Mr. Spencer is so “absolutely reliable and correct” that he “debunks” my published article titled, “governor perry’s Islam curriculum.” As a matter of fact, I never published a piece with that title. I assume, however, he was referring to the article I published, “Governor Perry’s Islam Connection.” I only wish that Mr. Spencer would get his facts straight in his attempt at debunking what I have written, although he starts out by getting the title of the article wrong and goes on to cut and paste allegations that I have found to be less than solid facts. I bear no animosity or grudge toward Mr. Spencer and I admire his work in combating Islamic fascism. I only wish that he would spend his talents and valuable time in debunking Islamic falsehood and not questioning my reporting without supplying solid evidence. Amil Imani

2011-09-03 01:43:52
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So the huge snake of lying against Islam is biting at its own tale. hahaha, that is a good tiding for the believers. Mr. Spencer is also as trustworthy about this as about his claims about Islam, quoting another commenter: "…Robert Spencer has turned into an attack dog for no rhyme or reason that I can see". He has not turned into it, he was one. All the arguments of Islam-bashers are at the same level of this one.
Amil-You're a very special person with a specific, well-defined mission, and your voice is going to rise and expand. You have a great deal of marvelous work ahead of you in our truly global effort to eradicate Islam by constant bombardment with the truth, the whole truth..........and nothing but the truth.

It is often said that 'Islam never stops. It keeps going, keeps pushing, keeps attacking.' Well, Islam is going to realize that it has met a strong bulwark, a major obstacle to its current agenda.............and it's none other than one brilliant man who knows who they are, what they are and who understands that Islam must be thoroughly destroyed, not 'moderated.' Vanquished entirely!

Saul Alinsky stated on p. 136 of his _Rules for Radicals_ that the "enemy's reaction" is more important than the action itself. I fear that in an attempt to expose islamic fascism that some of our best people are falling into the trap of painting with too broad a brush. Beware lest an honest desire to uncover the enemy result in a campaign of hatred toward people who have done nothing to harm us.
Geller (and also Schlussel) are screaming hyenas. No class, uncouth.........and lacking in grace. Without grace - plus a dedication to finding and publishing the truth in all things - no one can persuade very many people for very long. The public doesn't respond to screechers.

Your efforts help to counteract both of the above, whom more & more people are realizing are simply off the wall. They're journalist tyrants in their own way - therefore offensive.
To instigate a climate of fear seems to be the modus operandi of Jihad Watch and similar websites. We cannot act as if we afraid of Muslims being here among us in America because that is what the radical Islamists want. To research and understand their culture and where they are coming from, not because of tolerance but to understand the mind of those who perceive themselves as our enemies will, I believe, give us the advantage over them. You have done a wonderful job exposing the enemies of the freedom-loving people and nations of the world, Amil. I appreciate everything I have learned from your writings
Amil, I am so sorry you were subjected to this. And for the careless readers who might believe him or not read your article carefully. But, all you can do is uncover and report the truth, friend. Keep up the good work.
Amil, I know what it feels like to be attacked for spreading the truth. You hang in there and do not dignify this attack-dog with more responses.
He missed the forest for the trees. The overall intent of Amil's article was to debunk some myths and fallacies about Gov. Perry's involvement with Islamist in Texas. Robert Spencer has it all backwards, he has made the mistake and he owes Amil an apology and a retraction. We are on the same side of this one, petty in-fighting has no place here, Mr. Spencer.
I write on this occasion in an effort to understand just what all the uproar has been about over the last twenty-four hours on Amil Imani's most recent article entitled 'Governor Perry & His Islam Connection. I know I made a comment on a website that carried this factually accurate article and now this conversation somehow has degenerated into an excrement slinging match between Robert Spencer & question is has everyone lost their collective mind? Robert Spencer wants an apology from Amil...and I would have to ask, for what?? The article wasn't about either Ms. Geller or Mr. Spencer, but about the Ismā'īlī sect, a derivative of Shi'a Islam and a very short statement about Governor Perry's attempt to introduce something about Islam into the Texas school curriculum...Robert Spencer has turned into an attack dog for no rhyme or reason that I can see...he didn't even get the title of the article correct and somehow thinks that Amil is personally attacking has gotten entirely out of hand and Robert Spencer is the one who generated this misunderstanding and really gone off the deep end...I have to wonder what his problem is...what do you think???