As the Islamic Revolution completed its third decade, it would not be too difficult to realize the reality and the fruits of its mismanagement during its imperial and revolutionary eras. Throughout the three decades of its existence, the Islamic Republic has managed, notably, to produce more hunger, extreme frustration and anger, prostitution at a record pace, drug addiction beyond control, child execution without any regard to the international human rights bylaws. There are many reports regarding cases of child sexual abuse and molestation reaching epidemic proportions. Prosecution and imprisonment of the innocent people and systematic and illegal abuse of detainees and hundreds of gruesome acts have also been reported.

The genocidal Islamists have been doing all they can to completely wipe out the Baha’is in Iran as well as everywhere else in the world that their blood-drenched hand can reach. The Islamic government condones and promotes every measure of oppression against the Baha'is. The Islamists don’t even spare the dead. They bulldoze and even uproot the trees in Baha’is cemeteries.  Harassment of other religious minorities is prevalent and torturing innocent people beyond recognition is part of their modus operandi. They routinely hang dissidents and amputate the limbs of anyone for petty theft. They are responsible for the unmitigated poverty in the oil-rich country, sex slaves in the Persian Gulf region and the raping of children as young as 2 years of age.  Here is the Amnesty International report published in February 2009. The Islamic Republic also has started a nuclear program, not for peaceful purposes, as they claim, but only to prolong their unwanted existence long enough to get their hands on the bomb so that they can feel invincible and continue their control over the armless Iranian people and ultimately export their version of Shi’a Islam and terrorism around the globe. What is the likelihood that the ruling Mullahs will actually use their new toy? If they remain in power long enough to have it, they are very likely to use it, in one form or another. At the very least, they will use the bomb for blackmail and intimidation in the region. Not even the all-out nuclear exchange can be ruled out. Islam is a religion centered on death with the faithful eyes fixed on the afterlife and its promised eternal pleasures.

If the faithful kills, he goes to Allah’s paradise; if he gets killed, he goes to Allah’s paradise. An urgent warning to the people of the world: stop the Islamic Republic nuclear program now, or face eradication from the face of the earth and I am not in any mood to make you laugh. What does the Islamic Republic do to cover up its crimes against humanity? They immediately create chaos and crisis. In other words, they create smoke and mirrors and push the dust under the rug again as they did when the Islamists took the American diplomats as hostages for 444 days and during Iran and Iraq war and recent Israeli war with Hamas. Ironically, the first victims of the chaos and crises doctrine have always been the Iranian people. They are trying to distract the world from their nuclear intention as they did during the Gaza crisis. They took the attention away from their nuclear program. Since its inception, the regime has stigmatized, victimized and murdered people without any due process of law.  They particularly go after the writers, poets and artists to harass. The first Islamic Revolutionary Judge, Sheik Sadegh Khalkhali, an infamous psychopath, did not hesitate to demand the execution of intellectuals such as Ahmad Shamlou, a famous Iranian author who was well-known for his non-adherence to any political party and his non-involvement in any political activity. Khalkhali was responsible for many arbitrary executions. According to Judge Abdolkarim Ardibili, former President of the Supreme Court, many defense lawyers were arrested, imprisoned and in at least one case, executed. Currently, the regime, on the slightest suspicion will arrest, convict and execute.

Few people would deny any longer that Islam and its variants mean, in practice, bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal actions, forced ‘hijabs,”  show trials and genocide. It is a widespread plague upon humanity. It is disguised as religion and has penetrated our democracies with the aim of replacing civility and liberty with the barbarism of theocracy and Sharia. Islam’s multi-prong attack aims to destroy all that liberty offers. On September 19, 1981, in an address broadcasted on radio and television, Ayatollah Moussavi, the Revolutionary Procurator General, stated, “to kill the people who stand against this regime and its just Imam (Khomeini) is a prescribed duty according to Islamic laws. If they are captured, our men will not let them eat and sleep for a few months. The trial of these people is in the streets. I also order the city prosecutors to do the same; otherwise they themselves will be punished” reported by Ghiam newspaper, Tehran, June 28, 1981. The flair for hanging has not stopped since then, in fact, it has immensely increased. The Mullahs presently ruling Iran are faced with monumental threats. Internally, the great majority of the populace is against their misrule. Labor unions, teachers associations, student groups, religious and ethnic minorities, journalists and many others have suffered and continue to suffer inordinate hardship under the heavy-handed Mullahs and their front men. Externally, they are engaged in brinksmanship with the United States and Israel, while trying to wrestle the mantle of Islamic leadership from the Sunni Saudis and their Wahhabi cabal and President Obama intends to negotiate with these criminals rather than the legitimate owners of the country, the Iranian people. He will also fail miserably as did his four predecessors. The Islamist apologists call me all kinds of unspeakable names. That's all they can do, since they are unable to hang me from high cranes at public squares as they do so to everyone, even teenagers. These mullahs -- that includes the non-turbaned creatures working as the akhoond's front men and pawns--are agents of destruction and death. They have a ball plundering Iran and are looking forward to their rewards in Allah's paradise for their dastardly acts here on earth. As they see it, it is a win-win proposition for them. Sadly, a large number of Iranians are hoodwinked into supporting these leeches and believing in their pie-in-the-sky promises.

