indescribable. The Iranian Revolution was not Islamic until Jimmy Carter and his European allies got involved in favor of Ayatollah Khomeini, a complete illiterate and brutal man who had absolutely no feelings for Iran. 

The so-called Islamic Revolution of Iran only proved what I always knew about Islam. It is purely an ideology of terror and war and it must be treated as such by all leaders of the free world. If not, the Western world eventually will come head to head with this cult. That is inevitable.

Knowing Islam

We know Islam because we have experienced it. Those of us, through reason and a tremendous act of will, who have freed ourselves from the enslaving yoke of Islam placed around our necks from birth, know about all the heinous inside dirt of this plague on humanity. We hardly need to call a toll-free number to hear a phony canned message of deceptions and lies. We have experienced Islam first-hand and up-close from the inside. We have studied the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sunna. We have seen Islam in action where it wields sway. Some of us even tried desperately to cling to this security blanket that was wrapped around us from birth. Yet, the more we studied and the more we experienced Islam, the more our effort to remain in the fold became untenable. We broke away from Islamic slavery and found it to be our solemn duty to expose this fraud of a religion, help other Muslims to free themselves from it, and warn good-hearted and gullible non-Muslims falling victim to it.

Fast forward

After the attacks of 9-11- 2001, many Americans started to take a second look at Islam and what it is that makes it so violent. Well, that did not work. The events of 9/11 did nothing to wake people up. Eighteen years have come and gone since the horrific attacks of 9/11. Sadly, we still have not learned the lessons of it. Whose fault, is it?

Here is one reason, from a headline: “Loophole used by 9/11 hijackers still open with 6 million visa overstays in the U.S.”  Here is another: Sharia law continues to stealthily insert itself into every aspect of American life and culture. The number of mosques has tripled and many Muslims have been brought to America and resettled in every corner of the country. And because it is obligatory for a Muslim to follow Islamic laws and not some fabricated laws like the U.S. Constitution, therefore, a Muslim can never be both, a Muslim and an American at the same time. They are incompatible. That is where the clash begins and no elected official in this country is willing to or wants to confront this problem head-on and have an open discussion on this important subject. 

Muslim organizations in America, generously financed by the oil-rich Muslim governments and sheiks, have grown exponentially larger with many Islamic chapters and sub-chapters in every city and town in America. They continue to creep into every facet of our institutions.

Ignore your representatives, they are not concerned with this issue and they don’t care. The question is why most of our citizens do not get it? The answer is Americans have been conditioned by the liberal elites and media to be tolerant and compassionate, to embrace multiculturalism and respect each other’s beliefs, ideals and values. That is wonderful in a utopian world, but the fact is, Islam does not embrace any aspect of Western civilization—much less American culture.

Practical Assignment

As part of my Homeland Security assignment, I spent a day in a Police Academy “Intelligence/Military and Police Challenges and Success Seminar,” this was during the peak of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Almost all the fifty Police Officers in that auditorium were clueless about the Islamic terminologies and how to deal with them Islamic issues when the time comes. We’re living in a post 9/11, you are telling me these first responder law enforcement officers had no perception of Islam and Muslims who most likely they encounter on a daily basis more than most of us, have not been prepared and trained how to approach them during an incident? I looked for a training manual but did not find one. I hope things have improved by now.

But irrespective of what roles these police officers on the streets should or should not play in dealing with terrorism, the fact is a large amount of money by our federal government has been set aside for training purposes of our local police. I heard from a few officers that most of the money goes straight into the pockets of instructors. The training system clearly needed reform. In general, I was never in favor of the federal government gets involved in local and state issues such as training the cops. I believe the states are capable to reform their system and this oversight of counterterrorism training.

In short: we must stop Islam’s advancement in America. The future survival of human race is in the balance. Evading this important responsibility would be an unforgivable act against our future generations. 

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