i01_19361479For many years, Amil Imani has stood against the brutal and patently evil onslaught of Islam which continues to attack the population of his former country Iran—and now the world.  Early on, Amil realized the inherent dangers associated with Islam.  He and his family were able to flee the country after the Islamic revolution that was foisted upon Iran and in a recent phone conversation, Amil advised me that Iran had—culturally and historically—never been a Muslim nation until they were invaded by Islam…which was largely due to former Democrat US President Jimmy Carter He also very correctly advises his audience that the Left and Islam are part of the same insidious cabal.

Amil Imani (partial) Biography

“Amil Imani is an Iranian-American writer, poet, satirist, novelist, essayist, literary translator, public speaker and political analyst who has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in America and internationally. He has become a formidable voice in the United States against the danger of global jihad and Islamization of America. He maintains a website at http://www.amilimani.com. Imani is the author of the riveting book Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and a new book “OPERATION PERSIAN GULF. “Amil’s numerous articles have appeared in many newspapers and magazines around the world as well as in thousands of Internet magazines, websites and blogs. He is a regular commentator on Iranian issues on BBC World News. He is also 2010 honoree of EMET: “the Speaker of the Truth Award” at the Capitol Hill.”

The Interview

Sher: Thank you so much for your time, today, Amil. I’d like to jump directly into the subject matter and ask the reasons for your decision to stay in the United States after completing your education. Wasn’t it your initial plan to return to Iran? Amil: Thank you, Sher, for having this interview with me. I left Iran in the midst of the radical Islamic revolution of 1978/79 to continue my education abroad, but never envisioned that Islamist extremists would take over our very modern and prosperous country. Most likely, I would not be alive today if I had stayed in Iran. In 1979, the U.S. government (notably Jimmy Carter and Company), with the help of allied forces, created the greatest Islamic terrorist nation on the face of the earth and this spurred the rise of Islamofascism elsewhere. In fact, Jimmy Carter, by his interference in another country, betrayed the most valued friend to the West, the late Shah of Iran. In reality, there was not a country for me to return to. Many of my friends were either killed in Iran-Iraq war or simply disappeared for standing up for their rights. Overnight, we lost everything. My battle with the forces of darkness started when evil (Ayatollah Khomeini) landed in Iran and unleashed his wrath on thousands upon thousands of Iranians who in the beginning, believed this “holy” man was their savior. But, he turned out to be the “evil” that our ancient prophet Zoroaster had warned us about. Ayatollah Khomeini, with his cultural revolution, intended to de-civilize a very rich and civilized nation. i27_19360543For the past 33 years, the Iranian people have been kept hostage in their own county by a group of barbaric savages who despise anything Iranian and are slowly purging any remnant left of pre-Islamic Persia, as well as Persian textbooks. These pro-Arab invaders are not Iranians by any means. “Iranian” is defined by a state of mind, not by a place of residence. The barbaric mullahs and their mercenaries presently ruling Iran are not Iranians. They are Islamofascists who have enlisted themselves in the service of a most oppressive, discriminating, and demeaning ideology. To most Iranians, including myself, the name of the Ayatollah Khomeini was unheard of until the Western policymakers decided to remove the Shah (the best friend of the West) and install the Ayatollah Khomeini and carelessly forced the Shah of Iran to leave his homeland. After 33 years, the U.S. is still making the same mistakes with respect to its policy regarding Iran.

Sher: When we talked a few days ago, you told me that prior to Iran’s ‘Islamic Revolution’ it had never been a Muslim country and that—until recently—Islam had never truly been part of Iran’s historical and traditional culture. Before the sudden and swift rise of Islam, what were the true cultural aspects of Iran and its people?