It is time for Muslims to wake up and toss this ideology of destruction and death out of office before we all are vanished. Centuries ago, a group of newly converted Muslim savages from the Arabian Peninsula, ravaged my mother country, the present Iran, a cradle of civilization, the land of Cyrus the Great— the first author of the Human Rights Charter—. The upstanding Iranian people who lived by the Great Zoroaster’s triad of Goodly Thoughts, Goodly Speech, and Goodly Deeds stood no chance against the Muslim beasts who had been promised by Muhammad: if you kill, or you get killed, either way you will be admitted to Allah’s gloriously lush paradise for eternity in compensation. This pie-in-the-sky paradise of Allah, Muhammad intimated, includes among other things, rivers of milk and honey as well as 72 virgins for every male. The invasion of my country was only the start of the tenacious scourge of Islam. Slaughtering people by hundreds of thousands at the time left the remainder of the Iranians little choice but to convert to the creed of this cult of violence. Choiceless millions converted to Islam and a few hundred thousand brave souls circled the wagon, so to speak, and held firm to their creed of light—the Zoroastrian faith. For centuries, the Zoroastrians paid heavily in all manner of ways under the rule of the converted Muslims; many were forced to leave for other lands such as India, while others were driven out of their habitats to marginal parts of the land. Yet, all along, many Iranians revered the religion of their ancestors and resented the Arab-imposed creed. Nonetheless, the virus of Islam had taken deep roots.

As a result, a compromise evolved. The overwhelming majority of the Iranians, who had become some sort of generic Muslims, parted company with the original line of Sunni-Caliphate and adopted Shiism. The tragic history of Shiism appealed to the Iranians who felt great affinity, consciously or unconsciously, with the tragic suffering of the Imamate line at the hand of the mainstream Sunni Muslims. Switching allegiance from one sect of the cult of death to another did little more than provide a venting opportunity to the victimized Iranians. They could not find it in themselves to get rid of the Islamic virus while it offered them a degree of relief, enabling them to vilify the mainstream Sunnis for inflicting them with the Islamic disease in the first place. Fourteen hundred years of suffering is far too long for any people, although the Jews hold the record for that misfortune. The Jews have at long last returned to their homeland even though they are still encircled by the vicious Arab Islamists who would like nothing better than to drown every last one of them in the sea, similar to the way the Islamists forced our Zoroastrian people out of the country or the remaining few to the edges of the inhospitable desert. With the passage of time, blaming the historical foreign invaders for our sorry plight failed as explanation. Re-playing the long-ago tragic drama of the Imams’ sufferings did little more than supply a superficial psychological relief. Real new enemy-making was in order to keep the victimization mentality alive and prevent the people from self-examination and finding the true culprit for their misery. Sadly, the victimization mentality seems to have become an irreversible disease of our people, the Iranians. We have become a nation of easy answers. We ascribe blame liberally and do very little deep soul-searching. It is heartwarming to see that new flowers are blossoming in Iran.

The new generation in Iran wants to distance itself from the Islamic butchers and embrace the ancient creed of Zoroasterism or other religions or with no religion at all. They are beginning to feel and accept the fact that blaming others hasn’t done much to address our problems, just creating straw men to knock down. Most Iranians, whose voices are not allowed to be heard in the West, have strongly condemned the blatant innumerable comments by the selected  buffoon, the President Ahmadinejad calling for the destruction of the only democratic nation in the middle east, the State of Israel. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s President’s repeated threat to wipe out Israel from the map is ignored by some as an empty rhetoric of an unhinged fanatic. Yet, Ahmadinejad’s threats are far from the baseless saber-rattling of a zealot. Ahmadinejad’s government has recently ordered the comprehensive gathering of data regarding the Baha’is and all their activities. This order is deeply troubling, since it is almost a replica of what another fascist, Hitler, did before launching the genocide of six million Jews and some four million other “undesirables”.

