After the fraudulent June 12, 2009, Presidential elections in Iran, Iranians poured into the streets by the millions, chanting "Where is my vote?" The thunderous protests were the birth pangs of the Green Movement. That was 6 months ago and the movement has rapidly evolved into a massive force aiming to sweep aside the current regime. Street slogans have changed from “where is my vote?” to “death to the dictator, in direct reference to Ahmadinejad and the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.   Longstanding slogans, vilifying the U.S. and Israel, have been drowned out by slogans against the supporters of the Islamic regime, such as Russia and China. The brutal Ahmadinejad-Khamenei gang has its back against the wall. Every major Iranian city, its universities and many
workplaces are festooned with graffiti against the leaders of the regime. The supreme leader, previously presumed above the law of the land, is now loudly proclaimed by the masses as a murderer who has lost the legitimacy of his office. In fact, the very office of the Supreme Guide and the Islamic Republic is soundly rejected by the masses clamoring for an Iranian Republic to replace the Islamic Republic.

All signs point to an early demise of the Islamic Republic and the establishment of a secular democracy completely divorced from Islam. On December 27, 2009, the day of Ashoura, the world watched in amazement as the masses of brave fed-up people confronted the security forces and hired Basij members of the Islamic Republic and shook its very foundation, an early indication of the peoples’ determination to bring the Mullahcracy to its knees. It was a day of victory for the people of Iran over the fundamentalists who have had a stranglehold on the people for more than three decades. The peaceful protest against the regime by millions throughout the land is a clear signal that the Islamic theocracy is in an irreversible downfall. The overwhelming majority of the people are no longer willing to settle for a vote recount or a less repressive Islamic rule. They are determined to establish a fully secular democracy with complete separation of mosque and state. The Islamic Republic response to the legitimate peaceful demands of the people has been an iron fist in the form of heartless beatings of the demonstrators—both men and women—their arrests, torture and rape of some in secretive compounds, and even shooting the unarmed in the streets, a standard stock of dictatorships, yet the surest way of swelling and solidifying the ranks of the dissenters. The recent uprisings of the people are reminiscent of the 1979 revolution that ended the monarchy in Iran. A fragmented state led by brutal yet indecisive men is suddenly faced by a fed-up and determined opposition. To be sure, the regime still has all the guns and resources, along with unlimited ruthlessness, to prolong its life. Yet, there is no question that the Islamic Republic’s demise is a foregone conclusion. It is crumbling from within as well. The previously solid oppressive rule is no longer. Deep cracks are popping up in the system and among the contending factions. Realistically speaking, there is perhaps 10-15 percent of the population that still supports the clerical system to various degrees. Many in this group are government employees, Mullahs, and hired elements such as Basiji. Also, the regime has some backers among the poor, the less educated, and the deeply religious. Yet, the alienation from the regime spans the entire spectrum of the Iranian society with the intelligentsia and the university students leading the determined opposition. Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei are greatly despised by the overwhelming majority of Iranians. The two and their functionaries are in deep trouble with the masses that are going to take them to account before very long. It is noteworthy that the government exercises maximum brutality on the one hand and it is forced to retreat in some respects in other areas. For instance, in response to the unrelenting pressure exerted by the people demanding accountability for the post election atrocities, the government recently admitted to some of the crimes committed in various prisons by charging 12 jailers with torture and the death of prisoners. This admission is hugely significant. The Mullahs are retreating by punishing their own followers in the hope of placating the populace. It is not going to work. Unbeknownst to them, the admission reinforces the determination of the protesters and fuels their fire on the one hand, and serves to frighten their own followers for carrying out orders of torture and killing in the future. The perpetrators feel that they may be the next sacrificial lambs for the top echelons. Another telling indication is the events in Qom during the funeral of the popular dissident Grand Ayatollah Montazeri. In spite of a huge effort by the various security forces to block access to the city, many thousands converged from all parts of Iran to the city to honor him. During this ceremony, tens of thousands chanted slogans such as “death to the dictator, “Montazeri lives, Khamenei is dead.” Most telling was the throngs of people sporting the green color and using the occasion to express their aversion to the Islamic rule within the precincts of the holy mosque, something unheard of before. It is a clear signal that the opposition movement is massive and determined, capable of exploiting any opportunity to disempower the regime. These unrelenting demonstrations against the regime are not limited to universities—the traditional bastions of political activism. They are spreading to every segment of the society and bode ill for the regime.   The pressure, led by the vanguard of freedom, university students and notably women, is not subsiding, it is gathering more force. Yes, the end of the IRI is definitely coming. It can use a significant nudge from the U.S., Israel and all others who are willing to bring it down not only from a sense of humanitarian altruism but from the vantage point of their own best interests. So far, the regime has chosen a containment strategy: Releasing Basij militias to beat and intimidate the protesters while arresting many, including a significant number of its former loyalists. Meanwhile, as the regime continues its brutal treatment of the opposition, more and more members of the security forces are resenting their role as oppressors and tormentors of their own people and may even look for an opportune time to turn their guns on the regime itself. The Mullahs presently ruling Iran are faced with monumental threats. Internally, the great majority of the populace is against their misrule. Labor unions, teachers associations, student groups, religious and ethnic minorities, journalists and many others have suffered and continue to suffer inordinate hardship under the heavy-handed Mullahs and their front men. Externally, they are engaged in brinksmanship with the United States and Israel, while trying to wrestle the mantle of Islamic leadership from the Sunni Saudis and their Wahhabi cabal.

