Head-shotThe civilized world witnessed in revulsion the graphic images, which emerged showing the aftermath of a dawn poison gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus, Syria. The attack wiped out some 1300 people as they lay sleeping in their beds. The Obama administration claims President Bashar al-Assad's forces launched the nerve gas attack while the Syrian government has denounced the US’s assessment of chemical weapons, calling the this accusation, "full of lies." {C}{C}

Gassing of Syrian civilians is a crime beyond the pale, no matter who did it. Yet, where is the rest of the world’s reaction to this atrocity? Some countries, with Russia's Colonel Putin in the lead, are siding with the alleged gasser. In fact, they are turning the tables and accusing the Syrian opposition forces of being the ones who did the gassing to garner support from foreign "fundamentalists."

As for Assad's gassing, Mr. President, perhaps he was testing your resolve in a stepwise manner, to make doubly sure that you are all bluster and your threats, in contrast to his, only hot air. Allegedly, Assad used poison gas several times on a smaller scale and you looked the other way. See what happens when villains go unchecked?
2Regardless of who used any chemical weapons, the world can’t just let a thug like Assad go unpunished for murdering well over a hundred thousand people since the conflict began on 15 March 2011. That would be a travesty and a license for him and his handlers, Iran’s mullahs and the Russians, to go on a rampage.

There are no good guys to support in this senseless civil war. The choice seems to be between the devil and the deep blue sea--between Assad's Ba'ath-o-fascists and the Islam-o-fascists. Fascists are fascists. Even the democratic-appearing “Syrian Free Army” suspiciously seems to be of the same old Arab-Muslim hate Israel crowd. Hate Israel. Destroy Israel is the rallying cry of these people.

President Obama, you have my sympathy. You are in a very tight spot, largely of your own doing. You piped up about the “red-line” thing, for whatever reason. Did you think of yourself as the chief constable of the world when you made that statement? Didn't you realize that when push comes to shove, the team you thought you had would turn tail and you yourself get forced to do the same?

Again, Mr. President, the terrible fix you find yourself in is the predictable result of your own making. From the time you took your apology world tour, bad-mouthing the United States, singing the praises of Islam and internationalism, you showed vacillation and weakness at every turn. For one, you did not even find it in yourself to voice your support for the valiant Iranians against the rule of fascist mullahs in the 2009 Green Revolution.

The results: Thousands of democracy’s best children of Iran were slaughtered, maimed, or imprisoned and the Iranian mullahs are emboldened and have tripled their speed in the quest for their ultimate weapon, knowing full well that you neither can nor will do anything to stop them.

More than a year ago, an American ambassador and three other American heroes were brutally murdered in Benghazi, Libya.  Along the way, there was the notion of the laughably false explanation initially given to the American public by your administration that the attack was incited by a video. Mr. President, you said while campaigning in Colorado "I want people around the world to hear me: No act of terror will go unpunished."

But you have failed thus far to make good on your promise to do anything when a bunch of Muslim jihadists massacred our ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi. Your “toothless” rhetoric is proven useless and you have become a laughingstock, Mr. President. You have no credibility left.

Now, Mr. President, you are forced to cover yourself with Colonel Putin's fig leaf. It breaks my heart and mocks our great nation that so trustingly placed its destiny in your hands. I pray you work your way out of this terrible mess with minimal harm. But take heart, bigger and more deadly challenges are down the road in this troubling world.

Mr. President, since the collapse of your “red-line” rhetoric threat and making good on it, the mullahs in the person of none other than the "moderate" selected president of Iran, Mr. Rouhani, announced to the world that they have no intention of retreating one iota from their full speed ahead nuclear project.  And then the North Koreans, as if on cue, are re-activating their nuclear facilities. Well, the bad boys see that this policeman is all bluff. The tiger is toothless. Obama is so impotent and vacillating that a former KGB thug by the name of Putin, a diehard admirer of Stalin, is lecturing him and setting the tone on the world stage. It must be the end of the world.

Bashar Assad is a true son to his genocidal father, Hafiz al-Assad, who had entire towns murdered when they dared to raise their voices demanding their God-given rights. Iranian government officials have repeatedly said that Bashar Assad is Iran's red-line. Assad is the Islamic Republic’s puppet. The Islamic government in Iran, is helping Bashar Assad’s Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite, fight predominately Sunni rebels. This includes a presence on the ground of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards actively murdering Sunni brethren.

Bashar Assad's patron saint Putin and his Kremlin Mafia are not exactly running a world charity when they supply the gasser Assad with all kinds of weapons, including the deadly pricy attack helicopters, as well as the raw chemicals for his chemical weapons. Where then does Assad get the money to pay the cash-and-carry Kremlin Inc. for the weapons? Just trace the money. The purser for this puppet, genocidal myopic murdering eye doctor is none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran. The mullahs are calling the shots because they control the purse strings.

Some, playing with words, called Assad a shortsighted eye doctor. He is clearly a genocidal killer of civilian men, women and children. He may even indeed be shortsighted. His handlers, the mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, are anything but shortsighted. They have deadly grandiose plans and aim to pursue them for long after you are gone.
Mr. President, we really need to deal with the source of this mayhem and bloodletting--the turbaned snakes of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the puppeteers who are hell-bent at promoting their death-bearing agenda.
Now, we have the North Korean juvenile with big aspirations trying to do some fishing of his own from the murky water. He has reactivated the shut down plutonium plant to make some of his favorite toys. There is a lesson here, Mr. Obama: Show a little weakness, bleed just a few drops and sharks, big and small, will be all over you to finish you off. And it is not only you; the prize is the annihilation of humanity's finest nation of all nations--the United States of America.

