wishy-washy_and_real_muslimsMy breach with Islam started as far back as I could discern things. More to the point, I never embraced Islam in the first place, although I was born and raised in a Muslim family.

For one thing, I had a very difficult time following a so-called religion whose founder and followers had butchered my ancestors, raped and sold our women, burned our libraries, and destroyed our magnificent culture. Islam was forced down the throats of Iranians with the sword of Allah. In my heart, I never considered myself a Muslim. However, I didn’t reveal this until later in life for fear of retribution by radical Muslims.

Sharia law stipulates that any Muslim who turns his back on Islam should be given a chance to revert to the faith. For an unrepentant male apostate, death is the proscribed punishment and life imprisonment for the female apostate.

“Kill whoever changes his religion.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 9:84:57)



Islam considers an apostate as a person who unilaterally breaks the covenant he has made with the faith. An apostate is condemned as guilty of turning his back on Allah’s immutable eternal religion.

I came to the realization that the root cause of my peoples’ degradation and suffering was Islam. It was a creed imposed on an enlightened, tolerant and free people at the point of the sword by savages hailing from the Arabian Peninsula during the seventh century with promises of booty and women in this world and glorious eternal sensual rewards in the promised paradise of Allah in the next. With each passing day, I rejoice more and more in my good fortune; in my ability to avoid the yoke of Islamic slavery and its blinders that imprisons a billion and half people by walls of superstition, hatred of others, and a celebration of death.

Things Islamic not only did not resonate with me, they often clashed head on with what I valued and loved. What appealed to me and even enchanted me were more often than not, taboo in Islam or anathema to the creed. I loved life, beauty in all its forms, poetry, ancient Iranian culture and traditions. I loved laughter, celebrations of joy such as birthdays; our yearly festivities of Nowruz, my favorite, lasts for thirteen days. Nowruz, this ancient festival, has been celebrated for thousands of years by my people; it ushers in the spring, welcomes renewal of life, and expresses optimism for the year ahead to bless us with good health, abundant food, family, and friends in the land of a civilized and free people.

I have always believed one cannot possibly be a Persian and hold to the lofty tenets of the ancient Iranian Zoroastrian triad of good thoughts, good words, good deeds, and remain a Muslim. In the same fashion, one cannot cherish American values, the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution and be a true Muslim. They are comprehensively incompatible with Sharia Law. . . .

cyrus_the_great_cylinderThere are still those who foolishly claim that Muhammad was a messenger from God and the Quran is a divinely revealed book. My suggestion is that they use their intellect and read the Quran fully for themselves without the assumption that the book is the literal word of God and that Muhammad was their messenger. Without this assumption as their starting point, they will find better than 90% of the book is about violence, threats of hell, exclusion of people, and the like. What kind of God would dictate things like what you find in the Quran? It took Muhammad 20 years to reveal this hodge-podge book that reads more like expressions of a delusional individual with multiple personality disorder.

I bemoan the plight of my native land and the people who have suffered and continue to suffer under Islam. Without Islam there wouldn’t be any Muslims to hoist the banner of hate and violence against non-Muslims. A few claim that Islam has done some good in the past. Well, that’s debatable. There are those who are equally convinced that Islam has inflicted a great deal of suffering on others from its inception to the present. What we all must agree on is that Islam and its sharia laws, at the very least, do not fit in today’s world.

Islam is a creed of an ignorant people in a primitive and barbaric age. It is fixated in time and place; it harbors the ambition of taking the 21st century world back 14 centuries and ruling it by its dogma of violence, intolerance, injustice and death. Yet, Islam is not only an obsolete vestige of a defunct era, but itself is an infinitely fractured belief that can hardly put its own home in order. The numerous Islamic sects are at each other’s throats; sub-sects and schools despise one another as much as they hate non-Muslims. Hatred, not love, drives Islam.

islam_evilI am not against Muslims. I condemn Islam with all its derivatives and those who support and promote it. Muslims are patients and Islam is a disease. You want to help the patients to rid themselves of the affliction. You want to eradicate a horrifically communicable disease. Although many prefer to tackle the militant version of Islam, “Islamism,” for all intents and purposes, there is no sharp demarcation between, Islamists, Jihadists and Islamism. One and all are progeny of Islam itself. Any differences among the three are of degree and not kind. When one addresses Islamism and jihadism, their source is also addressed.

Regrettably, Islam cannot be reformed. Keep in mind that Islam claims it is the perfect eternal faith for mankind. Splits have occurred and will continue to occur in Islam. Yet, reformation has not happened in nearly 1400 years and is not going to happen. Islam is carved in granite, just the way it is. No change. Allah’s book is sealed.

In the monumental task of dealing with Islam and its variations, every individual, group and government must combine their resources and energies to prevail. We must urge all people to resist Islam’s encroachment and not be deceived by its sanitized version presented in non-Islamic lands. The destiny of civilized life hangs in the balance. Shirking of this responsibility would be an unpardonable act of every enlightened human being and organization that values human liberty and dignity.


Amil Imani is the author of a new book “Operation Persian Gulf.” Get your copy now.

2011-11-13 03:11:43
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Jesus Christ bless you Amil!
Atheism is an illusion. its either islam or Christianity.
Don't just ditch Islam. Ditch every religious dogma. Free your mind.


