Islam is on its march of death on many fronts. A very dangerous front has been recently re-opened at the United Nations (UN) by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest group of nations within the UN, by introducing a new resolution.


The resolution under consideration—Defamation of Religions—aims to enlist the power and prestige of the UN in defense of religion by declaring religions to be immune from the general discourse practiced in non-religious domains.  

The aim of the resolution is to impose a gag order on people against breathing a word that religionists may find defaming or offensive. Isn’t that a great idea, folks? Now, any crackpot, more than ever, can start a scheme and call it a religion. 

And by so doing, he can be under the protective umbrella of the UN, immune from any criticism and litigation. By contrast, any religious order can take any offender to court for offensive statements.

I can just see the legions of lawsuits that will be launched and financed by the petrodollar rich Islamists in an unrelenting effort to muzzle any and all people who might dare to point out the truth about Islam. The very expenses of litigation, even without convictions, can ruin any individual or organization.  

And what happens to the First Amendment, freedom of speech, of inquiry and expression? Freedoms we have come to cherish and celebrate as priceless treasures for free people and societies? The answer: well, limits are also needed, particularly when the limits serve the interests of those who want to set them: In this case, the recently-empowered incorrigible, un-repenting dark-ages Islamists and their follow travelers. My response is that gag orders, no matter where they are applied, exact an unacceptably high price for the possible good that they may do. In my ideal world, I would like to see a world where all ideas and beliefs, religious or otherwise, are expressed, even clash, and fend for themselves in a battlefield of ideas.   Ideas and beliefs should thrive or fail on merit only and not because someone says that they are the best and everyone must accept them without questioning. Let the meritorious and the fittest survive and let the phony and the unfit die. It is this form of freedom that has been the engine of progress in all fields of human endeavors. And it is the exact opposite practice of stifling free inquiry in many organized religions that is the main cause of much superstition, stagnation, and even untold suffering. What needs to sink into the Western peoples’ mind is the realization that, to the Muslims, the idea of freedom and free thinking is largely an alien concept. From birth onward, a Muslim’s brain is packed with the notion that everything in life is predicated on the will of Allah. Allah is in charge of all things and at all times. Allah is very much of a hands-on God. He does the thinking, he does the ordaining, and he decides the outcome for everything large and small. And since Allah is the all-knowing as well as the all-everything, the duty of the faithful is unquestioned obedience in all matters, irrespective of any and all contradictory evidence. All disproving and contradictory evidences about the Islamic precepts are labeled as deceptive machinations of the accursed Satan. Hence, it is the sacred duty of the believer to put his Islamic blinders on and submit wholeheartedly and unhesitatingly to what is preached to him. It is within this deeply engrained mindset of the Muslim that he or she rarely says anything or commits to anything without the preamble of enshallah—if it is the will of Allah. In a way, this is a great out for the Muslim. If he wants to do it and does it, Allah willed it. If he doesn’t want to do it and doesn’t do it, Allah didn’t see it fit. It is this type of mentality that is, in large, part responsible for Muslim governments—the beneficiaries of their fatalistic pathological system—to audaciously propose this dangerous resolution to the UN. The Islamic powers that be want to protect their valued stranglehold on the masses by keeping them in the darkness of ignorance and preventing them from being exposed to the light of truth. Question: Why is it that the Muslims are so hellbent on passing laws and resolutions of the sort they are pushing? Answer: Because Islam is loaded with faulty and bizarre beliefs as well as many primitive, discriminatory and shameful practices. So, they need to build a steel fence around their corral of absurdity to protect it from crumbling under the assaults of truth. They have much to hide and fear exposure the most. Question: Why is it that these followers of Allah don’t mention any other religion besides Islam for the privilege they are seeking? Answer: Because to Muslims, Islam is the super-religion and final religion of Allah. Judaism and Christianity are the only other two religions that are granted a grudging minimal recognition by Islam. All other religions and those without religion are blasphemy and blasphemous. If we exempt religion from criticism (some call it defamation), many problems arise. For one, what qualifies as religion and what does not qualify? Or, who or what body makes such a decision? For instance a Paris court convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud and fined it more than euro 600,000 ($900,000) on Tuesday but stopped short of banning the group as prosecutors had demanded. Will courts be given the authority to pass judgments on religious matters? France apparently considers the Church of Scientology as less than a bonefide religion, but views Islam as a religion. On what basis is France making this call? Is it because there are five million people in France who call themselves Muslims? Is it the numbers’ game, then? Why is it then that Muslims do not recognize billions of Buddhists and Hindus as followers of legitimate religions? Oddly enough, various sects of Islam consider other sects as heretics worthy of the harshest treatments. They bomb each others’ mosques, funeral processions and even marketplaces crowded with other Muslims.   Would the UN decide the issue of what constitutes religion or will the matter be left to the discretion of each country? Would Saudi Arabia allow Christians to build a church in that country, or even the Bible be sold in bookstores? Would the Islamic Republic of Iran stop its genocidal agenda against the Baha’is? Would the mullahs desist from imprisoning the Baha’is for months and years, without any formal charges and even without a sham trial for which they are infamous? Leonard A. Leo, chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, last week testified to Members of Congress that the only religion and religious adherents that are specifically mentioned in the “defamation” resolutions – this year’s and past year’s – are Islam and Muslims. “Aside from Islam, the resolutions do not specify which religions are deserving of protection, or explain how or by whom this would be determined,” Leo stated. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voiced the U.S. Administration’s strong opposition to the so called “defamation of religions” resolution by pointing out its fundamental discriminatory nature. It is time for Islam to shed its “Borqa.” The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. In the age of instantaneous communication and with the rising literacy, the task of keeping this stone-age belief called Islam under cover is an impossibility. No belief system or set of ideas, be they religious, scientific, philosophical, political or otherwise, should be protected from open honest criticism. It is up to the individual consumer to decide for himself, to the best of his ability and the compelling nature of the information, the value and veracity of any offering in a marketplace of free ideas. The General Assembly of the UN must soundly defeat this dangerous resolution and send a clear message to the Islamists that this is the 21st century and Muslims would do well to cast off their obsolete primitive bigoted belief.