Sadly, President Obama is intent on making deals with the inveterate Mullahs, moving along the same treacherous path of his four predecessors who accomplished nothing other than prolonging the life of these Islamist miscreants. The politically on the rope Mullahs are also facing horrendous economic problems created by their three decades of mismanagement, larceny, neglect of domestic needs and allocation of funds to Hamas, Hizbollah, Iraqi troublemakers, and the Yemeni insurgency. Inflation, unemployment, and under-employment are fraying the financial base of the society. Capital flight is siphoning development funds, and foreign investments are drying up, while the Mullahs are relentlessly pursuing the expensive nuclear weapon program.

Further eroding the Mullahs’ reign is the populace’s ever-increasing distrust of the propaganda they receive. It is common to hear the Iranian people say that you can find truth anywhere except in the IRI controlled media and its paid mercenaries such as the NIAC and AIC in the US. A thorny issue of great concern to Israel and the U.S. is the Mullahs’ gallop to join the nuclear club and use the bomb as a club over the head of any nation, near or far, that stands in their way or does not accede to their demands. And it is here that some advocated a pre-emptive action by Israel, the U.S., or both to postpone, if not prevent the Mullahs from achieving their objective.

For example, attacking the Bushehr nuclear facility alone would be a nightmare, releasing radiation into the atmosphere. "To attack Iran's nuclear facilities will not only provoke war, but it could also unleash clouds of radiation far beyond the targets and the borders of Iran," Elias Tuma, of the Arab Internet Network, told the Federal News Service last March. In addition, it is almost a certainty that Iran would retaliate by hitting Israel's Dimona nuclear complex. It is by far more prudent for the U.S., Israel and all other concerned nations to cooperate on imposing effective and immediate sanctions on the Mullahs’ regime, even though the unscrupulous mercantile Chinese and the devious duplicitous Russians will not participate and might even do what they can to exploit the situation to their own economic advantage. In my view, it is a bad idea to even think about bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities. An Israeli unilateral military action is a horrible idea. Israel will never see peace if it ever attacks. It is simply a bad idea. Why not implement effective sanctions and support the Iranian opposition to disarm and dislodge the Mullahs? Why this foolishness of being trigger-happy and shooting from the hip? Let us be realistic. How much success did Israel have in punching into Lebanon next door to crush the Hizbollah? All the lives that the Israelis lost failed to achieve the objective of eliminating the Hizbollah. The best strategy that stands the greatest chance of success and entails the least risk of starting a cataclysmic chain reaction is for a “coalition of the willing,” to borrow a phrase, to rally behind the Iranian opposition. It is the democracy-seeking secular Iranians who are thoroughly capable of dislodging the tyrannical Mullahs. The call of the opposition should be resoundingly answered by President Obama and all other nations and leaders, not only for humanitarian reasons, but in furtherance of their own national interests.

2010-01-08 18:21:24
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'The call of the opposition should be resoundingly answered by President Obama and all other nations and leaders, not only for humanitarian reasons, but in furtherance of their own national interests.'

And ALL God's people should say 'Amen.'
Great article, great insight, as always, Mr Imani.

This is how socialism looks like: peasants with PhD (or not!) pretending to have reached the wisdom and greatness of Jesus (or true kings for that matter). Only they are true bore and real asses. When not corrupt participants.