Amil:  A quick answer: Iranians are Muslim in name only. We have a saying in Persian that the way you take your first step, points your path for the rest of your journey. To elucidate this, please allow me to elaborate and give a brief account of Islam. Islam’s very first step was that of violence aimed at decimation of any people that stood in its path of conquest. It all started with Muhammad when his own Quraysh tribe chased him out of his hometown of Mecca. He was a troublemaker that earned the “crazed poet” epithet. He escaped from Mecca and settled in Medina where a large tolerant Jewish community lived. There he found enough peace to start his campaign of gathering a bunch of thugs with the promise of booty in this world as well as eternal pleasures of a sensual paradise if people followed his edict. The rest is history. One of the very first things he did was to turn on the Jews of Medina – an easy and convenient target to kill, loot and enslave. Being amply rewarded for this thuggery, his followers expanded their range. To this day, the goal is the same. Destroying any and all people who refuse to surrender everything they are and have to this creed of savagery and slavery. Nearly 1400 years ago, the followers of Muhammad from across the scorching Arabian Desert conquered Iran (Persia), the greatest empire known in the history of man. With that, they almost destroyed one of the most benevolent and beautiful religions of all humanity, Zoroastrianism, often called the mother of all revealed religions. Originally, Iranians were forced to accept Islam to save their lives from the Arab invaders, but deep within the heart of every single Iranian alive today, exists a burning resentment of the Arab-Islamic invasion of their homeland and culture. The events in history have toughened present day Iranians. They have become great pretenders. But the totality of 1400 years of Islamic barbarity and savagery must and will end. Iranians no longer need to pretend that they are practicing Muslims; when in fact, they are not. Before the Islamic invasion of 1979, most Iranians were unaware of true nature of Islam. But, the 1979 Islamic invasion quickly changed that. Nowadays, masses of Iranians are irreparably alienated from a corrupt and oppressive Islamic rule. The rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is crumbling. The previously solid edifice, or at least the appearance of it, is finally showing many cracks that continue to grow. There are just too many fault lines to list here. Many consider this, an era of Iranian awakening or Iranian renaissance. Islam has always been in contrast with Persian values as it is evident by the glorious pre-Islamic Iranian festivities and celebrations.

Sher:   Every day now, we’re hearing more and more chatter from strategic military experts that Obama is actually planning to take the USA into a war with Iran. Others have said that he plans to affect the war this year, in order to ensure his remaining in office. What do you make of this and what, if anything, are you hearing?

Amil: When you ask me about President Obama, you touch a very sore point. This man is an enigma. Every chance he gets he sings the praises of Islam. He calls it a great religion. It has been reported that some of his closest White House advisors are Muslims. At times, he seems to be a weak and indecisive politician who doesn’t seem to firmly believe in the ideals of democracy and liberty. He, as a most powerful political leader, unfortunately doesn’t always champion democracy. At best, he seems to be a strict pragmatist with a focus on the short-term results. i38_19379493Some critics of Obama’s Iran policies argue that Obama’s weak stance, and his politicizing of the issue because of his 2012 re-election bid are creating a dangerous situation in the Middle East. Critics also point out that the developing Iranian crisis is due to Obama’s weak response to Iranian aggression, which has emboldened the regime. In my opinion, both assertions are accurate. Obama had a golden opportunity in 2009, to help those millions of Iranians who were shouting in the streets of Tehran “Obama: Are you with us or against us?”  President Obama decided to work against them. What remains an enigma is this: Why did the Obama administration support regime change in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Libya but not in Iran?

Sher: We know that Obama has appointed multiple members of the Muslim Brotherhood to high levels within the US government. We also know that some—if not many—of these appointments have actually been in the area of US national security! As the Brotherhood is the parent organization of al-Qaeda and Hamas—to name only two terrorist organizations—what in the world could Obama be thinking? Do you see Obama working to establish the USA as part of the burgeoning Marxist Islamic Caliphate?

