Mid-term elections are just around the corner. Polls show that many Americans are unhappy with the Republicans and are likely to vote for Democrats. Fine and dandy. This is America where the voter is king. And when one is king, he needs to be a wise king. The foremost topic on the mind of the voter is the Iraq mess. Republicans, particularly the person of George W. Bush, are blamed for making the mess and not being able to clean it. So, the Democrats may be the answer, some think. The Democrats can indeed be the answer. Unfortunately, their answer most likely will be disastrous. Faced with a ruthless enemy bent on your destruction, you either stand and fight or cut and run hoping that the enemy will not pursue you to your grave. Once again it is decision time. We do well to recognize that short-sighted people with short memories are prone to make terrible choices, even when they have the best of intentions.

So, we want to refresh the voters’ memory to help them in making wise decisions. The vote you cast will not simply replace one politician with another. At this point in time, every vote has great existential implications. Whether we like it or not, we are truly in a war of survival with Islamofascism. You cannot negotiate co-existence—live and let live—with Islamofascists any more than the Clinton administration succeeded with its compact with North Korea. Before the ink dried on the Clinton-North Korea agreement, the North Koreans embarked on cheating. Now, we are faced with a suicidal-genocidal adversary with nuclear weapons headed by a megalomaniac playboy. The present mess in Iraq is plenty bad. Perhaps mistakes were made. Perhaps we should not have invaded the country. Perhaps we should have kept up the terribly costly over-flights over Saddam to keep him in his cage. Perhaps we should have taken our chances with the French and the Russians who were ruthlessly working to end Iraq’s embargo to enrich themselves from ill-begotten deals with Hitlerian Saddam. Perhaps we should have ignored all reports that Saddam had stockpiles of WMD. All this hindsight was not at hand, unfortunately, when the decision was made.

Admittedly, Iraq is a mess. The Administration claims that there is progress, although much killing, mostly internecine, goes on. But, should we cut and run as many Democrats demand? The Democrats say that we should quickly bring our men and women home and let the Sunnis and Shiites and the rest of the Jihadists kill one another all they want. They further appeal to the pocketbook of the taxpayer by saying that the billions going down the Iraq sinkhole can be spent on the sorely needed domestic projects. Sounds good indeed, as if it were the only true and prudent thing to do. But the battle in Iraq is all about power. Islamofascists want power and the region is flush with it—oil. The factional fighting is about who is going to get control of the oil spigot. He who controls the spigot shall dictate his terms to all the oil addicts of the world. That’s us. Then starts the real “negotiation” with the turbaned oil barons. Muslims’ preferred  negotiation style is very straightforward. You give, they take. You give as much as they can extract now and you will be forced to give the rest of whatever they want down the road. What is it that you have to give? Whatever they demand. You want oil? You comply and meet their terms. Keep in mind that Islamofascists have a compact with Allah that allows them to make and break any commitment to anyone at any point. They share this “justifiable” deception belief with their atheistic kin, the Communists—the end justifies the means. It is indeed foolish for principled people to delude themselves into thinking that the Islamofascists honor the commitments they make. History is replete with instances where Muslims have sworn and sealed the Quran with a compact and have turned right around and violated their promise at terrible costs to their victims who took them for their word. What are some of the Islamofascists oil barons’ terms?

Just a few for starters:

* The United States of America completely pack and leave the Middle East.

* All kafir oil addicts pay for their fix through the nose.

* Islam to be granted all its God-given rights in kafir lands.

* The entire package of sharia stone-age rules and laws supercede local rules and laws.

* Mosques, Islamic centers and medressehs be granted privileged status and exempted from civil scrutiny and laws.

* Women be relegated to their Islamic place—caged in the house, deprived of education, don the hijab, and live at the pleasure of men.

* Taliban-type of Islamic purity becomes the standard. Now, is all the above just  fear-mongering and Democrat-bashing at election time?

You are free to see it that way. But, it is always more prudent to go with the facts than fiction. Do you think the Democratic fumble with North Korea under Clinton was an isolated instance? Well, what about Clinton occupying himself with handling other things instead of the Osama problem? Do you buy the story that he truly devastated Osama by firing a few missiles into the rocks of Afghanistan? What about that other Democratic genius, Jimmy Carter’s handling of the 1979 Revolution in Iran? The 1979 uprising of the Iranian people was hardly Islamic until Carter and his mis-advisors decided to support the mullahs, instead of going to the aid of the secular Iranians who yearned for a democratic society. So, here are George W. Bush and the Republicans trying to clean up the horrific mess the Democrats left behind. The savage mullahs of Iran are plenty evil without the bomb. With the bomb, the end is truly at hand. The mullahs have no compunctions about killing tens of thousands of their own people. They have set up a “Special Court of the Clergy” to try and imprison any of their own clerics who dare to oppose their doomsday designs. They even arrest and torture the ordinarily untouchable ayatollahs for speaking up for the rule of law and tolerance. These are terribly trying times. Free people must decide their priorities with foresight and wisdom and shy away from shortsighted simplistic solutions. It is by far more prudent to face the implacable Islamofascists on the march now than to cut and run. There is no safe place to run. Our best hope for safety is to firmly resist Islamofascism in all its forms. We Iranian-Americans greatly cherish freedom, perhaps a bit more than others, because we have been first-hand witnesses to the horrors of Islamofascism. And we keep in mind that freedom is not free. Anyone or any party that promises otherwise is either a fool or a charlatan.

2006-10-16 09:35:17
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