islamicvirus-headerRisking the violation of political correctness, decades of closely and carefully studying Islam, has led me to the following observation: Islam is a socio-cultural viral disease that invades any vulnerable host with its malignancy, while simultaneously devouring its own adherents.

In other words, Islam is like a deadly, contagious disease. Once it invades the mind of its victim, this debilitating disease is capable of transforming him or her to a helpless pawn that has no choice but to execute what he or she is directed to do.

Of the reported 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, millions are already trapped in the terminal stages of this affliction, while millions of others are rapidly joining them. The people enslaved with the extreme cases of Islamic mental disease are highly infectious. They actively work to transmit the disease to others, while they themselves engage in horrific acts of mayhem and violence to demonstrate their unconditional obedience to the dictates of the Islamic cult of violence; For example, the Islamic State or “ISIS/ISIL.”

Islam like a mental retrovirus has mutated into numerous varieties and degrees of severity over the past 1,400 years. Everyone born in a Muslim family, as well as those who convert to Islam, contract a particular mutation of the Islamic virus. As is the case with all retroviruses, the Islamic virus burrows deeply into the person and erupts, from time-to-time with potentially devastating consequences.

islamicvirus-truthThe Islamic virus first divests the person of his most fundamental human attribute. It takes away his right to make decisions himself and absolves him and in return, of any responsibility for his actions rendered in blind obedience to it.

The founder of Islam, Mohammad, insured the faith would remain on its intended mission by providing it with its manual of murder and mayhem, the Quran. The Quran is the incubator of the virus of Islam, and Muslims are the carriers of this disease who communicates it to others while they themselves simultaneously are devoured by it.

Even a cursory glance at Islam clearly shows a history of lashing out at non-Muslim societies under the direct leadership of Muhammad, a practice that has remained on its mission to this day. This inherent divisiveness is clearly evident by the internecine violence within the ranks of believers commencing immediately following the death of Muhammad.

At the global level, the pathology and cognitive derangement systemic to Islam have given rise to the world's most intolerant, backward, and impoverished societies.

It is in the very design of Islam to engage in violence. Muslims find ready justifications in the Quran--a book they believe authored word for word by the one and only creator of the universe, Allah--to do so. To a Muslim, anyone, even others who profess the same faith, can be a legitimate target of violence since there is no unifying Islamic doctrine, while the Quran is greatly amenable to self-serving interpretation.

It is indeed simplistic to contend that Islamic terrorism is Islam's problem and that it is self-defeating or it will eventually defeat itself. Islamic terrorism is indeed that aspect of Islam that has lashed out toward the non-Muslim world from its inception. It is seen when the Islamic armies sallied out of the Arabian Peninsula to vanquish by the sword people far and near. It is indeed a great folly and a pathological denial of reality for the world to turn a blind eye to the ever-virulent acting-out characteristic of Islam, irrespective of its different forms and various degrees of its severity and duration.

islamicvirus-3As is the case with contagious disease, there is no minimal level of acceptable risk. The only acceptable risk with virulent Islam is its complete decimation. Otherwise, jihadism will raise its head time and again and inflict its deadly venom on its victims.

Islam itself is a vestige of a long-ago primitive people who lived and died by the sword. Muslims do not recognize the legitimacy of coexistence. They never have, and the Quran explicitly divides the world into two camps: The believers and the non-believers. And it is the sacred duty of the believers to cleanse Allah's world of all non-Muslims.

In short, Islam is indeed a deadly, socio-cultural communicable virus that is immune to general methods of treatments. The Islam virus has mutated into numerous forms immediately upon the death of its creator. This mutated disease shares only a common name, such as the term used for describing the common cold. In actual fact, Islam is about destruction within itself as well as the "other."


Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.

2015-04-08 16:43:05
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The moderate muslims do condemn ISIS and Boko etc...
In his last speech after the Jordanian pilot got burned alive the king of Jordan did clearly say that those extremists hijacked Islam as a religion, and that this problem concerns first and foremost the Muslim nations. King Abdullah went on saying that thisbwas not a religious issue but a power issue, and after the concerned muslim natioms formed a coalition and started bombing ISIS...
PMK I agree that the way ahead will be difficult. We must continue to read about islam and all its teachings, this action will enlighten us to the truth about islam and will by our continued exposure of islam reach the ears of politicians. Regrettably it is only our elected governments who can act en-masse, while we must act collectively to reject the Islamic apologists and counter this evil cult with a belief system which is inclusive, loving and respectful.
We MUST Ban Islam

It’s Islam that we need to ban not the Muslims who are imprisoned within it.

