October 29th has been designated as the international day of Cyrus the Great, a matchless king of Persia. Commemorating Cyrus the Great is synonymous with honoring the glorious ancient Iranians and Iranians’ way of life. Palpable reminders to Iranians and all liberty-loving people of the world of this just king’s reign stand in the field of Pasargad.

The International Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of Pasargad has the undying gratitude of the diverse people of the Greater Iran for its work in safeguarding these magnificent symbols of Iran’s luminous past which serve as beacons for guiding all people in their quest for freedom and dignity.

The arduous task undertaken by the Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of Pasargad is all the more difficult in the face of the present Islamic regime’s relentless barbaric attempts to wipe out any and all vestiges of Iran’s proud and praiseworthy cultural heritage. To these barbaric Islamists, any ideals or symbols representing humanity’s non-Islamic enlightenment is good only for the fire of their bigotry. A seminal achievement of Cyrus the Great is his pioneer work in promotion of human rights. Using the power of his office to good effect, he decreed a universal charter for human rights for all people. The king’s edict for equality of rights for all people served advancing the social and cultural precepts of the diverse people throughout the vast expanse of his empire. Although ethnically Persian, the benevolent king considered himself a trustee of the diverse nationalities of his kingdom. Parochialism and ethnocentrism were alien to this visionary monarch.   An illustration of the benevolent beliefs and practices launched by this great historical visionary is his landmark action 539 B.C. Having conquered Babylon, the benevolent King Cyrus freed the Jews from captivity and empowered them to return to the Promised Land and build their temple. For his acts of kindness, Cyrus the Great is immortalized in the Bible in several passages and is called “the anointed of the Lord.” The Jews, throughout recorded history, looked to Cyrus’ people, the Iranians, as their friends and protectors against oppressors such as the Seleucids and the Romans. Cyrus the Great is deeply revered for his great tolerance and just treatment of the conquered nations in his vast empire. He is celebrated, to this day, by the generality of mankind for enshrining fundamental human rights in his Cylinder as the standard for his time and for all times. In the same way that Cyrus the Great considered all people members of the same human family, the human family of today holds the great trailblazer of human rights as one of its own. The vast plateau that Iran is its heartland at the present has been inhabited by the most diverse people of any region of the planet. Yet, in adherence to the lofty principles of Cyrus, these people found unity in diversity. They have remained loyal to their own unique heritage and successfully linked it to a larger loyalty. The present Iran is a living testimony to this remarkable togetherness where ethnic Persians, Turkic, Kurds, Lurs, Turkmen, Baluchis, Arabs, and others live as one people: a great template for the entire world to emulate. For some 1400 years the viral disease of Islamism has been devouring the very fabric of our nation and our identity. Millions and generations of our people have paid dearly and often with their lives for this affliction visited upon us. Yet, millions and generations have bravely managed to retain the identity and values that make us proud to be Cyrus’s descendants. As Iranians, it is propitious at this time to take stock of our present condition and to renew our resolve to do all we must and is in our power to rescue Iran from the suffocating quagmire of Islamism and return our nation to its rightful historic place: A place in the vanguard of a civilized world where justice and liberty rule supreme for the entirety of humanity.

2009-10-28 09:47:26
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Excellent article. As an amateur student of the Bible, I find it interesting how many prominent ancient Persians there are in Jewish history. There is Xerxes (I or II, I do not remember), the Persian King who married the Jewess Esther, making her his Queen. When she appealed to him for help for her oppressed people, he listened. There is also Darius, who became King after the fall of Babylon. One of his top advisors was Daniel, a Jew who had been taken captive as a boy by the Babylonians. Darius was fond of Daniel, and promoted him even in the face of harsh opposition. And of course, Cyrus, who allowed the Jews to return to their homeland.
Thanks Amil for your efforts,

It is the duty and responsibility of any educated Iranian to show the world the rich history, culture, traditions and grand civilization Iran and Iranians enjoyed before the deceitful Islamists invaded our country, raped our women, burned our libraries, plundered our wealth and forced conversion to Islam, and attempted to rewrite our history.

