Shahin-IranSalman Rushdie is perhaps the most celebrated person with an Islamic bounty on his head and has been for decades. The man was condemned to death by Ayatollah Khomeini, without the least due process, for supposedly insulting Islam’s sanctities in his book Satanic Verses. Rushdie has been living, mostly in hiding, a dreadful life for decades, hoping to elude the daggers or bullets of far too many zany Islamists who would eagerly carry out the edict of the certifiably crazed Islamic Ayatollah.

Shahin Najafi, a Persian musician songwriter is not famed like Rushdie, yet has been convicted to death by another Ayatollah. Again with no due process, for the “sin” of composing a song deemed by the officious Islamic clergy, Ayatollah Golpaygani, as an affront to the Shiite Imams.



The way these high priest Islamic parasites operate is nothing short of international religious terrorism. They consider it their prerogative to pronounce death sentences on anyone of any nationality anywhere in the world that offends their sensibilities. With their tentacles reaching every corner of the globe, these Islamic Godfathers unleash their lieutenants and soldiers on anyone who dares to in anyway challenge their code of murder and mayhem billed as Allah’s sole valid religion for all of humanity.

Shahin may not be famed like Rushdie, yet he is also a human being who is under a fatwa of death. The man was an ordinary Persian musician and singer before Iran's grand ayatollah Golpayegani issued a fatwa against the rapper who lives in Germany. Now, Shahin faces death threats after releasing a controversial song containing references to one of the 12 Shi'ites, Muslim Imams.



we-are-all-shahin-300x187Hundreds of thousands of Iranians have watched this controversial clip posted on Youtube. This issue has divided opinions in a nation that religious people finding it offensive and insulting to their beliefs and many others defending the song, saying it broke taboos especially with respect to expressing views about religious personalities.

More Ayatollahs are ganging up on the poor artist. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency reports that, Ayatollah Naser Makareme Shirazi, a pro-Islamic regime cleric based in the holy city of Qom with a great deal of influence among Shi'ites, has also issued a fatwa against Najafi by proclaiming, “Any outrage against the infallible imams ... and obvious insult against them would make a Muslim an apostate." Makarem Shirazi has in the past issued other harsh and absurd religious rulings such as the one against women attending soccer matches, proscriptions against keeping pets, and denial of the Holocaust.

The apostasy ruling was issued after a song released by this rapper titled "Naghi". Islamist fanatics contend the song desecrates the tenth Imam of Shi'ites, Imam Naghi.

Islam is a vestige of the dark ages and literally in the darkest meaning of the word. It is beyond the pale that a self-glorified turbaned cleric finds it in himself, the audacity to issue a death warrant of a human he has never seen and without even a pretense of trial.

Apostasy is capital offense in most Islamic countries, but execution of the apostate is not common. Yet it does take place from time-to-time by frequently buttressing the “crime” of apostasy with additional fabricated charges. The Islamic Republic of Iran, for instance, often adds the charge of mohareb (one who wars with Allah) to further legitimize its execution of apostates. A case in point pertains to the treatment of the religious minority Baha’is by the Islamic Republic. A number of Baha’is have been charged as apostates and mohareb, executed and some secretly buried in unmarked graves.



use2_Screen_Shot_2012-05-10_at_9.04.39_AMIt is noteworthy that Islam considers the world as its Ummah and overarches national boundaries. Hence, Islamic clerics feel free to issue fatwa and other adjudications regarding any person, group or nation anywhere in the world. Fanatic Muslims anywhere in the world take it upon themselves to carry out fatwa issued by Islamic high divines. Other high profile cases, the killing of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch film director and the recent attack on the Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westeraard,  are instances of this barbaric arbitrary practice that runs counter to the civilized world’s due process and has serious intimidating impact on the freedom of expression.
Fatwas are religious rulings with wide-ranging and shocking implications. For one, not long ago, Salih bin Fawzan, “a prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, issued a fatwa proclaiming that there is no minimum age for marriage, and that girls can be married even if they are in the cradle.”

Why not? Didn’t Islam’s founder, Muhammad, marry a six-year-old Ayesha? Women in Islam are simply there to serve men’s lust and comfort them in any way they can and be grateful that men take care of them.

The cult of savagery, euphemistically called religion of Islam, needs be fully exposed for what it is, its Godfathers de-frocked and punished if they keep issuing fatwas as binding rules for Muslims to obey and implement.
Half-hearted perfunctory attempts by the civilized world at staying the hands of these villains and preventing them from issuing rulings by fiat only serves to embolden these perpetrators of hatred and violence.

