During the U.S. presidential election, President Obama boasted that he would embark on a personal diplomacy to solve our foreign policy problems with terrorist countries such as Syria and the Islamic Republic. He said that he would meet their leaders without any preconditions to settle our disputes. Doesn’t that sound like a change of heart, a real change and a great relief to us all? Never mind the fact that this president has about zero experience in foreign policy matters, he is foolish enough to aim to negotiate with the ever-conniving Assad of Syria and masters of deceptions such as the mullahs of Iran.

President Obama, how do you propose to engage the point-man of the end-of-the-worlder Shiite regime in negotiation or discussion without sacrificing the valiant Iranian people who are struggling to free themselves from the yoke of fascist Islamists? You believe that you, still somewhat wet behind the ears, can do better than the four-year combined efforts of seasoned diplomats from France, Germany, and Great Britain.

There are those who see the solution in negotiation with the Mullahs. These people are either naïve or dishonest. Mullahs’ negotiation is Islamic to the core. They take all and you give all since you, according to the Islamic fiat, are not entitled to anything. One can see how Muslims negotiate even among themselves in places like Iraq, the Palestinian territory, Pakistan and every other Islamic land. President Obama, it takes two to tango, as the old saying goes. The uncompromising oil-intoxicated fanatics of Iran and their proxies don’t want to dance with you. They want the entire floor – the Middle East – and the rest of the world down the road. Sure enough, a week ago, President Obama broadcasted a goodwill video to the Iranians celebrating their thousands of years old Persian New Year, offering the country a "new beginning" in relations. While Iranians welcomed President Obama’s goodwill gesture, at the same time they were disgusted when President Obama did not differentiate between a gang of terrorists who have been holding Iran hostage for 30 years, and the Iranian people. President Obama said, “The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations.” But, Mr. President, the Iranian nation does not wish to be associated with this occupying regime, whatsoever. In fact, they want the Islamic Republic to be thrown into the dustbin of history as quickly as possible. Mr. President, today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the greatest threats to the stability of the civilized world and humanity at large. It continues to impose this horrendous ideology called Islam on the Iranian population. It also looks like my people are going to be betrayed once again by a badly misguided American president. Jimmy Carter helped give birth to the virulent Shiite Islamism by forbidding the Shah of Iran to crush the bloodthirsty Ayatollah Khomeini and his band of rabid Islamists. Now, President Obama intends to confer legitimacy on the illegitimate child, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Jimmy Carter did his thing and my people died. In no time at all the vicious mullahs gutted the Iranian armed forces and executed many of its most capable officers. Saddam Hussein watched gleefully as the Iranian military disintegrated and found the opportunity to carry out his Pan Arabism ambition by attacking Iran. Some eight years of barbaric butchery killed and maimed millions on both sides, gutted the vibrant Iranian economy, and visited misery of all sorts upon the Iranian people. Mr. President, I have been observing and worrying about my country of birth, Iran, ever since a gang of murderous mullahs and their functionaries assumed power. To my infinite regret and the regret of millions of Iranians, the situation in Iran under the fascist rule of mullahs is rapidly deteriorating in every respect. And the last thing they need is appeasing negotiators to give the mullahs a new lease on life.

Mr. President, beware of mullahs bearing gifts! The mullahs are diehard adherents of the Islamists' eleventh commandment "Thou shall not lie or dissimilate (Taqqyeh), deceive or cheat (ketman) unless they serve a higher purpose." And to these devoted faithful, there is no higher purpose in the world than serving Allah's bidding, as they like it and as they interpret it. And in the Quran itself, Allah gives these fellows their mandate: Cleanse the earth from all kefirs (infidels), and help usher in the golden rule of Islam over a corrupt world. This high-purpose strategic goal of Islamization legitimizes any and all tactics.

Qur'an 8:39 "Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah." Allah, in his kindness, leaves a bit of wiggle room for the unbelievers. Those who refuse to convert or whose life is spared may live under the rule of Islam by paying poll taxes.

Quran 9:29, "Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission." These men of Allah are urged to use every "stratagem of war," to kill and take the disbelievers as captives. The ones they do not kill, mostly women and children, they take as spoils of war and slaves. These devotees of Allah have been and continue to be among the most persistent practitioners of slavery.

Quran 9:5, "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war." And, as for Iran's mullahs' unyielding drive to acquire the ultimate weapon, it is in obedience to the command of the Quran. And "terrorism," abhorrent to the civilized world, is explicitly enjoined on the faithful.

Quran 8:59 "The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah's enemy." And for those who advocate retreating to the safety of "the fortress of America," the following warning should dispel their vain hope. Europe is already partly invaded; America and other infidel lands are next.