No proselytizing. No mosques. No madrasses. No Islamic centres. No public promulgating of Islam.

Governments in the West must acknowledge and articulate that Islam is anti-humanist, anti-freedom, deeply misogynistic and incompatible with modernity.

I know it's anathema to Western political thought to be intolerant of others’ ‘religious beliefs’ but Islam is different from any other political system or ideology.

Islam alone is dedicated to a one world Totalitarian Theocratic Social system of enslavement of all human beings to the Shariah.

It may still take a generation to stem the tide but the alternative is the end of Civilisation.
ABSOLUTELY SUPERB WRITING... I would only make one amendment in that the mosque is the incubator, the Koran is the key to this horrendous cult of death..
Human decency and reason are pretty strong and mohammedism has too many weaknesses.
Its sometimes nice to think of the more distant future. The end of the awful influence of mohammedism is likely to take many, many generations, that said humanity does have some 12 billion years left while the earth remains habitable. The next big change event will be when oil runs out, when that happens things will get very ugly - what's likely to emerge is a fractured and much more locally isolated humanity either that or global dictatorship of some kind.
But remember, everything fails eventually and that includes all religions. In 300 trillion years every star in the universe will have expended their fuel, and the gaps between each solar system will have grown to immense proportions.

All each person can do is struggle, struggle for what's right, struggle against others and ourselves, lets try and help one another.
In the Quran When Mohammed and some of his followers were actively going out often to raid defenseless trade caravans, there were some People, Muslims and followers of Mohammed that didnt want to go,on these raids ( for whatever reason) . Mohammed cursed them, theeatned them with hell in the next life and told them they weee " hypocrits" muslims in name only.
So, people like Boko Harum, ISIS and similar groups, terrorists like those who hijacked the planes and flew them in to the Twin Towers on 9/11, and other teorrist acts , that are doing exactly what the Quran and Mohammed's example are telling and showing them to do. Those "nice" muslim , moderate" muslims are, in Mohammed's words, "hypocrits" ..... You could also tell people anout kitman which is lying by omission, taqiyyah which is lieing to non muslims, it is permitted to,lie to on muslims if by lieing it furthers the cause of Islam, the cause of Islam is converting the entire world to,islam. There is a sura in the Quran, ( cant remember whichnone right now) that says we smile in their faces while cursing them in our hearts. And you could also say if the nice muslims say people like ISIS arent tru muslims, have hijacked Islam, why dont all the nice moderate muslims stand up and loudly protest that ISIS have got Islam all wrong , why dont the moderate muslims say ISIS have hijacked our religion, why dont they say ISIS are not doing what the Quran says.......they cant because there is no Moderate Islam and Quran and a violent islam and Quran, there ks just one Islam and Quran and it is violent!!!!
They dont say these things because they cant, ISIS is obeying the Quran and mohammeds example to the letter!!!

what people dont realize that there were two periods in Mohammeds life, Mecca and Medina. When he lived in Mecca he had few followers was weak and didnt want the town to throw him out, this period is when all the nice, verses muslims who want to convince you Islam is peaceful quote. Like you have your religion, I'll have mine, Or there is no compulsion in religion and killing one person is as if you kill a whole people.
After Mohammed left Mecca and went to Medina he got lots of followers and those followers raided caravans, murdered a town full of Jews, enslaved their women and got wealthy for all this. The verses revealed then " abrogated" the earlier verses.