Ahmadinejad is an Islamofascist whose aim is to have a practice run on the Iranian Baha’is before embarking on destroying the Jews and other “undesirables,” following in the footsteps of the German fuehrer.   Political correctness is the normal tongue of politicians. However, what is coming from the Islamic regime in Iran is an aculeate tongue from a self-appointed group of vigilantes imposing their views on others. Ahmadinejad, the ultra-conservative President of the Islamic Republic, after all, is a known former hostage taker, an assassin, and he has eliminated all his opponents and proven his loyalty to the Ayatollah Khamenei. Perhaps that is why Ayatollah Khamenei has selected him to his post. Ahmadinejad served in the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards during the 1980-1988 war with Iraq. He has also appointed fellow Revolutionary Guards’ members to the most key positions in his cabinet. Inside the Revolutionary Guards, there exists an elite group called "Qods (Jerusalem) Force". Its mission is military operations (including terrorism) far beyond the boundaries of Iran. At the time, Ahmadinejad was a senior commander in the Quds Force. According to Al Sharq Al-Awsat, elements of the Qods Force have led operations against coalition forces in Iraq; other sources even contend that the Qods Force provided logistical help to the Zarqawi network of terror in the past. During the recent Israeli war with terrorist Hamas, the Islamic Republic went through a panic mode again. They could not stand and watch the loss of one of their investments in the Israelis’ backyard, the Hamas terrorist group. What do they do, they create chaos and crises. They declared cyber war on Israel. They instigated a false crisis to bring the Arab world into the conflict and threatened them with retribution if they did not act. They offered a two million dollar bounty for President of Egypt, Husni Mobarak for not helping the Palestinians in the Gaza. They claimed 70,000 Iranian Basijis volunteered to carry out suicide bombings in Israel. Ironically, a Persian reformist newspaper (Roozonline) accused Ahmadinejad’s government of using the Palestinian problem 'as weapon' against reformist bodies after he shut down a newspaper accused of reporting misinformation about Palestinian fighters in Gaza. 

An Iranian newspaper (Kargozaran), which defended Israel  for protecting its citizens against the barrage of mortar attacks by Hamas terrorists, was banned for portraying the Palestinian resistance as terrorists who cause the deaths of children and civilians by taking up positions in kindergartens and hospitals. All this acrobatic propaganda by the Islamists in Iran were symbolic and did nothing to help the Hamas thugs, but only caused more anguish and death on the Iranian part. The Islamic Republic has been living on a chaos, crises and terror doctrine for 30 years. Without it, it would have been disappeared long ago. Since coming to power 30 years ago, the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini set the stage for absolute power through creating chaos and crisis. Chaos and crises have emerged as the new policy of the Islamic Republic. Khomeini was able to get the support of the poor and the bazaar merchants opposed to the shah, peasants, riffraff and uneducated mobs who called themselves students. At the beginning of the revolution, while Iranian people were getting ready to obliterate Khomeini and his Islamic gang of terrorists, the American hostage crisis and 444 days captivity took place. This was a much-needed crisis for Khomeini and his gang to suppress the Iranian people’s aspirations for greater freedom, while challenging the “Great Satan”, which helped to solidify their position among the poor and most Muslim countries.    This chaos, crises and terror escalated for eight more years as the Iraqis launched a surprise attack on Iran. As President select Ahmadinejad himself stated, this war was a blessing from God. This crucial eight-year war with Iraq allowed the Islamic Republic to take shape while continuing fabrications, lies, harassment, arrests, murders and intimidation of the Iranian people. If Saddam had not attacked Iran, more than likely, the Islamic regime would have been collapsed at its early stages. After all, people did not revolt so that they could have a tyrannical Islamic cult to rule over them.   

