It is a crime to remain silent in the face of evil, it is said. Thus, I am speaking up and urging other good men and women to raise their resonant voices while they can before they are brutally silenced by the ever-creeping Islamofascism.

-- Amil Imani

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Saturday, 08 February 2020 09:37

Mullah’s Time is Up Featured

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There is an old warning: never corner a rabid cat. Either leave an escape hatch for it, or kill it. Otherwise the desperate rabid cat, when cornered or wounded, but not dead, will likely gouge your eyes out.

That’s the case with the cornered presently wounded rabid mullahs ruling and ruining Iran. One thing is certain. These zany power-intoxicated religious zealots will never mend their ways. Only their speedy full demise will end their ruthless aim of establishing a Shia theocracy covering the Middle East and using it as a base for eventual global domination. That is a fact!

Teddy Roosevelt advised: “speak softly but carry a big stick”

The mullahs see President Trump speak loudly while carrying no stick at all.

What is going on with Iran? Some speculations on my part.

Trump, rightly left the nuclear deal with Iran demanding new terms that were tantamount to the mullahs surrender!

So, they said, hell no.

Trump started turning the economic screws on the mullahs that began to shut down their oil sales — their life-blood.

The mullahs had a choice: either die slowly by the U.S. sanctions that not only prevented selling oil, but also shut down their ability to deal in international banking, or playing hardball with Trump. In a way, they decided to take a chance and go down, if they had to fighting.

The mullahs figured, Trump is more bluster than fight, as evident from his inaction when they shot down an American drone in international airspace. They also figured that re-election coming up and would make Trump most hesitant to unleash his military on them. Furthermore, Trump might get bounced and the Democrats would again come around and be nice to them.

Now what? Now, they have called their opponents’ bluff with great success. They have made their point: they have said time and again, if we can’t sell our oil, then we will not let anybody else sell their oil through the Gulf. Saudis make money hand over fist selling oil while the mullahs starve? No, that’s not very nice. They decided they would do something about that. Knowing full well that those Saudi boys have no stomach at all for entangling with the Iran military.

Now what? Simple. Trump wants to make a deal. Next, Trump will relax the sanctions, will even look the other way for the mullahs to sell some oil, access to the international financial system will also quietly work out and a covert “diplomacy” dance will commence.

The result: a huge victory for the Mullahs and a new long term lease on life.

I certainly hope I’m wrong in my conclusion.

The mullahs are master schemers. They have been in the business of scheming for centuries.

Ever since former President, Jimmy Carter used his power to force the Shah of Iran leave his beloved country and bring the Ayatollah Khomeini in his place, thousands of lives have ended by evil, despicable acts of terror in the land that was the cradle of civilization, and now acts to cradle Islamic Terrorism.

It is no longer a secret that millions of Iranians consider the mullahs, their minions and lobbyists as true enemies of Iran. Both President Trump and Sec. Pompeo have watched the recent massacre of protesters through countless videos sent by Iranian freedom fighters. Many Americans continuously remind Trump’s administration that we should not get involved in yet another war in the Middle East.

Let me assure you, Iranians have never asked for charity from anybody and they don’t want another war, but all they are saying is that people and countries that are at clear risk from the mullahs ought to step up to the plate and help the Iranians, in numerous effective ways to get rid of these usurpers, these religious fanatics who are hell-bent on promoting their deadly agenda. The Iranian people will most assuredly dislodge these wolves and try them for their crimes with all due process, the due process that they have completely denied the people of Iran for forty years. But, tried they will be and we need help from our friends to destroy the common enemy before it escalates its bloodletting program, both in Iran and against Israel and eventually engulfing the entire region.

The villain mullahs have been deceiving and playing the Iranian people, particularly the masses of the religiously fanatic, long before either Israel or the U.S. existed. They are very good at their game. For as long as there are donkeys there will be those who ride them is a Persian saying. That should explain the rule of the mullahs. They ride, they have been riding for centuries, and they like it.

As I see things now, the world is headed down a dangerous path. The danger of the bomb in the hands of the mullahs has not disappeared, despite what the mainstream media and the useful idiots claim. The mullahs are intent on getting the bomb and the U.S. and Israel are equally intent at not letting them get it. Israel has a huge stake in this since it is easily within the range of the Islamists’ fire.

The crippling sanctions are working, but the mullahs have all the time in the world. They have been through theses sanctions many times. But we, as a democratic nation have a limited time to apply severe measures against the greatest state sponsor of terrorism. Hence, we must act quickly and utilize more effective methods that produces real results. Otherwise, they will remain in power for another forty years. This time with many nuclear weapons.

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  • Comment Link GG Friday, 14 February 2020 07:29 posted by GG

    Well said Amil
    I think the US and Israel need to take out The Mullah's nuclear capabilities before its too late. Iran with nuclear weapons will be a threat to the US and surrounding nations.