headshot1It is axiomatic that to be a Muslim you must: believe in Allah by taking him as your one and only lord, accept Muhammad as Allah’s beloved messenger and take the Quran as a literal work of Allah and a perfect prescription for living.

Hard as I tried, I had a terrible time being a Muslim right at the entry level. I, therefore, decided to write this open letter in the hope of receiving some satisfactory answers to the many questions that trouble me greatly.

From the first breath of life to the last pang of death, Islam relentlessly bombards us: surrender yourself fully to Allah, pray for his help, let him make all decisions for you and run your life, don’t ever question anything, since questioning is the whisperings of the accursed Satan who strives to take you astray.

Islam says that Allah is the javaab-ul-doaa (answerer of supplications/prayers) and that to him we should supplicate for any and all help in all matters.

Well, I am doing exactly as I am advised. I am supplicating Allah in the form of this open letter, to provide me with answers to some of my numerous and troubling questions.

photo_2jpgIt must be a peculiarity about me. I am loath to surrender my inquiry about things and allow others, divine or not, to do the thinking for me. If I am to let Allah do all the thinking and deciding for me, then why am I given my own brain? I have challenged the Islamic divines.

See, I have already failed the test since I have not surrendered fully to Allah and, by questioning, did not place my total faith in him.

I have been spending much of my life trying to get some satisfactory answers to my questions about Islam from Islamic scripture and authorities without success. More often than not, I get conflicting answers, confusing responses and even outright contradictory statements.

Hence, I decided to pose some of my perplexing questions in this open letter directly to the god of Islam, Allah, earnestly hoping deliverance from the anguish of doubt.

I will do my very best to conduct myself with decorum and courtesy toward Allah. At no time will I behave rudely toward him, just in case he is indeed the sole author of this awesome universe, as Islam claims. To be discourteous and rude is not my habit. I don’t even behave rudely toward anyone, much less so in dealing with a purported unfathomably magnificent being.

The list of my questions is long indeed. Here are some of my questions, not necessarily in order of importance, presented in all meekness to Allah, the Lord of Islam. To me, all questions are important and assigning relative importance to them is arbitrary. So, I get started.

I have no illusions of grandeur and no pretense at knowing very much. I am a sincere seeker after truth and it is in this spirit that I am humbly composing this missive to you, Allah. I hope that I am not being discourteous by simply addressing you as Allah. I mean without preceding invocation of your name by honorifics.

I fully realize that I really am most insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But, again, you have created me so I must be worth something. It is this realization that gives me the courage to address you with my questions, your lordship.

Without further ado, here are some of my questions.

* Islam says that you are the uncreated creator. I have a very hard time with that claim. Of course I am a most finite being and my intellect is hardly capable of imagining that something comes from nothing. There is that old refrain, “nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could” that humans take as an article of faith and fact. But, again, we humans are hardly capable of fathoming things that transcend the limits of our finite rational mind. Any clarification of this assertion would be immensely helpful.

* Speaking of creating, Islam says that you created the universe by the command: kon va yakoon (become and became). The universe appeared instantly in obedience to your command. There are different views about this whole topic of creation that I don’t want to trouble you about. For now, my simple question is: Lord, by this simple command of kon va yakoon, you brought about this indescribably magnificent universe, yet you took some twenty years to write your smallish book, the Quran. Why did it take you so long to write it? I fear a thunderbolt might strike me dead for posing this intrusive question. I hope you hold off and allow me to continue.

photo3So, I think maybe I can supply a rationalization, not a plausible reason, for it. I said to myself, your lordship, perhaps it took you twenty years because Muhammad was illiterate and slow in getting your dictates and taking them to a scribe to jot them down. That’s why. Yet, finding someone who could actually write things down among the horde of savages was not an easy task.

A follow up question! Why a supremely august being, as you are, with all the indescribably exulted powers and attributes, chose an illiterate Arab, a hired-hand of a rich widow, as your messenger is a mystery. Couldn’t you have chosen a Rabbi from nearby Medina, a Zoroastrian Mobed, a Christian Priest from Mecca itself, a Hindu Monk, a Buddhist Clergy? These were people who had specialized in matters of religion, rather than an Arab whose only skill was helping drive caravans of camels.

I have seen Islam’s pat answers to all questions: to no one is given the right to ask Allah about his doings, he does what pleases him and ordains what he wants. But this is no answer. It is a copout.