After the war, the Islamic Republic continued its brutal purges, killing anyone perceived as opponent. The tyrannical and brutal regime imposed and forced millions of Iranians to run away from their homeland. The war left behind hundreds of thousands of Iranians dead or homeless. Now, the Islamic Republic needed another reason for chaos and crises to continue its mission of creating an Islamic nation. What better choice other than diverting the attention to the most detested nation in the heart of the Arab world, the State of Israel which has been involved in a conflict with the Palestinians for half a century!    When the revolution went sour and its children grew up, the Khomeini’s dream of making Iran a pure form of an Islamic nation collapsed. It simply backfired on the Islamists. The crown jewel of Islam simply did not fit the Persians. It never did and it never will. The vast majority of the population had already written them off, but the regime refuses to leave peacefully. Again, anytime they were on the verge of extinction, they created new or renewed chaos and crises.   In exile in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf, Khomeini published a collection of essays called - an Islamic government - (Velayat-e faqhi). This book had gone completely unnoticed by the general population. Ayatollah Khomeini was a harsh and brutal tyrant. His mission was to purge pre-Islamic vestiges and to create a true Islamic nation, something his heir Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his loyal disciple President Ahmadinejad have been dreaming about it. With the selection of Mohammad Khatami, (the darling of the West), in August 1997 as the Islamic president, the world and especially the European countries immediately turned to appeasement policy, ignoring all the warning signs by the Iranian patriots and opposition groups. This alone gave the Islamic regime eight more precious years to secretly research and develop their Islamic bomb. The regime has emptied out the wealth of the nation in a hurry to develop the most devastating bomb, the nuclear bomb and the missiles to deliver them.  

  Ironically, history is bound to repeat itself. Once again, the West is looking forward to have (their darling) Khatami back as a “moderate” Islamic Republic president and prolong more time to develop its nuclear ambition. We must not forget that it was during this smiling Mullah’s Presidency, the rule of law was flaunted blatantly from day one. Thousands of dissident students, intellectuals and journalists were systematically arrested, imprisoned and tortured for the sole crime of speaking up against the repressive rule of the mullahs. Many are still languishing in prisons, some have died, and some have simply vanished with no records of what happened to them. Are you listening? Do you care? During this turbaned fascist’s watch, many students’ lives were extinguished for daring to express their opposition to the stone-age regime. Shamelessly, during the July 9, 1999 students’ demonstration, for instance, this man called the Tehran University students “A bunch of hooligans,” while his storm-trooper hooligans, with police support, brutally attacked students in their dormitories throwing some students out of the windows of the dorm’s third floor. Later, he is welcomed at Harvard University to lecture its “hooligans” and faculty on practicing tolerance. Prisoners of conscience were routinely tortured to extract confessions about the crimes they did not commit. Some of the victims were permanently incapacitated while others died under the brutal torture. Women prisoners were often subjected to even greater indignities than men by being raped before being executed, under the cover of marriage. A prison mullah performed the forced marriage ceremony to make it conform to the Islamic ethos. Support for terrorism constituted a high priority. It extended not only to the neighboring countries, but also as far away as Latin America. Hezbollah in Lebanon was nurtured with funds, weapons and training.

Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were assisted in numerous ways, and a professional army of Shiite Iraqis was trained and armed to be used in the present Iraqi theatre. Separately, Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia thugs—the Mahdi Army—is directly funded, armed and controlled by the present Islamic regime, a gift of the smiling Mullah to his successor—the rabid Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In his devious attempt to lull the world into a false sense of security, the smiling Mullah floated the notion of “Dialogue of Civilization,” to appear as a man of reason who is willing to reconcile the differences between and among various civilizations through dialogue. This clever ploy was exposed as nothing more than an Islamofascist propaganda tool. In actuality, his side’s dialogue proved to be a diatribe against civilization. " the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you." — President Bush, in the State of the Union Address For 8 years, President Bush promised the Iranian people that America would support them in their struggle for freedom, but did he? The Iranian people stood up firmly only to be hanged by the Islamic Republic executioners. Can President Obama outdo President Bush’s rhetoric, or does he really believe in his motto “Change - Yes We Can?” It would be wise and expedient for the community of nations and the newly elected President of the United States to show solidarity with the Iranian people and to implement maximum pressure against the illegitimate body of government calling itself the Islamic Republic of Iran to listen to the will of its citizens.

The Islamic Republic hijackers must be forced to bow to the will of the Iranian people or there must be some sort of consequences. There must not be, however, any compromise, any negotiation or any deals with the Islamists in Iran before making sure that the Iranian people are part of the equation. The era of mass politics, propaganda, nebulous sloganeering and magical solutions are over. It’s a do or die scenario for the Iranian people or perhaps for the people of the world. The Iranian people want nothing less than a complete regime change through the democratic process of a free referendum. We believe it is the surest, safest and the fastest way to achieve a democratic Iran and end the world’s nightmare of nuclear holocaust that is currently facing us all.

2009-02-16 16:56:25
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