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Tuesday, 28 August 2018 04:18

French parliament building locked down after death threats to Jewish MP Featured

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250 French intellectuals demand action on Islamic antisemitism. Muslims and their runnng dogs on the left were outraged, decrying it as islamophobia.

French parliament building locked down after death threats to Jewish MP

He received a letter that read “Fat Zionist pig” and “You are not French.”

By Lahav Harkov, Jerusalem Post August 27, 2018:


French MP Meyer Habib received an envelope with white powder in it on Monday, leading a wing of the French National Assembly to be shut down.

“Fat Zionist pig,” the letter began, “you are not French. You do not belong in the Assembly. You are only a f*cking Israeli terrorist with blood on your hands.”

Security evacuated the B wing of the French National Assembly for over two-and-a-half hours, and chemical experts examined the substance sent in the envelope to ensure there was no danger.

Habib said that “it is sad and disconcerting that we have reached a situation in which a member of the French parliament receives death threats because he is Jewish and a friend of Israel. Beyond the personal matter, I am very concerned for the French Republic, and I think action and a response are needed at the highest levels.”

The MP has long faced threats to his life and, unlike most in his position, has bodyguards provided by the French authorities.

Habib, a French-Israeli and a longtime friend of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, represents French expats in the Mediterranean countries, including Italy, Turkey, the Holy See, Cyprus and more – as well as Israel, which has more French citizens than all the other countries combined.

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