Amil: It is chancy thing to guess people’s motive. What is more telling is the person’s actions and the consequences of the actions. We see that Obama has been steering the country toward more government, greater redistribution of wealth, and more dependency on government micromanaging people instead of serving them to realize their own highest potential. Obama ‘s actions clearly show his drive to remake the U.S. into a socialist state. As for his actions relating to Islam, we can go back and revisit in utter disbelief and watch him bow to the Saudi king, the titular head of Islamdom. Furthermore, on numerous occasions he has spoken effusively of Islam, has allowed the mullahs to keep on racing to become a nuclear state and oftentimes berated Israel. Obama’s actions in both fronts, socialization of the country and promotion of Islam, are encyclopedic and cannot be covered in this brief statement. But, to label the president as such, to utter, “Obama is a Marxist,” is to open yourself to ridicule. People would rather dismiss than hear the truth, would rather live a lie and suffer its consequences than puncture their self-affirming facade. We must allow all the facts, which speaks volumes: Didn’t President Obama go around the Muslim heartland and sing the praises of Islam at every stop? Didn’t he bow with great deference to the King of Islam in Saudi Arabia? Didn’t he proudly proclaim Islam as the faith of his dear and near kindred? Didn’t he, time and again, tell us that Islam is indeed the religion of peace? Didn’t he with his captivating oratory skills cite passages from the Quran to show how reverent he was toward this religion? Didn’t he appoint a raft of “devoted” Muslims to sensitive and high posts in government? In his Cairo speech, didn’t he blatantly mislead the world on how “Islam has been a part of America from the very beginning….......” misleading again about “Islam’s magnificent history, its contributions to art, architecture, math, science etc.” Didn’t the Obama administration pull back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive? Paving the way to exonerate Islam of any wrong doing, e.g. Maj Nidal Malik Hasan’s jihadist directed murder of 13 U.S. service personnel at Ft. Hood characterized as ‘workplace violence’? Didn’t he eliminate traditional National Day of Prayer, yet throws a lavish dinner marking the end of Ramadan in our White House? It is said that you can tell a great deal about people by the company they keep. And who have been President Obama’s close associates and mentors for many years, a partial list is given below and we will let people make up their own minds:

  1. Tony Rezko, a convicted political fundraiser. Senator Clinton called him “slum landlord”. He was an activist who raised money for both U.S. political parties. He is charged with at least eight counts, including fraud, attempted extortion, money laundering and aiding bribery. Rezko was one of Obama’s first campaign contributors when Mr. Obama first ran for the Illinois state senate in 1996. The Sun Times implied that Senator Obama could possibly go down with Tony Rezko, sooner rather than later
  2. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ who came under fire for his anti-American, racist and “inflammatory rhetoric
  3. Louis Farrakhan is the black leader of the Nation of Islam and a prominent figure on the extremist scene by asserting hateful statements targeting Jews, whites and homosexuals. Mr. Farrakhan, in his address to the world at Saviors’ Day 2008, said: “Brothers and sisters, Barack Obama to me, is a herald of the Messiah. Barack Obama is like the trumpet that alerts you something new, something better is on the way,” the Muslim leader declared. “Would God allow Barack to be president of a country that has been so racist, so evil in its treatment of Hispanics, Native Americans, and Blacks? Would God do something like that? Yeah. Of course he would.” William Ayers was part of the “domestic terrorist group” and a former leader of the Weather Underground. Ayers and Mr. Obama were members of the board of an anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago, between 1999 and 2002. Moreover, Ayers contributed money to Obama’s re-election fund to the Illinois State Senate in April 2001, as reported in State Board of Elections
  4. Bernardine Rae Dohrn, a domestic terrorist and the wife of William Ayers.
  5. Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s childhood mentor and was a communist. Obama had a relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Mr. Obama developed a close relationship with Frank Davis, almost like his son, listening to his “poetry” and getting advice on his career path. In his books, Obama confesses attending “socialist conferences” and coming into contact with Marxist literature.
  6. Rashid Khalidi is an Arab-American historian. Khalidi, like Ayers, held a fundraiser for Obama at his home. A New York Sun editorial criticized Khalidi for stating that there is a legal right under international law for Palestinians to resist Israeli occupation. LA Times reported, “In 2000, the Khalidis held a fundraiser for Obama’s unsuccessful congressional bid. The next year, a social service group whose board was headed by Mona Khalidi received a $40,000 grant from a local charity, the Woods Fund of Chicago, when Obama served on the fund’s board of directors”
  7. Father Michael Pfleger is a controversial Roman Catholic priest, a pastor of St. Sabiana Church in Chicago, the largest African-American Catholic Church. “He gave Obama’s campaign $1,500 between 1995 and 2001, including $200 in April 2001, about three months after Obama announced $225,000 in grants to St. Sabina programs”
  8. George Soros, a controversial billionaire, “a major Democratic Party donor and anti-Israel crusader, has been a generous contributor to Barack Obama.” How Soros Financed Obama’s Campaign, Lyndon LaRouche, a Political Action Committee explains in detail.

