We all need scapegoats. It is in our fabric. It is a potent human disposition to blame others for our failings. Without scapegoats to blame, we are forced to look at ourselves for our problems. Examining ourselves can be very disturbing, particularly when we either lack the resources or the willingness to tackle them. So, we take the good old easy way out of the mess by shifting our focus to the outside world for targets to blame. Look at young children. They are expert blamers. They always have an answer, someone or something to blame in self-defense. We, the chronological adults, don’t completely abandon our childish strategy of ascribing blames to external sources. We simply do so with a greater degree of sophistication by finding, if at all possible, a grain or two of truth to legitimize our attributions.

No one or group is immune from practicing scapegoating. Yet, some individuals and cultures seem to nurture this disposition to an art form, while others resort to it more sparingly. The magnitude of blaming others correlates with the degree of frustration and failure. As frustration or failures surge, so does the defense mechanism of blame. Sadly, the Jewish people have been used as scapegoats for many centuries by a variety of non-Jews. Regrettably, Muslims and Islamists, for their parts, have adopted scapegoating as an article of faith. The Muslims blame the Jews for all kinds of heinous things, dating back to the time of Muhammad himself. They say that the Jews of Medina betrayed the holy prophet by their treachery. They charged the poor exorbitant sums for their goods, did no productive work, yet made fortunes through money lending. To make matters worse, the Jews refused to embrace Muhammad’s religion, they say. Hence, following the example of Muhammad, many Muslim societies have been blaming the Jews for everything and find them deserving of victimization. The litany of atrocities committed against the Jews by the followers of Muhammad is long indeed. Regrettably, ascribing blame to others and legitimizing their victimization has become a way of life with the rabid Islamists. As sick as scapegoating is, it confers advantages to its practitioners. For one, it rallies the faithful against an enemy portrayed as depraved and dangerous. That’s how Hitler and his gang of thugs aroused the German nation against the Jews. They falsely, yet successfully, blamed the Jews for Germany’s economic problems. The Islamists, for their part, are still playing the Jewish blame card as best they can. The State of Israel, by its very existence has provided the inept habitually devious Islamists a palpable target to blame and attack. Yet, Israel still not only exists, but thrives in their midst. None of the dastardly actions of the Islamists has been effective at realizing their dream of pushing the children of Israel into the sea.

The bombastic bellicose threats of the monkey Ahmadinejad, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is little more than braying of an overloaded donkey. Even if this appointed villain president gets the atomic bomb, the Iranian people will hopefully secure his leash firmly in his cage and prevent him from embarking on mass genocide.   In the meantime, failure and frustration is engulfing Iran under the rule of the devious corrupt Islamist mullahs. During a span of thirty years of Islamic rule, Iran has achieved the dubious distinction of being on the top or near the top on numerous indices of misery. People are fed up and frustrated. The conniving parasitic mullahs are loath to give up their privilege and power, hence, the need for homegrown target of blame. The power-intoxicated corrupt-to-the bone-ruling mullahs need further scapegoats to divert people’s attention, to fuel the fire of enemy-making that would rally the faithful and keep them in line. Baha’is are perfect for the part. They are so handy. Some 300,000 of them live right in Iran itself. While Ahmadinejad fires blanks of hot-air volleys at Israel, the local mullahs victimize the innocent Baha’is in towns and cities throughout the land. The mullahs justify their horrific deeds by labeling the Baha’is as enemies of Islam, spies for Israel, and outright heretics worthy of death. What makes the Baha’is “heretics?” Well, in truth, much of the Baha’i beliefs and practices are indeed heretical to the Islam of the mullahs.

These turbaned villains and their hired thugs have done a great job of basically eliminating all internal oppositions by their brutality. They have also chased the majority of the Iranian Jews out of the country by making their life as miserable as possible. The few remaining Jews are still used as whipping boys from time to time. Yet, the Baha’is with their much greater number and their steadfast resistance to the pressures of the Islamofascists, present much more attractive target. In a real sense, the Baha’is who have always been brutalized by the Shi’a Islamists have now doubled up as Jewish substitutes. The genocidal Islamists have been doing all they can to completely wipe out the Baha’is in Iran as well as everywhere else in the world that their blood-drenching hand can reach. The Islamic government condones and promotes every measure of oppression against the Baha'is. The Islamists don’t even spare the dead. They bulldoze and even uproot the trees in Baha’is cemeteries. Interestingly enough, the holy places of the Baha’is, where the founder of their religion was buried in 1892—long before the formation of the State of Israel—is a common home for the Jews and Baha’is. The two people live in the Promised Land with the determination to never ever allow any tyrannical order, religious or political, to succeed in its evil designs of using them as scapegoats or implementing its genocidal objectives. It is incumbent upon all decent people of the world to condemn, by word and action, the Medieval Islamists and any order that brutalizes any people, anywhere in the world.

2008-12-22 00:57:13
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