The Iran Conundrum

Author: posted in Our Archive on 2007-09-17 23:24:56

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 Underneath all conquests and expansions, underneath all the frivolous wars over religious differences, underneath all the oppression and tyranny, underneath all the motives of greed for wealth, underneath all the wars over injustices, lies one single drive:  to dominate. The passion to dominate, control and rule over one's fellow humans is an ancient impulse. It goes back to prehistoric times when certain individuals had the desire to force their will upon those around them. The Islamic Republic of Iran is not an exception to this rule. They, too, have ruled over defenseless Iranians for nearly 29 years with iron fists and absolute power and are not ready to relinquish this power before taking down millions of innocent lives with them.

he 7th century barbaric ruling of Sharia has caused millions of Iranians to flee their country. Those remaining have been subject to mass slaughtering, thousands upon thousands of fabricated arrests and thousands more torn away from their homes and their families. They have been subjected to tortures, made to confess to crimes they never committed, and then been either exterminated or sent back to medieval Islamic torture chambers where they simply faded away. It is difficult for many people to even talk about these horrible tragedies and genocides, which continue to exist to this date in Iran. Similar to the Nazis who possessed a vast and destructive power apparatus, its new rival, the Islamic Republic, is on the same path of destroying the civilized world. Why the world "looks the other way" about the homicidal, genocidal actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a very good question many Iranians would like to have answered. Had the Nazis won the war, they would have slaughtered tens, perhaps hundreds of millions more around the world and enslaved the peoples of Poland, France, Ukraine, Russia and other countries, something the Islamic Republic is dreaming about. In 1979, upon returning from his long exile, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini set the stage for gaining absolute power via primitive 7th century Sharia or Islamic law and by employing hundreds of thousands of overzealous revolutionary guards and militia police to repress the opposition elements within the country. The year 1979 was the beginning of the rejuvenation of the evil empire of Islam in Iran. The execution of thousands of prisoners of conscience by the direct order of the founder of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, reached its pinnacle in the summer of 1988. In his famous speech in 1988, Khomeini said, "Those who are in prisons throughout the country and remain committed to their support for the “Monafeqin” (anti-revolutionary) are waging war on Allah and are condemned to execution....Kill the enemies of Islam immediately. As regards the cases, use whichever criterion that speeds up the implementation of the [execution] verdict." Corruption and mismanagement, combined with the huge allocation of resources to acquire nuclear weapons, are bound to burden the country’s badly ailing economy that will likely bury the Mullahs in the rubble of their own making and grant them their death wish.

Regrettably, these purveyors of death aim to hurt and kill many innocent people along the way to the same inevitable looming graves as their rival, the Nazis, ended up in. Interestingly enough, the Islamic regime has no fear of foreign invasion. This is a very important piece of information for the west; ‘the only true fear within the rulers of the Islamic jihadists in Iran is coming from the Iranian people.’ What the world can do at this point is a huge question. Some suggest military solutions of various types, ranging from surgical bombings of Iran’s nuclear facilities, to military occupation of its oil-producing regions along the Persian Gulf, to a full occupation of the country. Each and every one of these trigger-happy solutions is doomed to failure since they will play directly into the hands of the Mullahs. Any military action against Iran will encounter Iranians’ fierce sense of national pride that would rally the people to the support of the regime. Military actions would compound the problem by creating a greater worldwide Islamic solidarity against the perceived “Crusaders-Zionists” conspiracy. The modern manifestation of the Islamic Caliphate has reincarnated into the "Islamic Republic" of Iran, which has been holding the majority of Iranians hostage for the past 29 years. The Islamofascists ruling the country hope to realize their expansionist master plan after defeating the people of Iran, and ultimately unleashing their reign of Islamic terror on the rest of the world in succession. Hence, the importance of Americas’ support for the Iranian people (not because of altruistic and an unselfish regard for others, but as self-interest) cannot be overemphasized. Islam is no longer in its own self-made cage. It has broken out and has established a powerful presence in much of the non-Islamic world. Islam is a charter of submission. It is a sworn enemy of freedom and views western democracy as heresy. Freedom and tyranny are incompatible. We can no longer be complacent about events in a distant world affecting alien people. Distances are bridged and alien people are now diverse members of the human family. That is how the Iranians learned first hand the meaning of Islamic justice. That is how the Iranian Muslims gained first hand experience of the rotten laws of Islam in their society. And that is why, after 29 years of incessant indoctrination of Islamic scripture, Iran has the largest anti-Islam and Sharia law population in the Muslim world, and a huge pro-western youth. However, some people have become skeptical of US policies after the recent US reaction to two brave Iranian asylum seekers at the US Embassy in Dubai. The US Embassy in Dubai recently handed over to the Islamic authorities two of the bravest sons and heroes of Iran, Majid Kavousifar, 28, and his nephew, Hussein Kavousifar, 24, who were hanged for the alleged murder of a Islamic terrorist judge, Hassan Moghaddas. Why the US Embassy handed over those two Iranian heroes to the Islamic authorities still remains a mystery in the minds of many Iranians. Could it be perhaps because they assassinated a murderous judge? Then, the next question that comes to mind is: when would a murder be justifiable? In denying asylum to these two young and brave heroes, the resulting series of events led to their deaths.  Thus, it is understandable that Iranian communities worldwide have been expressing skepticism about the US’s good-will, these days. In conclusion, the Mullahs’ Iran is the heart and the nerve center of the battle with the U.S. Any mistake by either side poses a great threat to the survival of the other. The best match for the ruthless Mullahs and their hired Islamic storm troopers are the Iranian warriors themselves. The people of Iran themselves are the best solution to the present Iranian conundrum. However, the valiant Iranians need a bit of help from the outside world, and they need it now.