It appears that President Obama is perfectly willing to continue doing what he has done for the last three years to the United States and her citizens under the rubric of hope and change. He seems to believe that the US under an Islamic Caliphate is the choice he is making and gladly so…putting the members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions seems his aim. Also don’t forget Obama and Bill Ayers were key members on the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge…an Annenberg Foundation charity whose stated goals were for educational improvement in the public school system.

Sher: Do you see a way—other than another American Revolution—for the American people to fight against Obama’s dark plan for us and our country?

Amil: The Tea Party seems to be following methods Americans in the past have used to make those in power understand our grassroots dissatisfaction with what politicians have wrought in Washington DC. And that’s all Obama has been to the American people; someone we saw who portrayed himself as a Messiah but wasn’t. Who for all practical purposes lied about who and what he was. For now, the only way we can make our representatives in Congress understand the Obama/Democrat way is the wrong way is at the ballot box. We vote out those who refuse to acknowledge us both Republican and Democrat on both a local and a national level to get our point across. For some years now, the American people have been asleep. It is long past time to wake up and slowly but surely, they are finally waking up to the facts on the ground.

Sher: You have two outstanding books out: Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf. I understand you’re working on a third book, also. Would you tell us where we can purchase copies?

Amil: Thank you. Obama meets Ahmadinejad is a fictional dialogue between the two world leaders, taking place at the Iranian “fascist’s” palace in Tehran. The momentous, history-making meeting unfolds as an astonishing conversation that might not be far from the truth in what would occur if Obama actually took up Ahmadinejad on his invitation. “Operation Persian Gulf”is an exhilarating action thriller, hair-raising suspense with heroic characters and a tale of mystery, love and adventure. It ranks with seminal works of fiction that ably portray reality: writings and movies such as those of The Heroes of Telemark, Where Eagles Dare, the television series Mission Impossible and biological terrorism thriller, Without. From a command post in California, a group of highly motivated Iranian-Americans determine that the Islamic Republic must be stopped from developing an atomic reactor and nuclear bomb at any cost. Both books can be purchased from amazon.com. I am currently working on another book called “ Islam was not for me” I expect to release this book in the summer of 2012.

Sher: Thanks, again, for your time Amil. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Amil: Thank you very much, Sher.   Original Link

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Brutal And Patently Evil Onslaught Of Islam...

By Amil Imani ~ For many years, Amil Imani has stood against the brutal and patently evil onslaught of Islam which continues to attack the population of his former country Iran—and now the world.  Early on, Amil realized the inherent dangers associated...
Dear Amil,

That was a wonderful interview; you are a indispensable part of the great secular Iranian/Persian movement. You've defined the argument against Islam and separated us(the greater Iranian community) from the Islamist occupiers of our motherland, and familiarized the American, Canadian, and European conservative audience with the Islamist and their western sympathizers. On behalf of the "freed" Iranian-American community, I would like to say that I'm so proud to have you in our midst to represent us and our cause to the rest of the world.

Your Friend,