2009-11-01 05:39:50
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Congratulations, Amil, my friend, on a very well-written analysis of this perilous situation. Let the marketplace decide, with all the elements exposed for the world to see. Dr. Ali Sina has repeatedly stated that Islam is in its death throes – what we are seeing is the death rattle, loud though it may be. If everyone becomes educated as to what Islam truly represents – a barbaric desert cult poised in the hills to descend upon the settlements, killing, raping, enslaving and pillaging – most will certainly not choose to follow it.

There will always be those who are too mentally and spiritually ill to see the truth, however. Hopefully, they can be kept to a minimum so they don’t destroy true human civilization.

Let us hope that Dr. Sina is correct. I absolutely do not want to see my progeny enslaved by this sick, violent and sadistic cult – and that is one major reason I join in this battle, despite the hateful garbage heaped upon us by the demented appeasers and fanatics.

Islam is a psychopathology, period. I find nothing redeemable in it at all as it is currently manifested by the bulk of its followers.
Muslims who enjoy the civilizational acheivement of West, should do little bit of thinking that why muslims want to get out of islamic states and why no non-muslim will ever even think of relocation to any muslim country. Dont try to hide islam , as it is the main reason of poverty, killings and decay of islamic countries. Let the light of 'Truth' finish this darkness of islam.
I think Clinton speaking out is hopefully a sign of the rats starting to desert a sinking ship.
Sheik Obama will sit there and watch the U.S. turn into Islamerica if left to his own devices.
Islam want protection from UN to prevent inteligent enquiries into their depraved and delutional belief system. Since it five pillars are based on pagans rituals it must not critisised and UN wants protect paganism. Let me give you A-Z of why Islam is paganism in a vail

A. –Allah was one of gods worships in Mecca before Mohammed wrapped it in the image of Yahweh the God of the Jews and Christians. This is from the testimony of the Quran and Hadiths
B. – Black stones was worship and reverence as a god among the pantheons of Mecca before Islam
C. –Converts are made by force of sward not persuasion and reasoning. Corner stone of Ka’aba the cube shrine of Allah was an idol and has nothing to do with Gabriel Abraham and Ishmael building it
D. –Divining arrows were used to decide the faith of Mohammed ‘s father Abdulah – the slave of Allah in ka’aba and demons are disciples Allah through the preaching of Quran. Wonderful!
E. –Examine every scripture whether Jewish or Christian in the light of what the Quran says any thing outside that is false and anyone who leaves Islam kill him. Is it not satanic?
F. – Faith must be exercised on one Idol- Allah only and not any other. Fight for him and his apostle to be sure of heaven. Can you believe this?
G. –Goddess associated with Allah like al-lat, al-luza and Ma’nat must be destroyed. Does it mater I if you worship one Idol or many idols?
H. –Hub bal the senior idol of kaa’ba must submit to Allah the supreme rock god of the kuraish the tribe of Mohammed. Hatred of all mankind is the major creed of the cult.
I. –Islam a religion of submission of all idols, jinns and humans to Allah the supreme rock god of the Kuraish tribe of Mecca of Saudi Arabia, Under the Arab imperialism.
J. –Jinns and demons profess Koran and Islam to be their religion. Can you believe this to be godly religion?
K. – Knowledge of other religions like Judaism and Christianity is enmity to Islam. You must remain ignorant of these true religions to remain loyal to Islam.
L. –Lives are to be sacrificed in fighting for Allah to guarantee paradise with Allah. One of the unwritten but the greatest Pillar of Islam.
M. –Mohammed is the sole massager and partner of Allah, unlike the God of the Jews and Christians who has many prophets and Massagers to direct mankind to him with Jesus as the last and the final Messiah and Saviour.
N. – No freedom or right to question the stupidity of Allah compared to the True God of the Universe.
O. – Obedient to the cult ritual belief system is the supreme command and has nothing to do with morality or being humanistic
P. -Partnership with Allah the supreme Idol or personal relationship is forbidden except Mohammed the chief priest.
Q. -Quran the recitals of this idol call Allah was collated into a book from the oral tradition of many years after the death of its principal recital general, and the chief poet of the cult religion.
R. –Remember the Ramadan the holy month of the pagan to keep it holy, is one of the five pillars.
S. –Satan circulates in human like blood. Make sure his recitals agree with that of Allah the supreme rock god. Steeling is forbidden but not against unbelievers because their wealth are yours by right. can you believe this?
T. –Turn towards Kaa’ba when you pray because that is the dwelling place of Allah and will not hear you if turn to any other direction because he is not everywhere and cannot hear from any direction.
U. – Unbeliever in this cult belief system must be killed and wipe out to the last because Allah hate them
V. –Virgins are waiting for the martyrs and believer for real treat in bedmatics and heavenly wine to cool down if they are killed in the art of terrorism or die as the faithful for Allah and Mohammed his Partner.
W. –Wine should not be taken while here on earth or else you will not be allow to drink in Allah’s paradise.
X. –Xerox the life of Mohammed and practice it and you will be in Allah, Paradise. Remember the assassinations. Rapping of slave girls, the adultery, slaughtering of the Jews, Christians, the polygamy and the war against all unbelievers.