No wonder they can watch Ahmadinejad and his 40,000 thieves or so in the eyes and not be troubled a bit. They prefer losers, would sacrifice every Lover.
Unfortunately hell exists only on planet earth and right now they have created their own paradise. Not forever! They don't deserve so much power. They are screwing up the world and they ask us to thank them.
Well I'm here to let them know how much I loath them and my ART is there to support me. I'll make sure Iran wont miss her revolution. After all, she just went thru 30 years of Islamic and Marxist/fascist dictatorship (the invaders from the North and those from the South). Her forever fate. Not anymore!

America, Israel and Iran are fighting the same fight against the same enemy (foreign and domestic). Europe is still asleep and quite lost (BBC's Imperialism!). Only We the People (made in USA) can educate the political class, and vote en masse... and then, let the news spread everywhere.
Our POTUS won't say one word to indicate he would support the overthrow of the current Iranian regime! That being said, I believe the Iranian people will finally do just that! However, I hold no utopian vision that those who take control will change the situation much. I pray that might happen. I'd love to see the people experience true freedom. If it were to come about the middle east should, and I do mean should, be more stable. Personally, I don't believe there will be any stability there until God's word is fulfilled!
if with a little push and shove the Iranians get rid of this Islamic regime, they will inherent in a short time a similar style govt, based on Islam. unless they form a true secular democracy, they will get more of the same.sad but true has any Islamic state in the world ever freed itself from tyranny even so call progressive moslem states like malaysia are corrupt and dictatorial. islam means submission, in reality not to god , but to the mullahs and cruel corrupt gangsters that set them selves up as leaders by terror to their own people, show me one moslem state that the people have a little happiness, that why they would do anything to come and live in the west, but they bring Islam with them and some of them try by terrorism to take over the countries they settle in, we see it here in Europe.a lot of people don't see it or even talk about it , its like the elephant in the room ,no one wants to mention it.
And on April 15, 2009, tens of thousands of Americans poured into the streets for the first time, chanting 'No to socialism'. These rallies were the birth pangs of a new Patriotic Movement...
The rallies grew in numbers and intensity, confronting and frightening the country's leadership. Town halls became shouting matches, rallies were met with increasing hostility. Five months after the April rallies, millions of Americans marched on the capital...
Those early rallies are rapidly evolving into a massive force aiming to sweep aside the current regime...
[I apologize to Amil Imani for stealing his words, but when reading them, I immediately saw comparisons between the dissidents in Iran and those in America. While, for the moment, anyway, the danger to the individual is greater in Iran, the goals are the same: freedom. I wonder, though, if people began dying in the streets, would Americans still raise their voices in protest? From those I interact with on a regular basis, face to face, methinks the streets would still be filled with patriots].
The seriousness and extent of the struggle playing out in Iran is not in doubt. Yet to me, from afar, it looks more like a power struggle largely - though not exclusively - being waged within the Islamic Regime itself. There are prominent old-timers of that regime leading the opposition, and the demonstrators are indeed shouting slogans against the dictator(s), but also 'Allahu Akbar,' and not secular slogans, as far as I have been able to determine. The green color of this movement is the green of Islam (and not environmentalism, re. Rosaly's comment), and it is difficult for me to believe that a secular Iran will emerge from this struggle, however much I might wish that it would. There are many among the students and intellectuals now active in the opposition that would want such a secular outcome, but let us not forget that the Iranian Left supported the Ayatollah Khomeini in his struggle against the Shah, only to find themselves speedily exiled or imprisoned, if not worse, as soon as that struggle succeeded. No doubt the current Islamic old-timers leading the opposition are similarly happy to have the support of secular-minded Iranians, but to think that they are fighting for a secular Iran rather than for their own ascendancy over their rivals within the current Islamic Regime is hard for me to believe. And finally, regarding the Iranian crash-program to acquire nuclear weapons, let us not forget that it enjoys widespread support among ordinary Iranians, in a manner similar to the popularity of the Pakistani nuclear weapons program that made A.Q. Khan a national hero in that country. That the Iranian program would somehow be abandoned by a new Iranian leadership emerging from the current struggle seems overly optimistic to me, which would mean that the problem of Iran's pursuit of that program would remain whichever side emerges victorious. With regard to that pursuit, it is worth remembering that what is at stake is not only the consequences of a nuclear armed Iran for the fate of the entire Middle East and beyond, but for that of nuclear disarmament more generally. The ultimate goal of nuclear disarmament can only be achieved at a point when each nuclear power trusts that all others are also relinguishing their nuclear weapons. With each added member of the nuclear club such a situation becomes more difficult to achieve, in particular when a member is as duplicitous as Iran has proven itself to be in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. I wish the brave demonstrators in Iran well, but I am afraid that even if their struggle succeeds, Iran will find itself a long way from what its best citizens are hoping for.
I have enormous respect for Amil Imani and his insight into Shia Islam and Iranian society. But he does not seem to understand how it all looks from this side. After all, Amil Imani himself wrote : []
“Tragically, Ahmadinejad is the embodiment of several million people who are hinged exactly like him and who are willing to give their lives, and take with them as many lives as required in the service of their belief. In this age of Weapons of Mass Destruction a man with huge sums of petrodollars can serve as the catalyst of total annihilation. “
He says: “ An Israeli unilateral military action is a horrible idea. Israel will never see peace if it attacks. Why not implement effective sanctions and support the Iranian opposition to disarm and dislodge the mullahs? How much success did Israel have in punching into Lebanon nextdoor to crush Hezbollah? “
Israel did not view the threat from Hizbullah as existential and consequently did not use the full force it had to fight it. So constrained, Israel did not win a decisive victory, but about 730 Hizbullah fighters were killed,
The 2006 war should not be therefore used as an example of what Israel is capable of.
The stakes with Ahmadinejad getting the bomb before the opposition topples it or before the effective sanctions (which are not even planned) do are just too high and Israel just does not have the luxury to gamble. No Israeli Prime Minister would take such a gamble.
Amil Imani is concerned with the radiation from the Bushehr nuclear facility (it is still not operational) if Israel attacks it in a preemptive strike. I am concerned about myself and my family and million of my compatriots being incinerated by an Iranian launched nuclear attack if Israel does nothing.
You're fundamentally overlooking that this is one of the most xenophobic and ethnocentric cultures on Earth. Persopolis was last week in the nationalist mindset of Persian culture. What dismayed me about this article is the same implication, that if Israel attacks Iran in a pre-emptive air strike, that they will never have peace. That implies that they have peace NOW. Iran funds Hamas and Hezbollah. Without money and material support these two strategic and potentially mortal threats CANNOT exist. So a 'do nothing' approach does just that, and if anything allows the Northern and Southern borders of the only free democracy in The Middle East to remain in perpetual threat. . .