An atheist
Dear Mr. Imani,
Im a student at an american school and in my global studies class I am writing a persuasive essay on the Future of Iran. Many of the topics you touched upon cohered with Tim Judah's in his piece The Sullen Majority. After reading his piece and yours, one would venture to hypothesize that the future of Iran is in the hands of the youth of Iran. That the young people of Iran will become too powerful and the majority of the people will have the same stance as you do against the government and against Islam. That with the motivation to rebel against Islam and towards Westernization the future of Iran is slowly moving towards a "free" and more liberal country. Would you agree or disagree with this theory? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
Islam is a sexist religious system that promotes terrorism, muslims want to impose their laws in force and violently, just look at some countries eurpeos or across North Africa to understand this. We must denouncing the atrocities of this violent and degenerate system. NOT ISLAM



Well said, Thanks for explaining the true pain of Iranians. Free minded Iranians will be so proud of you especially since you have been born out of Iran but you know exactly how the islam in Iran works and has worked for 1400 years.

Ignore the apologists and keep up the good work!
you are about 80% right. the Aryans came from Siberia. they were a huge mass of Caucasians who spread to northern India to Persia-Armenia to Greece and swept into Europe. that's why Germans are related to Iranians. most of us Europeans have that same ancient link. the Aryans indeed have a sect system basically to keep their blood lines pure from the indigenous people they conquered. Zoroastrianism itself had a sect system although not as harsh and enduring as the Hindu religion.
Nice article. However, I can't give too much credibility to your personal hate for Islam. It does not matter what you believe Mr.Imani, what matters most is what you believe is the ultimate truth. Your opinion about Islam is probably driven by your secular education and hate for Arabs being a Persian because you feel they dominated and conquered Iran and forced this religion on you. Now your hate for Islam has come full circle.
For all the converted Iranians here I just have to laugh at your ignorance, because instead of worshipping God the unseen and majestic one, you choose to worship a man god, Jesus? Yes very intelligent choice that only a hedonistic Iranian can make. And have you all checked the punishment for the apostate in the Old Testament the crime Mr. Imani accusing Islam of? Christianity/Judaism proposes the same punishment for the apostate, go and look it up. But I guess you willfully choose to ignore that. And please don't flatter yourself by calling yourself Ex-Muslims, you were not a Muslim to begin with. In time of Shah you people were fornicating, drinking and eating filthy flesh of swine in the night clubs of Paris and London and all of a sudden Khomeni came and shackled you with his oppressive version of Khomeni/Shia brand of Islam, so naturally not being able to fornicate and drink freely as before, you all felt Islam is a burden and obstruction to your heathen life style, so you willfully choose to demonize it so you can justify leaving it. I grew up with Iranians in my area and I have to confess, I have never seen people who are more materialistically driven than Iranians in pursuit of women, cars and money. If you have chosen to turn away from the true path of guidance that is Islam and choose to be an arch nemesis of Allah so be it, Allah has closed his doors of Mercy upon you too. Live your life my friends, continue with your heathen ways and leave no stone unturned to berate and malign Islam and its Prophet (PBUH). But remember, you are all going to be food for worms one day in a six feet deep hole in the ground and that is when you see the unseen, then you will find out the reality of this world and things you were speaking falsely about Allah and his Prophet.
“And for those who disbelieved in their Lord is the punishment of Hell, and wretched is the destination. When they are thrown into it, they hear from it a [dreadful] inhaling while it boils up .It almost bursts with rage. Every time a company is thrown into it, its keepers ask them, "Did there not come to you a warner?" They will say," Yes, a warner had come to us, but we denied and said, ' Allah has not sent down anything. You are not but in great error.' "And they will say, "If only we had been listening or reasoning, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze."And they will admit their sin, so [it is] alienation for the companions of the Blaze”.
(Quran 67:6-11)
That is not true. The aryans were an ethnic group in Iran, in ancient times. They made the hindu-religion and the caste-system, and condemned people into eternal misery or glory in a hierarchy. Gypsies today, are from the lowest caste of this system. They have no country, no language or any national ground. There were native people living in India, before the aryans arrived. The nazi-symbol means : Aryans = Nobels. Adolf Hitler used this famously in his propaganda, and declaring the german/scandinavians ace the superior race to all mankind. The caste-system in India made also the british divide them and a massacre occurred between the low caste : muslims and the high cast : Hindus. I am Persian. I am not a fan of India, or this particular system. Hope that clears up a lot of things....
I am Persian, and i have like many Iranians converted to Christianity. But we keep it to ourselves. That is probably why you don't hear about us to often. Islam is like a toxic shot, which destroys all beauty and humanity from inside. It is not a religion, it is a crime. My wish is that all of Persia becomes a Christian area one day. Christianity is the best, and most successful religion contributing to a society. Zoroastrianism have not had a development for many hundred years, so it will be difficult to use it as a religion today. I am planning to return to Iran one day, and make sure it will be as i say. I hope that answers all of your questions. I now it will be like this in the future, due to all the problems with Islam in Europe and United States. It just can not go on like this in the future. Whatever problems there is now, it will be ten times worse tomorrow.