*Are you male, your lordship? Pardon me for asking a personal question. The reason I ask is that you have much against women. You stipulate that women are worth one-half of men. You ordain that men are rulers over women and much more. I really don’t see that. My lifelong experiences with women have convinced me that women are every bit as worthy as men, if not even better in many respects. For one, women are the life-givers and nurturers of life. Men, by contrast, are forever in the business of life-taking.

Science tells us that women are as capable as men in every sphere other than those that require brute force. But, machines are much more superior to men in brute force and women can and do operate those machines as well as men.

Is there something inherently inferior or evil about women? If so, then, pardon me, your lordship. It is you who designed them that way. Didn’t you?

Is it not a fact that the savage chauvinist Arabs of Muhammad’s time are the ones who instituted this oppressive scheme against women and Muhammad stamped his approval of the fraud in your name?

*My next question is about the role of religion. My limited understanding is that the major function of religion is to bring disparate people together. That is, bring unity and amity among the diverse and quarreling human groups. Islam fails miserably on this major point. While Muhammad was alive, he kept preaching the gospel of divisiveness. He taught a gospel of us against them, believers against the unbeliever. Since his death, Muhammad’s followers have doggedly followed his gospel of divisiveness.

photo_4How can fueling the fire of polarization bring about the peace of unity after what Muhammad did and his disciples continue to do, killing the unbelievers en mass and without the least bit of mercy?

Compounding the problem is the fact that as Muhammad was still gasping his last breath, his senior disciples were busying themselves with the business of killing one another in their lust for power and leadership. And Islam has been on a mission with the internecine as well as infidel killing ever since.

Whether or not I receive answers to these questions, I will persist in posing more of them in the future. Who knows? As unlikely as it may seem, Allah may indeed deem it appropriate to send another of his archangels with a Quran addressing these and other troubling questions.  Keep in mind that he does what pleases him and ordains what he wants.

Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.

2014-01-09 07:27:25
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There ks a website, written by a Christian that will open your eves to must how evil Islam is.....prophetofdoom.net .....

In Mohammed's time, In Mecca there was a roofless building that today is called the Kabaa, inside were a great number of Rock Gods, literally rocks that were worshiped as Gods. The greatest of them was Allah. Now Allah does NOT mean " God" in Arabic. The word for god in Aranic is elah, so Allah is just a name of a god. Altho Muslims will usually say that the Arabic word for God Is Allah and itbis the same God we Christians worship, this is a form of taqiyyah, lieing in order to futher the cause of Islam, which is to convert the world .

Ok, and did you know Allah had daughters? Yep, also a bunch of rocks. Their names are Al-Uzza (meaning the most Mighty) Al-Lat ( the goddess) and Al-Manat ( fate, destruction, doom and death) . One of the " Hundred names of Allah is Al-Uzza.......
Mohammed was an orphan, his father died possinly befor he was born, he was farmed out to a bedouin wet nurse ecause his other didnt want him, he was given back tomhis mother and ahe died. Then an uncle took him in, dieing soon after.
Finally Mohammed about age 25 Married a wealthy widow, who was 40. Her name was Khadija bint Khuwaylid. She wanted to marry Mohammed and acording to some sources, got her Guardian drunk so he would sign the marriage documents!

Mohammed had worked for this woman before marrying her as her factor, helping her with her husbands bussiness of trade caravans.coming and going into Mecxa and surrounding areas. Mohammeds tribe, the Quraysh, and in particular Mohammed's family ( not him tho) controlled the main money making seasonal bussiness in Mecca. This was providing supplies of all sorts to pilgrims.
Yep, pilgrims had been coming to worship ( those rock gods) at the Kabaa for hundreds possibly thousands of years before Mohammed......Mohammed didnt get a share in this very profitable pilgrim supply bussiness, he was a poor relation ....and was poor himself until he got that job with Khadija......

the rest is waaaaaay to long to type here, if you are at all curious you can read more on prophetofdoom.net..

Its in an easy to read format, and it tells the story of Mohammeds life, including his so called revalations of verses that make up the Quran. The Quran is arranged in order of the size of the chapter. It is not arranged in chronological order of the chapters and verses were revealed. This makes it all but impossinle to read and to understand. To really understand the Quran and Islam you need to know not only what the Quran says but what was happening in Mohammeds life when a particular verse/chapter was revealed.
And I believe it is vital that we in Western countries understand Islam and what it's goals are.

Did you know that the Quran wasnt even written down until years after Mohammed died? That there were many differing versions of the Quran? And Muslims claim that it is the unaltered , uncorrupted and unchanged Word of God!