The conduct exhibited and ideology expressed by Cyrus the Great, 2500 years ago, are a testimonial to his grand vision for the world. Indeed, commemorating Cyrus the Great is synonymous with honoring the glorious ancient Iranians and Iranians' way of life.

Unfortunately, under Islamic dictatorship of the mullahs and their barbaric 7th century fanaticism, Iran has suffered on many fronts. Iran is second to China on human rights violations and the numbers keep climbing still.

A country and a great king who has been spoken so favorably in religious books of the Jews and Christians, is NOW labeled as a rouge state sponsoring terrorism. Stories of rape, imprisonment, murder, hangings, censorship, corruption, moral decay, addiction and prostitution are filling the world media daily, under a theocratic rule. It is incumbent upon leaders such as yourself to show what Iran once was, and how we should reclaim our beloved country from the Shiia colonialism and restore Iran to its rightful place in the community of democratic and peace loving nations.

You are an inspiration to us all!
Thank you Mr. Imani, Happy Cyrus The Great Day, agree with your statement
'For some 1,400 years, the viral disease of Islamism has devoured the very fabric of our nation and identity. Millions and generations of our people have paid dearly, often with their lives, for this affliction visited upon us. Yet millions and generations have bravely managed to retain the identity and values that make us proud to be Cyrus's descendants.'

Cyrus the Great, the father of first Human Rights declaration over 2500 years ago, who advocated the abolition of slavery, ethnic or racial discrimination, freedom to choose one's place of residence, freedom of religious belief, and the establishment of peace among nations. Such ideas and dreams are still alive and are clearly esteemed by all those who believe in human dignity, new secularism and human rights. The Persians regarded Cyrus The Great as The Father, the Babylonians regarded him as The Liberator, the Greeks called him the Law-Giver, and the Jews called him the Anointed of the Lord.
After many years of struggle for freedom, we have recognized the importance of Cyrus The Great achievements when in our era the UN Human Rights Charter has not been enforced in many countries after 60 years of signed agreement among all nations in this small blue planet earth.

Unfortunately many religions, ideologies, all versions of Islam, Terrorism, Soviet Communism and Capitalism have not been able to resolve complex modern world problems, deliver promised peace, international justice system, fairness, equality of opportunities, security, stable positive progress, happiness and prosperity.

Cyrus The Great Vision is considered as real change alternative ...
Happy Cyrus The Great Day October 29th, 2009
As the piece states, ' An illustration of the benevolent beliefs and practices launched by this great historical visionary is his landmark action in 539 B.C. Having conquered Babylon, the benevolent King Cyrus freed the Jews from captivity and empowered them to return to the Promised Land to build their temple.'

In the book written by Harvard Professor Richard Frye, (The Heritage of Persia, p10-151) he wrote: 'In the victories of the Persians... what was different was the new policy of reconciliation and together with this was the prime aim of Cyrus to establish a pax Achaemenica..... If one were to assess the achievements of the Achaemenid Persians, surely the concept of One World, .... the fusion of peoples and cultures in one 'Oecumen' was one of their important legacies'

While we may not agree with the concept of 'One World' it should be noted that at that time in history, the idea of treating the people of the lands you conquered other than slaves with no rights, this kind of rule promoted harmony among all groups. We know that the culture of the Jews has survived for more than 5,000 years. Hopefully, Iran's current crop of leaders will look to their own history and learn from it.

I am very familiar with Persian culture. Many of our closest friends are Iranians whom my wife and I met 25 years ago while we were in India. They had fled there after the Ayutollah Khomeini's revolution. These friends threw us our first wedding anniversary party. Most of them are now in California, a few in the UK.

I have always enjoyed Persian history and Persian food. (I can do without the Kaiapucha (spelling? )The goat head dish), but love everything else.

Yes, sadly, that great culture has been dramatically affected by Islam. I hope that it can be preserved.


Great Article Amil! Happy Cyrus the Great Day!

