The cult of death, Islam, is marching forward under its battle cry: “We love death, the infidels love life,” says Hassan Nasrullah, leader of Lebanon Hizbollah. There is no limit to the Shi’a mullahs’ obsession with all matters dealing with death. On one front, the mullahs are working overtime to obtain the ultimate death weapon—the nuclear bomb—the most efficient and economical way of inflicting death on the masses of the infidels. A perfect example is this week’s test firing at the Bushehr nuclear plant. The duplicitous Russians are just too pleased to help them out in exchange for petrodollars.

On another front, the ever-conniving mullahs are gradually transforming Iran’s universities, cradles of knowledge about life, to mausoleums. Instead of adorning the landscape with statues of great scientists and scholars to inspire the young to life achievement, the mullahs bring corpses of their victims and bury them there, victims who had been hoodwinked by the fascist Islamists and had lost their lives in the process of  horrific schemes and crimes against humanity in the name of Allah      The charlatan mullahs sanitize their wicked deeds that have caused the death of their victims by calling them martyrs and affording them an honorable burial place. It is the mullah’s devious way of hopefully attracting new recruits from the ranks of the young.  

According to a report by Rasmus Christian Elling, the fascination of burying martyrs inside Tehran’s universities has a little history in itself. When the crown “buffoon” of the Islamic Republic, Ahmadinejad, was Tehran’s mayor, he brought up the subject numerous times. However, pro-freedom and courageous Iranian students have strongly protested against any plans to bury decaying remains of ancient human bones next to their classrooms. They look at it as an instrument for the regime’s oppressive policy. Based on this horrific ideology of death, the Muslims have visited death on untold numbers of both Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The Khomeinist regime of the IRI sent tens of thousands of its own children to their death to clear minefields in its holy war with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Not limiting itself to this horrific act, the Khomeinists massacred tens of thousands of political dissenters without the least due process. Islam wins, either when you kill or you get killed. That’s the motto of the religion of death. In Rasmus Christian Elling’s report, one way to interpret this situation is that this is the regime’s way to impose upon the university milieu and student life a militant ideology, one that praises shahâdat (the martyr death), endless war and military values accompanied with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and eulogizing of the eight-year war with Iraq. It is also an Orwellian tactic for the militia groups (Basijis) to clamp down on student gatherings and demonstrations. It is an invasion of personal privacy, either directly physically or indirectly by surveillance. It is an Islamic way of controlling its citizens' daily life, as in "Big Brother" is watching you. It is the Islamic republic’s strategy to suppress dissident voices within Iran’s lively university environment. The mullahs are skillfully steering the train back on track by changing the ambiance of the universities to Rozeh Khooni—Shiite’s religious revival composed of a mix of passages chanted from the Quran and narration of the suffering of the Imams. Perhaps their ultimate motive is to make universities a mosque-like place, with never-ending weeping and eulogies for Imams who have been dead for over 1400 years. Expecting student protests, the Mullahs and their lackeys planned yesterday’s burial in advance. As recently as a few weeks ago, the members of the Revolutionary Guards started rounding up some of the main associates of the dissident Islamic Students Association (Anjoman-e eslami-ye daneshjuyan) in Amir Kabir Polytechnic University, Tehran. This university is known for is vigorous and diverse pro-democratic activism. In addition, a few days ago, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic regime, Mullah Khamenei, prepared the ground by issuing a public message hailing the martyrs and expressing that “the youth of today is indebted to these anonymous war heroes to be buried in their campus yard.” Hence, the highest political authority blessed yesterday’s intensive action.    

Amir Kabir University’s Student Newsletter website has reported on the intense situation at the university. They have reported that the atmosphere has been tense for the past couple of days when a barrage of “chest-beating mourners brought the martyr coffins yesterday morning. Before the parade, security forces, Basiji campus police, Revolutionary Guards, plain-clothed intelligence officers, armed vigilantes known as Ansâr-e hezbollâh (a violent Islamist organization under the unofficial sway of the Supreme Leader) and even the fire brigade gathered inside and around the university compounds.” The Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, Mullah Khamenei, for instance, has urged the close-minded faithful to hold large protest demonstrations. It appears that the call of the Mullah for demonstrations is an attempt at intimidation, the best he can do since he does not have a rational defensible response and he is not able to send his assassins all the way to Rome to carry out the Islamic unconscionable favorite way of supplying answers. “The security forces and vigilantes used clubs, tear gas sprays, iron knuckles, knives and other weapons in order to wound the protesting students. At least 25 have been arrested and 9 hospitalized with knife wounds and other injuries so far, and the fighting continues as we speak. Another student slogan repeated on the website: Ansâr commits the crime, the Leader supports it,” according to the Persian students’ newsletter. Also reported by the Amir Kabir Newsletter, students carried placards and yelled slogans such as “University is not a graveyard”, “Death to Dictatorship,” “Run off, Ansar," “Incompetent Basijis, get lost,” and so on. “These harsh slogans clearly unveil the hard-deep animosity amongst students against the militant ideology of the regime.” Amir Kabir Newsletter reported yesterday, that the situation in the university is horrible. While protesting students at the university are being beaten up and wounded, the coffins of the so-called nameless martyrs have been placed in a corner, left in a disgusting fashion along the graves while clerics are singing mourning hymns. "By burying the bodies of the martyrs on university campuses, they can destroy every freedom seeking movement under the claim that the blood of the martyrs is being disregarded and trampled upon," says a university student activist. The modern manifestation of the Islamic Caliphate has reincarnated into the "the Islamic Republic" of Iran, which has been holding the majority of Iranians hostage for the past 30 years. The Islamofascists ruling the country hope to realize their expansionist master plan after defeating the people of Iran, and ultimately unleashing their reign of Islamic terror on the rest of the world in succession. Hence, the importance of world support for the Iranian people (not because of an altruistic and unselfish regard for others, but as self-interest) cannot be overemphasized.

Surely, the Islamic state and its anti-Iranian forces have once again brought death into universities with the intent of suffocating discontent and strangling freedom of speech and thought. However, the Iranian student movement might come alive again from such brainless actions as that carried out this morning by the Islamic State. One student, identifying him/herself as ‘a Patriot’ wrote: “Right in front of me, they kicked and carried off a couple of the kids in a red van. I swear to God, from now on, I count the minutes until the fall of this regime and I will do anything. Long Live Freedom, Death to Dictatorship.” Almost three decades after the tragic Islamic Revolution of 1979, the suffocating rule of Islam casts its death-bearing pall over Iranians. A proud people with enviable heritage is being systematically purged of its sense of identity and forced to think and behave like the barbaric and intolerant Muslims. Iranians deserve better than being manipulated by a bunch of devilish mullahs who have been riding on the back of the ignorant poor, by deceiving the poor and with empty promises of all the goodies that they are promised in the afterlife. Not a bad scheme for the charlatan mullahs. They have it all in this world while issuing I-owe-yous to their victims, by the authority, they claim vested in them by none other than Muhammad. Given enough time, the death game that the mullahs are playing with their chase after the nuclear bomb, by the exodus they force on those who can flee their suffocating rule, and by slowly killing the remainder of the helpless Iranian patriots may eventually catch up with them. Yet the best hope for Iran to free itself from the claws of death-based Islam is with its students. They have always been in the vanguard of Iranian progressive struggles. Realizing this major source of threat to their existence, the murdering mullahs are literally changing Iranian universities to graveyards.

2009-02-26 21:59:20
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