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2011-08-04 04:19:12
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to Kristen

So very true.

And the juxtaposition of those two pictures is very effective.

Dear Mr. Imani:

I admire very much your insights and courage in writing about the Islamic world. Your recent letter, with two photos, of Kerry and the Iranian delegates, and of Chamberlain & Hitler is very effective.

At least Chamberlain and Hitler had the decency not to laugh, whereas the Iranian delegates are laughing at el Boob-o Grande and at us, the American people, because they have royally screwed us and the West in general, whereas Kerry is laughing out of ignorance in doing his Master's bidding, who, I fear is not ignorant of the effects of the agreement.

Clark Zlotchew
Dear Sir,

I have been an avid reader and follower of your thoughts. I would want you to pen your opinion on this issue if possible in any of the leading news media in the US. I am sure you can help.
Black Obama's sucidal foreign polices that would cast death knell not only fo India's integrity and security but also for US security. A weaker India would only make China and its ally Pakistan increasingly bold in their assertion to gain a greater control of the world.