The anniversary of the 18 Tir, the Iranian Students National Uprising, is once again upon us. The 18th of Tir (July 9th) has become a symbolic struggle and resistance against the tyrannical, totalitarian and barbaric Islamic regime in Iran. The very brave and courageous freedom loving Iranians have been challenging the very fabric of the Islamofascists'rule in Iran. In a show of solidarity, both in Iran and abroad, Iranian people have demanded a total annihilation of this totalitarian state of Islamic barbarity and terror, which lacks even the most basic human compassion and human rights. {C}

The flowers of victory will once again blossom and the celebration of life over death will begin. But until then, we must struggle against fanaticism with all our strength. We must end poverty, prostitution, drug addiction, ignorance and disease. At this crossroad in history, we must pledge our dedication to the service of Iran and freedom for all Iranians. Iranian people must become masters of their own destiny. The Islamic Republic has been the major sponsor of domestic and global terrorism for the past 30 years. In addition, the Islamic Republic has been sponsoring terrorist groups in the Middle East such as Hezbollah and Hamas and those who have bombed Khobar Tower and Buenos Aires Jewish Center and most recently, fanning the flame of insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, causing many death to the American soldiers. The Islamic Republic’s leaders have used a multitude of tactics to circumvent decisive international action. They have used everything in their power to silence the Iranian people at home and abroad. Inside Iran, they use executions, public hangings, torture, maiming and many more inhumane punishments. Abroad, they have assassinated hundreds of dissidents. Today, Iran is perhaps the only nation in the world where the overwhelming majority of its citizens (more than ninety-percent, according to an unofficial poll) oppose the clerics. This explains why tens of thousands of Iranians have been imprisoned, tortured or executed by the current Islamic regime. Regrettably, for the past 30 years, the European countries have taken an appeasement policy, and Russia and China have directly supported the Islamists in Iran and have built its massive terror machines. This alone, has impeded the efforts by the Iranians in Iran to unseat the regime in Tehran. Today, the Islamic Republic has no legitimacy, whatsoever. Students and workers are protesting in Tehran and across Iran, by the thousands on a routine basis. The middle class have expressed their disgust with the regime by voting, in every so-called election, for the most anti-regime candidate on the ballot. Of course, by boycotting the last election (selection) resulted in a fanatical person, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Yet, this is still not a fair battle. The mullahs possess all the money and power, the people are still hungry and poor, and dissidents have been unable to come together for their common goals. For the past 30 years, the world has maintained its silence in reporting the truth of the Iranian dilemma. They have engaged in doing huge business with the killers of the innocent Iranians. The world adamantly and shamefully ignored the aspirations of more than 90-Percent of the Iranians whose only demands were freedom, justice, liberty and equality in Iran. Iranians have been betrayed by giant-oil-cartels and money hungry, opportunists and backstabbing nations. To the leaders of the free world: On June 12, 2009, the Iranians overwhelmingly said No to Ahmadinejad and No to Ali Khamenei. Today, Iranian's most fundamental rights are systematically and brutally violated. You no longer can remain silent. If you believe the Iranian people deserve freedom and true democracy, and deserve to take their future into their own hands, then join us. You can redeem yourselves by ceasing doing business with the Islamic terrorists in Iran. Iran must be free and she will be. You need to know we will not forget. The events of 18 Tir, 1999 have created a bitter taste toward the Islamic oppressors. A. D. Benoist said, “The highest measure of democracy is neither the 'extent of freedom' nor the 'extent of equality', but rather the highest measure of participation." We need you to make time to come out and participate in these gatherings over and over again. In the past, one of the major hurdles in achieving full democracy and the rule of law in Iran has come from the self-interest and people who have been attempting to plunder the society for their own personal gain. It should not be the same scenario today. If we desire to achieve freedom and remain free then we need to avoid self-interest and work for our national interest and in the spirit of teamwork. Knowing what we all know, the onus remains on us, the true Iranian patriots, to set aside our differences and UNITE our forces, once and for all, for the purpose of liberating Iran and conducting a healthy and fair referendum under the watchful eye of the international community. Let each of us assume a personal responsibility for the success of this endeavor. No bystanders. No snipers from the sidelines. Every one of us needs to be a fully engaged participant in this great battle of hearts and minds and ideas. Let us stop talking about unimportant issues and peripheral concerns. Let us concentrate our efforts to bring down this foreign enemy in Iran, the Islamofascists. The survival of the Iranian nation and its identity depends upon it. Human beings cannot create an ideal world of peace and tranquility under totalitarian, despotic and tyrannical regimes, such as the Islamist regime in Iran. Individual freedoms would be brutally repressed. The individual would be at the mercy of the merciless despots. Based upon the general reaction among Iranian opposition groups, it is clear that the time has come to form a new brand of political opposition; a united force whose sole propose will be a regime change in Iran and the establishment of the rule of law. My reference to political opposition should in no way be confused with the egotistic, antagonistic, confrontational political activism kind of politics that thrives on lies, segregation, and deception. I am honored to align myself with the new visionaries that are politically matured, disciplined and truly nationalistic. In my opinion, an organized opposition could play a critical role in bringing about a regime change in Iran sooner than we had imagined. These initiatives would weaken the Islamic Republic’s fabric from inside and outside and will give hope to millions of hopeless Iranians. My fellow compatriots, we must have vision. Vision is never about seeing the obvious. It's about looking ahead; it is about seeing what is not there -- YET. It's often about seeing the potential behind the obvious. If we want to see what is really going on, we will need to learn to spot what is not there, and then act on it. The clock is ticking and our indecisiveness could cost us dearly. We all may have outstanding eyesight, but how's our vision? Let us emphasize that revolutions are successful only when they succeed in replacing a totalitarian state with a democratic state, not creating another oppressing dictatorship. We need to create a government which will secure greater personal freedom and liberty for all Iranians, a government which moves, decidedly, away from dictatorship and proceeds, confidently, towards democracy. Elements of revolution have already started to come together and have yet to reach their full stature. Not one act but a process, revolution never develops in a straight line. It goes through numerous phases and stages. As we move forward in implementing this important demonstration, we are determined to establish a grassroots organization which, effectively, monitors and supports the ongoing efforts to find the best way to initiate new freedoms. Behind all events, behind all movements, behind all unrest and all revolutions, there have always been great driving forces. The driving force should be our passion for a larger freedom and liberty and the rule of law in our homeland. My fellow compatriots and people of the world, once again I call upon all of you to be united with our Iranian brothers and sisters in Iran on July 9th, on the anniversary of the 1999 student uprising. We must continue to support them until every Iranian is free.  I ask you to support their aspirations for a self-rule and their expectations for an era of peace, freedom, prosperity and independence. My fellow Iranians, this is no longer a choice; it is simply a duty and an obligation as an Iranian.

2009-07-07 22:13:40
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