The left lost not a minute in tarring Sarah Palin after McCain selected her as his running mate. Of course they had to be careful—very careful. As hard as they worked, they couldn’t dig up anywhere near as much dirt on this outstanding self-made governor than they have all along covered up for their darling Obama.

What did they do? The cunning leftists are nothing if they are not devious and Machiavellian. It would have been a huge self-inflicted disaster if the men had led the offensive. So, true to form, these unscrupulous leftist cowards hid behind their women’s skirts and let them do their dirty work.

Women vilifying a woman, no matter how baseless and vicious the assaults may be are better tolerated than men doing the dishonorable thing—they are chalked to the nasty game of partisan politics. To the leftists, as is the case in war and love, all is also considered fair in politics. Here is a woman, by all accounts, a personification of the American story. A self-made woman rising from the heart of the middle class, distinguishing herself as a tireless devoted public servant who had worked through the grades to the governorship post by single-mindedly remaining faithful to the trust of her electorate.

Here is a woman who had no sugar-daddy sponsor to send her to an Ivy League school, but had to work hard on her own with the support of her not-so-wealthy working parents to finish college. Here is a woman, as wife and a mother of five children, who served in her community to better things for all. She was an active and constructive member of the PTA. Her tireless services in the community impressed the people of the town to elect her as their mayor. All along, she championed the best interest of the people, rather than her own self interest. Here is a woman who took on the powerful corrupt officials at the state level. She confronted corruptions and the old-boys network. She even challenged the miscreants in her own political party and took on an incumbent governor and beat him without selling herself to the powerful interest groups. Here is a woman who lost no time in immediately cleaning up the government operations, relieved the incompetent and corrupt officials, and streamlined the budget. Here is a woman with an astounding 80% approval rating by Alaskan voters. No wonder the left is petrified by her sudden appearance on the national scene. Spades in hands, they sent legions to dig dirt, while others busily doctored the little specks and spread them through the more than eager leftist media. Here is the dirt: * She is not pro choice. A cardinal sin? Hardly. She believes that aborting a human being is killing. And no one should have the right to murder another human being. What’s so evil about that. * She believes in a Creator. She believes that schools should be free to present various points of view regarding the creation. What’s so bad about that? Some 90% of Americans believe that there is a Creator. Why not present the facts for both sides and let the students decide for themselves. * She is not a good mother. Why so? Her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant.

That’s why. Well, the daughter and her sweetheart are about to be married and they have refused to commit murder by aborting the unborn, as hundreds of thousands do each year in this country. Is that so bad? Sarah Palin is pro life, for her daughter’s baby and for all women who conceive a life. * She abused her power. When you clean house, you invariably create enemies. People who have been leading a charmed life at the expense of the hard-working citizens of Alaska are of the same cut as the nihilistic leftists. Governor Palin cut out wasteful spending and devoted Alaska’s oil revenues to the needs of the people. She put an end to thievery, incompetence and cronyism. She is a principled decent public servant and not a servant of leaches or interest groups.

* She is inexperienced. She is a heart-beat away from the presidency. She is not qualified to assume the office, they say. By far and away she is more qualified to serve as the president than Obama who has not run anything but himself. Working as a community organizer, dealing and wheeling in the corrupt Chicago Democratic organization, and getting elected to the Illinois Senate and eventually to the United States Senate is in no way comparable to Governor Palin’s vast and varied experiences. The left habitually underestimates the intelligence of the American people. The left is chronically unhappy about America, because it is looking in the mirror and rightfully sees its own disgusting reflection. Any time anyone arises to serve this great nation and aims to keep it on its course toward its glorious destiny, the left recoils. The left shall fail miserably in tarring Sarah Palin—the lioness daughter of America from this great nation’s last frontier, Alaska.

2008-09-09 09:32:07
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