Quran 13:41 "Do they not see us advancing from all sides into the land (of the disbelievers), reducing its borders (by giving it to believers in war victories). It is worse than appeasement to negotiate a "deal" with the Islamists in Iran because any deal struck with these mullahs is only another ruse for them to further their plans. “The UN resolutions are nothing more than pieces of paper good for fire, they can pass them all they want,” President Ahmadinejad proclaims, belligerently. These Islamists go by their 1400-year-old charter of Allah, the Quran, the same charter that they hold in one hand while slashing the throat of an innocent infidel and yelling joyously "Allah is the greatest" the whole time. In return, the head of the hostage takers, the supreme leader Ali Khamenei uncompromising broadcasted his own video address to a crowd in the northeastern city of Mashhad. Chants of "Death to America" broke out as he spoke. Khamenei said there will be no change between the two countries unless the American president puts an end to US hostilities toward Iran and brings "real changes" in foreign policy. In other words, allow us to continue butchering the Iranian people, developing our nuclear bomb, assassinate Persian bloggers, support any and all terrorist groups around the globe, hang under age children, rape virgin girls before their execution, lift all the sanctions on Iran and stay out of our family business. In return, we will give you what you deserve, nothing. To the misguided President Obama who wants to make peace with the devil, "Supreme Guide," mullah Ali Khamenei, the civilized Iranians, who are descendants of Cyrus the Great, find mullah Ali Khamenei and his cabal of Islamists guilty of heinous crimes.

A partial list of charges is given below. Domestically: *He does not represent the Iranian people. He is a usurper of power. He is guilty of transforming a noble nation into a world pariah. He is an Islamic terrorist. *He is denying and violating a long-suffering people of all its human rights. * He is guilty of beating, imprisoning and torturing a few dozen women who braved participating in a peaceful demonstration pleading for equal family rights at the International Day of Women. * He systematically beats, imprisons, and tortures all manner of citizens, from schoolteachers to students to union workers, for daring to raise their voices against the plight to which they have been subjected. * He has savagely beaten and hauled to his dungeons of torture and death over a thousand of the tens of thousands of teachers who gathered in front of the parliament, requesting nothing more than their back pay and living wage. * He directs systematic genocidal measures against all non-Shi’a religious minorities, with Baha'is as the prime target. * He arrests some Christians that even his holy book Quran calls "People of the Book," for observing Christmas. * He implements barbaric practices of stoning, hanging and amputations for those who are convicted of crimes in his kangaroo courts without due process. He even imprisons those few lawyers who rise in the defense of the innocent. * He has plundered, mismanaged and doled out Iran's national wealth with the result that the great majority of the people are living in poverty. Iranian women are forced into prostitution to survive or simply sold as sex slaves in Persian Gulf states. * His fascist misrule of nearly three decades has driven millions of Iran's best children to the four corners of the world. Hundreds of thousands of educated Iranians are compelled to continue the exodus, depriving Iran of their sorely needed talents at home. * He spends a fortune on the nuclear program that he claims is only aimed for peaceful purposes, while turning Iran into little more than a gas station nation, with its precious oil wealth squandered and its facilities on the verge of collapse through neglect. * He has created a suffocating social atmosphere that has driven masses of the people to the use of hard drugs as a way of numbing their pain.

Internationally * He looks far and wide to support any and all terrorists. His delusional theology mandates the creation of horrific conditions in the world so that the Hidden Imam is compelled to appear and establish his rule. * He spares no efforts at sabotaging any settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis. He arms and trains all Palestinian factions such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and any and all that come. * He directs similar criminal schemes on his eastern flank, in Afghanistan. He considers any democratic system as the enemy of Islamofascism, and rightfully so. * He works ceaselessly, expands Iran's stolen funds, and does all he can in support of his Shi’a co-fascists Hezbollah in Lebanon. * His hands are dripping with the blood of thousands of Iraqis, victims of his bloodthirsty kin mercenaries aiming to kill a budding democracy in Iraq next door. * He supplied his mercenaries with armor-piercing projectiles for killing and maiming the coalition forces in Iraq. He, cowardly killing by proxy, using roadside-planted bombs, has taken the lives of nearly 200 Americans. Mr. President, do you still want to make a deal with this mullah? Misguided advocates of negotiation with the mullahs, beware. The mullahs are on an Allah mandated mission. They are intoxicated with Petrodollars and aim to settle for nothing less than complete domination of the world under the Islamic Ummah. It is precisely for this reason that they consider America and the West as "Ofooli," setting-dying system, while they believe their Islamism as "Tolooi," rising-living order. They are in no mood for negotiating for anything less than the total surrender of democracy, the very anathema to Islamism. And to you, the misguided mullah Ali Khamenei, don't be fooled by the sycophants who misinform you. Don't threaten the West by either as-yet-to-come online nuclear weapons or your fantasized sleeper cells. You will be terribly disappointed when Iranian expatriates everywhere will be among the very first to help the authorities find your sleeper cells, if any actually exist, and put them into permanent sleep. President Obama, I repeat, please don’t betray the Iranian people as your predecessors have done.

2009-03-27 18:01:41
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