I am not going go spoil the surprise but you will be very surprised and shocked at what you read at prophetofdoom.net
And after you have read the entire site, please tell everyone about the site prophetofdoom.net and what it says. Urge your friends, people you go to church with, every one especially every Christian to go and read.
I can destroy your premise using your own logic.

You claim that Islamic values were superior to western values using the examples of england in the past where women were indeed treated like chattels and had little to no rights.

But if your argument is true, and i agree it is. Then...... we are now in the 21st century.

Women have the vote, are equal to any man in a court of law re testimony.

If Islamic values were better than western values as they stood a few centurys ago, Then by logical progession western values as they stand in the 21st century are now superior to islamic ones re women.

Thats the fundamental difference, we have evolved. have changed. Islam hasnt.

Western womens testimony in court is now equal to a mans, in Islam its still only worth half.
Western women are free to choose what they wear, who to worship or worship none at all.
Western women are under no obligation to tolerate even mild beating for correction. Islamic women must still submit to this.

Its the 21st century and while some of your arguments re womens rights might have had some merit in a historical context, thats no longer the case

Whilst it might have been true that womens rights under islam was marginally better than womens rights in england a few hundred years ago. Thats no longer the case.

By your logic women had more rights under islam than did an english womans 200 years ago. But by that same logic a 21st centry english woman has more rights today than she would under islam today
Hello Amil!

Your questions are far more universal than particularly Muslim. The universal questions are simply modulated by the "filters" of your Islamic cultural background. Therefore they draw the largely particular and irrelevant responses you have received so far.

I do not believe that any of the established religions with their prophets, imams, priests and whatever have anything to contribute here. Perhaps it is our luck in this universe that the Creator (God, JHVH, Alla) is not the cruel, arbitrary idiot that he is made out to be by his (largely self appointed) representatives on Earth.

Nevertheless, I shall be careful not to to "throw out the baby with the bathwater". I will also be brief due to the constraints of this reply box.

I start with Abraham's Tripod. Abraham? He his the one you know as Ibrahim. I will continue to use his original name, Abraham.

Abraham (then known as Abram) was the first serious historical figure in the ancient Biblical narrative. Tradition has it, that he lived in the Chaldean capitol city. He came from a wealthy established family and was a great intellectual in his own right. At some point he started asking questions similar to your own. The cultural background was gross idolatry, the beginnings of a civil code (Hammurabi), and considerable progress in mathematics astronomy and other sciences.

In his considerations, Abraham reached two major conclusions: The first was that there is a unique Prime Cause behind all that we see and that we are (Monotheism). The second conclusion was that any relationship between man and his Creator could only be based on respect for the handiwork of the Creator, commencing with his fellow man (Ethical Monotheism). These two tenets brought Abraham into a major clash with the authorities who put him on trial for his beliefs. He was able to escape with his family to Haran (somewhere in modern Syria).

During his sojourn in Haran, as a real expression of the Ethical part of his beliefs, Abraham instituted the notion of a hospitality tent, caring for wayfarers of all kinds.

During a contemplative mood, our Abraham, feeling rather pleased with his conclusions, received a massive jolt: His comfortable Monotheistic-Ethical intellectual framework talked back to him: "Abraham! On your feet and GO!"

Put simply, there is communication between the Creator and the Created.

And again, put simply, when we talk to the Creator, we call it prayer. When the Creator speaks to us, we call it prophecy.

Hence Abraham's Tripod: (1) Prophetic (2) Ethical (3) Monotheism.

The interesting thing about a tripod is that it is the minimal structure that can stand independently. Take away one of its legs and it will topple over.

First came the Christians who said that one is three and three is one and so on. They quietly reverted back to a subtle form of idolatry. One leg of the tripod was bent. They also said that you could achieve salvation (whatever that is) by faith without works. That was an attack on the ethical leg of the tripod. Two legs of the tripod broken or compromised opened the way to 2000 years of sexual misbehavior and murder both within the Christian communities and of others. All that needs no elaboration here. The feeble response bordering on indifference by the Christian world to the current persecution and murder of their own by (for example) Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, Palestinians and ISIS A.K.A. "Daesh" says it all.

Second came the Muslims. The Qur'an lacks four magic words: "Thou shalt not kill". Such prohibitions against taking human life as exist in the Qur'an are laced with all sorts of "ifs" and "buts". Further, there is no counterpart in the Qur'an to the simple Biblical demand, "Love thy neighbor as thyself!". Islam knocked out the ethical leg of the tripod.