Abrogation is something most non muslims dont know about, it means the later verses, which are full of violence, killing Christians, jews and non believers, these later verses supercede the earlier verses, the earlier verses are null and void, replaced by the later, violent hate filled verses.
I hope I have given you some ammunition to use againse Muslim apologists ,Muslims, and people who,just wont see the truth of Islam. Take a look atthe web site It opened my eyes to the evil of Islam!!!
I have often thought the same thing, Islam is a cult. Another characteristic of a cult is it strongly discourages or actively punishes those members that question any part of the cult, its founder, its "holy writings and its clerics.... A cult also encourages its believers to distance themselves from non believers, even if the unbelievers are immediate family members or a spouse, a cult discourages, sometimes punishes members who express a desire to leave the cult or who attempt to leave the cult.
I also think the Quran is Hate Speech.
First of all, Islam can not be reformed. To deny or changs any part is to deny all, this is in the Quran the un changing, uncorupted literal word of God. There ks no moderate Islam, there ks must Muslims that are not obeying everything the Quran tells them to do and those Muslim that are obeyingbwhatvthe Quran tells them to do.

Now this is my opinion. I am not an Islamic scholar or have any sort of degree in Religious Studies. I am just a person who has a voracious appatite for learning about anythingbthat interestes me, and Islam interested me.

I dont know how to stamp out Islam entirely, but my idea is how to stop it in Western countries and confine it to just a few countries. But I know no one would have the courage to impliment my idea........

I believe that Islam qualifies as a cult, if you look at the defination of a cult. And I believe that the Quran, qualifies as Hate Speech,.....And I believe Islam should be declared a dangerous cult , a cult that makes its adherents so dangerous to themselves and to others that it is a crime to practice or belong to this cult. The Quran being declared Hate Speech and the origin of the dangerous cult of Islam, that it is a crime to posses a copy of it ( I am not sure how to ban people from reading it online.) anyone possesing a Quran and/or practicing the Cult of Islam or admitting to be a Muslim will be deported to a country where Islam is practiced.

That the reasons for declaring Islam a dangerous cult will be taught is schools, the history of Islam in all its bloody horror will be taught is schools. And when Islam is declared a cult the reasons for it being so dangerous that it cant ever be allowed to come into a Western country will be explained to people by having people who have studied the Quran, Islam and Islamic history like, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and others appear on talk shows, be interviewed and these scholars will be able to show people why Islam is so dangerous. Just reading the Quran, knowing what was happening in Mohammeds life, what he was doing and saying, when particular verses were "revealed" and then knowing the un biased truth of Islam's bloody history , knowing that Islams goad ks to convertvthe world to Islam, by force if necessary, that whatvthe Quran says for its believers to do wasnt just directed at Mohammed in that place and time but forever, intil the end of time will convince ( and horrify) a lot of people, I would hope.....

I think Islam should be confined to a few countries, (I dont know any way to eliminate Islam from the world, unless you kill every muslim.)

I think Western countries should offer asylum to those Muslims living in an Islamic country with Sharia law but they should be watched after being allowed in to Western in case they try to practice Islam, convert people to Islam or commit an act of terrorism.( I I think western countries should be offering asylum to Islam apostates now, people who live under Sharia law and want to get away from Islam are true refugees,)
I dont have any ideas on now the rest of the world should deal with the few Islamic countries. The US could ban Islam but would other countries? If they did decide to follow the US and ban Islam then what? turnthe Islamic countries into a sort of prison? I dont know.
I know as long as there an Islam, there will be jihad, killing and violence.
I'll echo others: you have been missed.
Only one question: how do we answer those who insist that the terrorists are using Islamic tenets as an excuse and that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism? I feel more and more like we are losing the battle. People don't want to listen.
Your description of the Islamic pathology is quite suburb.

The second part of the title, "Can it Be Cured?", is the most important question facing mankind.

Islam either continues its expansion and engulfs the earth, or somehow the non-Muslim world finds an effective way to deal with Islam. Muslims themselves are trapped and cannot get free.

Islam is trapped in an "endless loop" of violence inspired by Islamic theology. It clearly is a constructed "endless loop". There must be a way to deconstruct this "endless loop" process.

(In my thesis "Islam is Fear" I describe how the endless loop works. Interested readers can find it at:

There are only two options:
1) Some sort of isolation of the pathology.
2) Some sort of antidote to the pathology. Which requires breaking this "endless loop".

Anyone with ideas on how to deconstruct Islam, I would appreciate your input.
Bob Smith [email protected]