Where do these Islamic clerics get their authority to make life and death pronouncements? They claim it’s from the Quran, for one. A book that was compiled some 1400 years ago by the primitive savages of Arabia and presumed as Allah's, word-for-word.

574968_10150696755852681_306329502680_9463482_1877782204_nFree people and nations should not sacrifice their God-given liberty to please the Islamists by muzzling dissenters and even endangering their safety and their lives.
In the final analysis, there is no difference between a Mafia Godfather issuing a death sentence on people who do not toe his line and a turbaned Islamist who masquerades as the authorized agent of Allah to run and ruin peoples’ lives by fiat.
The civilized free people of the world have paid the ultimate price far too many times in the past and are not likely to shirk their responsibility of fighting off the resurgence of the scourge of Islamism—a cult of intolerance and violence that has shed and continues to shed the blood of far too many people.

Let freedom ring. Let people sing their songs and lead their life without death threats hanging over their heads.
No oppression of women, minorities, freedom-lovers, and no death sentences by fiat. Imams and Mullahs who engage in these criminal acts must be dragged to the court of law and, after due process, meted out their due punishments, in the same way that any criminal is processed by a just and civilized society.






Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.


2012-05-19 13:07:38
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"If Islam is the religion of peace, it can only be peaceful on Earth when anyone practicing any other religion has been killed. Only then, will there be peace… until the next fatwa."

That is obviously not true. The countries that are most Muslim are the least peaceful and their citizens the most oppressed.
If Islam is the religion of peace, it can only be peaceful on Earth when anyone practicing any other religion has been killed. Only then, will there be peace... until the next fatwa.
Islam is incompatible with Western values, not the least of which are life and individual liberty. Also, the concept of democracy is un-Islamic. (Many a mullah has said so). Our leaders should stop kidding themselves and us about what is at stake with the Islamic migrations and oily blackmail. We have a civilization to save: our own.
The reason that Islam "does not bother with national boundaries" is that it does not recognize any separation between church and state. There is no "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things which are God's." There is no history of a people, as in the Hebrew Bible, no human narratives, no "course of human events," no psychological insights into the human heart, such as Melville found among the Hebrew prophets and which one finds so often in the Gospels, let alone Christ's message of freedom and sheer love of the spirit, as in his lesson to "Consider the lilies of the field." The Catholic teaching that "There is no salvation outside the church" is very different, if not the opposite of the world-view in the Koran, for if the state does not exist outside the church, then the only legitimate expression of nationhood in Islam is Islam itself.
It is an honor to process my comment to you Amil. What is life? It is passion and a desire to seek the truth.
Apostasy is capital offense in most Islamic countries...

The civilized, free people of the world have paid the ultimate price far too many times in the past and are not likely to shirk their responsibility of fighting off the resurgence of the scourge of Islamism -- a cult of intolerance and violence that has shed and continues to shed the blood of far too many people.

I've wondered once or twice why Islamic people tolerate such barbarity; that said™, I've also had to wonder once or twice why we Americans tolerate such barbarities as the Chicago way and overt racism in high government circles. I'd rather not believe we're still living in profound ignorance, but...
Well, yes there is an obvious difference between the leader of an organized crime syndicate and an Islamic prelate. The boss of the crime syndicate does not claim to be acting under color of Divine authority in doing the evil. There is this claim on the other side, and that is an aggravating circumstance for the prelate. It is not an excuse, except insofar as the prelate is acting in good faith from his own standpoint based on being genuinely not able to know any better. How far the more senior Islamic scholars are that way may be a serious question, but that is a debate for another day.
Al not so sharpton is America's imam , he put one of those fatwats out on Zimmerman before he knew all the details and him and Jackson have been doing that to people and corporations all their life. And I guess you could say that both of them are full of Shi'ite.
Looks like crossing one of these imams will leave you up the Shi'ite creek without a paddle. Oh -- do not forget that Islam is a religion of peace.
What intrigues me is that those imams who invoked the Fatwa on Rushdie can't read English. In fact, I don't think the book would have made the best seller lists if so many copies hadn't been bought to burn.

Our local library copy fell open at the end of the first chapter - with no sign of anyone having read beyond that page. I have a feeling that if there hadn't been a fatwa - and the aforesaid burning - the book would have just sunk without trace.