Mr. Obama, don't let a known murderer and former KGB colonel who rose through ranks of that dreaded organization get away with his stunts and his suddenly new found role of abiding by the United Nations’ Security Council guidelines for settling disputes. This duplicitous lowlife is the same person who presided over the killing of tens of thousands in Chechnya. Then, he sent his army into the independent nation of Georgia, occupying and basically annexing two provinces of that nation. What happened Colonel Putin? You didn’t hear of the UN at those times?

Mr. President, miscreant villains respect only power. Remember the Iranian hostage crisis? The mullahs turned their noses up at Carter and dared him to do anything. They wouldn't budge. The minute it looked like Reagan, the no nonsense candidate, was going to replace the indecisive illusionary Carter, the mullahs released the Americans.
The mullahs’ method of staying in power relies heavily on preventive measures. They don’t bother much with due process of law. They just dispense with the “due” and get on with the “process.” On the slightest suspicion, they arrest, convict and execute. They let Allah in the next world take the time to determine the person’s guilt or innocence. The mullahs have their job to do on God’s earth: To cleanse it from all infidels. When one has a tall order like that to fill, he can’t be bothered with the tedious due process the Western democracies “waste” so much time and resources on.

Mr. Obama, it takes two to tango, as the old saying goes. The uncompromising oil-intoxicated fanatics of Iran and their proxies don't want to dance with you. They want the entire floor -- the Middle East -- and the rest of the world down the road.

Mr. President, please don't misunderstand me, I sincerely despise violence of all sorts. I am not advocating war. But I certainly believe in the imperative of self-defense. I am certain that with every appeasing step, we incur huge damage to our nation.

President Obama, please don't let the Putins and mullahs of the world become further emboldened. A little North Korean thug is watching very closely to have his turn at us. This one already has the ultimate weapon and is itching to use it. It is a race between him and the mullahs. This is not the time for America to have shaky knees for the world to see.

Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.

2013-09-16 06:06:40
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As Obama Turns Tail, Iran Gives Chase...

By Amil Imani ~ The civilized world witnessed in revulsion the graphic images, which emerged showing the aftermath of a dawn poison gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus, Syria. The attack wiped out some 1300 people as they lay sleeping in their beds....
The perversity of my brain is aroused.

If Assad surrenders "his" chemical weapons to international "control" would that include any chemical weapons sent to Syria by the late, great Saddam Hussein. You see Alawites are a kind of Shia somewhat similar to those in Iraq and Iran, so all those guys may just come up with some kind of confluence of interests that would make the idea work.

Islam is a wonderful thing, you know.
There will be another chemical attack in Syria after Assad hands over all his chemical weapons. That's because it wasn't Assad who used them. And it will make Obama look like a fool for claiming, without evidence, that it was Assad who used them.
Amil I just completed a nice write up for you, J.C. Enjoy


If you get a chance stop by Dangers of Allah, I don't cut these killers any slack
FIRST, we depose our immoral illegal leader. America can have no rest, no prosperity, no peace, no redemption with this current impostor leader at her helm. We watch and listen, day after day, with utter dismay and disgust to the deranged and errant actions, proclamations, comments, and decisions of this one unknown A.K.A. "Barrack Hussein Obama". Tying in all factors; dysfunctional childhood sleeping with Transvestite male 'Nanny, "Choom Gang" drug consumption with copious amounts of Cannabis, Cocaine, and alcohol ingested, and constant influence of amoral/ immoral behavior by an uncaring loose mother, male prostitution as a young teen boy with old men in Hawaii for money while being influenced by Marxists for thought processes formation, coupled with a fatal appearing hockey stick shaped head scar, withered right hand, and loping gait and we draw the conclusion that this is not a "Normal" human by any means. He is unlike all other. It is a 'droid and far worse Jinn = {Arabic} Demon, Devil. A being without good and solid intentions, so blatantly deranged and deformed mentally, spiritually, physically, can only lead America to shame, poverty, and ruin. Yet, this all powerful dark force from on high but not of the Most High continues to keep the United States Congress of the people's representatives leashed and impotent, the United States Senate, the Supreme Court, the Democratic and Republican parties, and the American people and their Military at his very whim and fancy. He will continue to lead America to death, suffering, and destruction if not soon neutralized. He must be forced out of power by all means. Him or us... who will it be? It must be him!
Remember when Obama was heard on a live mike, saying he just needed more space, and would be "flexible" after his last election?
He is being flexible, and is in cahoots with Putin and other world leaders.
Hi Amil, long time no see. Perhaps this new technology will slow Iran down if Obama were inclined to use it.
BHO is continuing the mess that Jimmy Carted has started in 1979.
No Doubt, Amil. The IRI is behind the Syrian issue. However, The people of this nation are being played as suckers concerning the possible war in Syria. We aren't being told the truth about its motives, why it should be fought, or anything else. The economic and political elites have become far-too-comfortable having others do their dirty work. Maybe it is time to start having our so-called "elites" fight their own wars! We'll see how anxious they are to fight when it is their own hides on the line.