People of Iran are rising against this grave injustice and oppression happening in their country to make Iran a land of justice and freedom once again. It's a shame that the free nations of the world have modeled their democracies after the first human rights declaration by Cyrus the Great and yet Iran, the land where this great man came from, is being ruled by a bunch of thugs in the name of God.

People of Iran shall overcome. Victory is ours.
I'm putting this on my calendar! Thanks for the enlightenment!

How sad that Iran has so degenerated from what King Cyrus had created.

By the way, for all you Bible nay-sayers, Isaiah 44:28 predicted his birth, CALLED HIM BY NAME, showed that God would influence his king-ship and foretold of his deliverance of Israel 150 YEARS BEFORE HIS BIRTH!

THUS SAYS THE LORD,...'IT IS I WHO SAYS OF CYRUS, 'HE IS MY SHEPHERD! AND HE WILL PERFORM ALL MY DESIRE.' AND HE DECLARES OF JERUSALEM, 'SHE WILL BE BUILT', AND OF THE TEMPLE, 'YOUR FOUNDATION WILL BE LAID.' (Arguments against the dating of Isaiah hoping to disprove this prophecy have back-fired.) So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

I used to be an atheist, but I'm now a born-again Christian who loves the Jewish people. Shalom to Israel, God bless the Jewish people!

I may not understand all of God's ways and decisions, but I know I can trust the God Who became a Man and died (and rose again) on the cross for me. When you're ready to do that for me, I'll be interested in what you have to say against Jesus. Until then, put up or shut up.
Thank you for reminding readers of a forgotten or not widely known world leader (at least here in the West). It is a shame that President Obama stop short in his history lesson of the Middle East, when speaking to the Islamic world from Egypt. In an effort to appease the Islamic rulers his 'reaching out' only served to propagate and support the suppressive mandates of Islam. I wonder what would have happened if he appealed to the ideals of King Cyrus in contrast to Islam, on the university campus ? Or supported the uprising this past summer in Iran (and that continues today) following the election, not on based on the democratic ideals set forth by America, but rather embracing their heritage of freedom, independence and long forgotten liberty.
Rather then his 'apology' tour strategy (weak America = passive America), all Obama needed to do was give credit to a great man like Cyrus who served to inspire everyday men that equality was an attainable ideal. Imagine a US President recognizing that a King from the Middle East gave credence to the foundation of American ideals centuries before the first draft of the Constitution.
Iranians should find strength and hope that at one point they had achieved what Americans are still fighting to maintain, and it should serve as a warning to all Americans that our liberty could end as a footnote in the annals of world history books...a long forgotten 'experiment we call democracy' (Obama's words). If we continue to allow our civil and independent liberties to be undermined and our Christian, yes Christian, values to be marginalized under the PC definition of 'equality' and religious tolerance, one nation under Sharia doesn't seem to be so crazy.
Good column. It helps to have articles such as this here to help people realize that there are freedom loving people everywhere. Here, we see many Iranians that have values similar to Americans'. We have to be careful we do not stereotype an entire people or nation based on a handful even when they control the government and security forces. Often the obedience they force upon a people is illusory because it is under duress that the people comply. Freedom loving people must stick together wherever they may be and continue to shout out the dangers of giving up that freedom for vague government promises. A culture that is conquered and whose freedom is forcefully taken away has less to answer for than one that willingly gives it up to demagogues and charlatans.
Parvin Irandoost writes:
>It's a shame that the free nations of the world
>have modeled their democracies
>after the first human rights declaration
>by Cyrus the Great
>and yet Iran, the land where this great man
>came from, is being ruled by a bunch of thugs
>in the name of God.

Yes, Parvin, it is a shame; and, if we continue to allow the creeping encroachment of Islam on these shores, the same thing could happen to US.

How ironic that the nation whose king so blessed the Jews in his day, now has a leader who vows to exterminate them.

P. S. Cindy, thanks for sharing with us the prophecy of Cyrus' birth, which prophecy takes its place among many, verifying the truth of God's Word.