The removal of this Islamic Republic is the answer to many of the issues that are festering in this region. Only two are mentioned above, but when one sees Yemen, the Sadrists in Iraq, Hekmaktyar in Afghanistan, the development of a strategic ballistic missle arm, the harboring of high-level Al-Qaeda operatives (a story should REALLY be done by American Thinker about this subject), and the bold sprint to the nuclear finish line one can only conclude that this regime is looking at it's interests and the region with VERY aggressive intentions. The writer should ask Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia how they feel about Iran. How about Bahrain? Last year the regime publically proclaimed Bahrain as their 14th province. These are the true 'Twelvers' and these are the wide-eyed believers, deadly serious about their interests. They are preparing for war. Why the continued insistence on asking for The Russians to finally deliver a serious missle defense deterrent?
After the fateful NOV '08 elections in the U.S., citizens practically danced in the streets celebrating the coming hope and change. The thunderous acclaim was the culmination of the machinations of the left wing machine. That was 14 months ago and the movement has evolved into one of America Rising up against the tryanny that has seized the nation, to sweep aside the regime. Street slogans have changed from 'Obama we love you' to 'Impeach Obama'.

Campaign promises which misled so many of those that chose to be misled, have been drowned out by the silencing of the free market engine that is experiencing more and more the stifling controls sought and put in place by those in power. Those who at any cost, even the loss of identity of the greatest nation the world has ever known, will seek to maintain their control and false empires.

The brutal Obama-Pelosi-Reid gang has its back against the wall. Every right minded 'point of light' draws nearer to its boiling point. The supreme leader, previously presumed by some as a saviour, is now loudly proclaimed by those on the side of truth as a charlatan, an arrogant intellectual who demonstrates time and again that truly he is more concerned with his agenda of control than seeing America recover, that he has no real concern about what historically has worked, and what it is to be President of the United States.

All signs point to the demise of this fascist regime and the reestablishment of the principles on which this nation was born. Those established by the founding fathers, who were blessed and guided by our Creator in the formulation and declaration of principles which we regard as sacred. We are witnessing those principles be trampled on daily by those who proclaim to be our leaders, but they're not, they're not.

In late Dec the country watched in amazement as Obama and his cabinet demonstrated their incompetence in the aftermath of a terrorist attempt to...