Y. –Yield your brain to the teaching of Quran only. No any other knowledge is necessary and remained ignorant.

Z. –Zip up your month and closed your eyes to all the evil in Islam. You must not question or leave but believing and the garden shall be yours. That is summary of cult/paganism of Islam. Rebuttal awaited if you want reference I can give you.
Yes, and about other Religions/Believes, these are not taught at all, but to (mandatory) Islamic people various Mullah, Imams & Co. teach 'stright on' some (very Islamic) conclusions about them (like: Christianity is ashtray, Hinduism is praising stones, and so on). (Mandatory) Islamic people remain IGNORANT (I actually never knew such ignorant people like Islamic ones, despite they belong to a very wealthy and rich community - due to past pillaging and present Petrodollars, and pillaging -). And above all they are/remain NARROW MINDED people: enquiring is a very good exercise for the brain and intelligence selves - which is forbidden in Islam (about other Religions/Believes, but even Cultures and Civilizations, see above - they learn standard 'concepts' which are ignorant themselves. Imagine: Ignorance upon Ignorance, which means, Darkness upon Darkness. 'Islam' really is the 'Religion of ... PECE').

Anyway, off Topic but I needed to somehow open a debate about it (or encouraging an Article about this?): I already saw two videos which are making me wonder. Is Islam really like German hitlerian Nazism? I mean: about the Big Lie and Sadism, and barbarian Acts 'maked up' in order the general public not to know about them, but at the opposite, believing that German hitlerian Nazi were kind to Jewish and others?

I saw a video about Sudan: Southern witnesses testify about the gruesome abuses they suffered, while Northern (Islamic) Authorities testify IN FRONT OF A CAMERA that not only they treat good people of the South, but that they are building beautiful houses and else for them!

About Pakistan: I saw a video made by an Islamo-pakistani, which said 'we have to be kind with Minorities, they are Pakistani, ...'. I thought: great! Then I got to read a comment: 'shut up you liar, you're oppressing them ...'. And I said: of course! Another case where Islamic official words do not match at all with Islamic (hidden words and) real deeds .... 'Be kind to Minorities': is that another Islamic Big Lie to make foreigner believe that Islam is 'a Religion and Government of Peace' (while it effectively is a dreadful Religion and Government)? I think the answer is yes.

The very question is: is Islam trying to do or actually doing exactely what German hitlerian Nazi did, telling BIG LIES of the 'Theresinen Stadt's' kind? [They were showing a beautiful town, saying they built it for Jewish, in order them to have a whealty life. Just after people got to know that this was a Big Lie and actually, behind the Stage, Jewish and others were brutally treated, tortured, harshly abused and horribly murdered]

this is horrifying.i am an ex-muslim in india,from 1992.

already here,u can abuse hindus,but cant do so to xtians/muslims/buddhists.

if u say 1 word of truth like - evolution is a fact,the xtians/muslims will be at yr throat,and to put it simply its just horrible.

hindus r down to having 2 and now 1 child while muslims on average have 4 or more kids.

so in 50 yrs or so india will be an islamic country.

due to ignorance of hindus and complicity of politicians and vote bank politics,india is already

govt gives over us$1 billion subisidy for haj and
study of koran to muslims.

but no subsidy is granted to Hindus for any thing nor are they allowed to set up Hindu schools.

worst,money is taken from Hindu temple trusts controlled by govt,to set up churches and madrasses
and this is leading to demise of hindu faith faster and faster.

govt here actually pays mullahs to teach Arabic and Koran.

govt here actually does not pay and is shutting down Sanskrit university depths and also people
r discouraged from learning Sanskrit etc due to this.

when i was a kid,i used to see people celebrate Diwali with great vigor and pomp,now a days no one cares,people booze,play cards,and hindus here
r forgetting their culture and heritage due to apathy of their oneself and also govt purposely
promoting pseudosecualrism at cost of Hindus.

i indeed worry that my children may have to live in an islamic India and be arab boot lickers.

my children and grandchildren maybe again enslaved by a hate filled Nazi ideology,which will
destroy humanity and mother earth 1 day.