And what of the Humanists who dropped the Prophetic (communication) leg of the tripod and attacked the Monotheistic leg? They fare no better. Take a look at the contemporary relativistic American/European culture. Their children are drug abusers, violent, and sexually promiscuous. Why?

There is not much to say about the Nazis (and similar groups): They have no use at all for the tripod.

About your other questions: What I have written so far is the heart of it. All the rest is commentary, casuistry and scholasticism.

There is almost nothing that you can ask or say about the Prime Cause. You either accept the idea, like Abraham as your starting point or you don't. If you do adopt Abraham's Tripod, I can offer two more thoughts:

First, a tripod has to stand on something. That "something" is what is sometimes called the Seven Noachide Laws. (It makes no difference whether Noah was a historical figure or not.) What are they? Google!

Second, about communication between the Creator and the Created. Start with this: The fact of your existence is such a communication. It becomes two-way when you look inside yourself (introspect), that being the major difference between a man and an animal.

That will do for now.
no. that rock is a meteor that fell from space and muhummad found it and stuck it onto the kabaa, that black building. the saudi arabians will not allow it to be examined scientifically as they believe that it literally fell from "heaven." that black rock is usually kissed which is another form of paganism introduced to islam.
kill all muslims jews n christians to get a BETTER WORLD
Dear Amil

Muhammad is a false prophet. If a person delivers a revelation that doesn't come from GOD, that person is a false prophet. Muhammad delivered a revelation that didn't come from GOD. The angel Gabriel was in fact SATAN in disguise.
To go further Muhammad was also a paedophile because he had sexual relations with the 9 year old Aisha he was 52 at the time. What kind of sick individual does that?
Even in the poorest continent of planet earth, we can't find such ignorance and this is due to your arrogance and the lack of education. You never stop judging people through your belief that you know all things better.
I can't find words to answer the stupidity and statements of such a low standard written in this website, from the one who initiated the topic to the rest of you commenting blindly on a topic you don't understand.
You don't even understand your own religion and your book which is full of contradictions and man made verses. The Romans around 320 AD changed your XTian day, Saturday (Sabath) to Sunday but with all your reforms you still haven't realised that Sunday was the Roman Sun God. They fooled you that time and you still fools and a bunch of a laughing stock. They brought Trinity in 325 AD and made Jesus a god but today you repeat it like a flock of sheep not knowing who the hell is the God you should worship.
Your ancestors killed all the Nazarethian monotheists in Europe and that continued until 19th century for the simple reason that they believed that Jesus was a Prophet of God like we do. There are 22000 different bible versions, I say VERSIONS not copies, if you understand the difference and none of them is the same. The list could continue for ever but I stop here to let you swallow these points and ponder over them before you write junk to make a fool of yourself and ditto for the rest of those who left any stupid comment on the topic.
How many millions you killed in wars around the world this century alone and not long ago you were killing each other in Europe like animals fight each other in the jungle but you are good Christians. Jesus will surely deny you on the day of judgement, I guarantee you that.
Al-Qaida, Bin Laden, Al-Nusra criminals are products of your governments and their Islam is concocted by your governments with your tax money to fight in countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. The worse is that with your tax money they kill and massacre Christians, Muslim (Allawis, Shias, Sunnis), Jews and other faiths in Syria but you are so clever that you don't even realise your own governments are fooling you and continue to do so.
Just on epoint before I finish with this, you don't even know that in the Hebrew/Aramic bibles, the mention of Ellah, Elloh & Ellohim mean Allah in Arabic. So please stop making a mockery of yourselves and go get some education maybe you will have a chance to detach yourselves from the world of sheeple .
I don't think there are any holy names. The only names of allah that I know are unholy and are too vulgar to list here.
Many years ago I made a mirror of the 99 Most Holy Names of Allah mentioned in Koran - Inch'Allah.

Amongst the Names there is no mention of "joy". Is joy UN-Islamic?

I have gone on-line with this question. The answers are not forthcoming except for some sermonising - usually rather sanctimonious. My wife and I have Muslim friends, but none seem to have a real sense of humour. Are there any Muslim jokes?

Thank you. Peace.
Christians have been under predation in every corner of the world since the dawn of the new millennium perhaps by design! It's also true that the corrupt religion of Islam and its puppet leaders have been used by the NWO to prop up hatred and terrorism worldwide giving the NWO license to falsely promote their brand of regime change and military occupation along with control of energy and other strategic resources. Islam and the islamics have been in direct control of the NWO since the early 19th century. TPTB need us Christians to fall in line and prostrate to their wishes and agenda the same way they have the Islamic masses do to their false prophet and god of pain and deceit.