Islam Was Not For Me

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13 Nov 2011
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wishy-washy_and_real_muslimsMy breach with Islam started as far back as I could discern things. More to the point, I never embraced Islam in the first place, although I was born and raised in a Muslim family.

For one thing, I had a very difficult time following a so-called religion whose founder and followers had butchered my ancestors, raped and sold our women, burned our libraries, and destroyed our magnificent culture. Islam was forced down the throats of Iranians with the sword of Allah. In my heart, I never considered myself a Muslim. However, I didn’t reveal this until later in life for fear of retribution by radical Muslims.

Sharia law stipulates that any Muslim who turns his back on Islam should be given a chance to revert to the faith. For an unrepentant male apostate, death is the prescribed punishment and life imprisonment for the female apostate.

“Kill whoever changes his religion.” __Sahih al-Bukhari 9:84:57

Islam considers an apostate as a person who unilaterally breaks the covenant he has made with the faith. An apostate is condemned as guilty of turning his back on Allah’s immutable eternal religion.

arab_slaveI came to the realization that the root cause of my peoples’ degradation and suffering was Islam. It was a creed imposed on an enlightened, tolerant and free people at the point of the sword by savages hailing from the Arabian Peninsula during the seventh century with promises of booty and women in this world and glorious eternal sensual rewards in the promised paradise of Allah in the next. With each passing day, I rejoice more and more in my good fortune; in my ability to avoid the yoke of Islamic slavery and its blinders that imprisons a billion and half people by walls of superstition, hatred of others, and a celebration of death.

Things Islamic not only did not resonate with me, they often clashed head on with what I valued and loved. What appealed to me and even enchanted me were more often than not, taboo in Islam or anathema to the creed. I loved life, beauty in all its forms, poetry, ancient Iranian culture and traditions. I loved laughter, celebrations of joy such as birthdays; our yearly festivities of Nowruz, my favorite, lasts for thirteen days. Nowruz, this ancient festival, has been celebrated for thousands of years by my people; it ushers in the spring, welcomes renewal of life, and expresses optimism for the year ahead to bless us with good health, abundant food, family, and friends in the land of a civilized and free people.

I have always believed one cannot possibly be a Persian and hold to the lofty tenets of the ancient Iranian Zoroastrian triad of good thoughts, good words, good deeds, and remain a Muslim. In the same fashion, one cannot cherish American values, the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution and be a true Muslim. They are comprehensively incompatible with Sharia Law.

cyrus_the_great_cylinderIranian Muslims are victims of the Islamic virus that has destroyed in them their traditional respect for diversity. It is the Iranian ancient fundamental belief in the validity and value of diversity that is enshrined in the Cyrus the Great Cylinder, the unconditional respect for the complete rights of all the people of the world (an anathema to the Islamists’ credo) that has held the nation together over the millennia. Although Islam was imposed on Iran some 1,400 years ago, Iranians deeply value their own ancient non-Arab identity and have never fully surrendered to the Arab culture.

Currently, a large number of Iranians are completely fed up with Islam and they want to leave this dogma of hate and violence. In fact, many already have, but they simply aren’t able to come forward and announce it, for obvious reasons.

Such duplicity exists within the Iranian culture. Originally, Iranians were forced to accept Islam to save their lives from Arab invaders, but deep within the heart of every single Iranian alive today, exists a burning resentment of the Arab-Islamic invasion of their homeland and culture. It is ironic that many Iranians may actually confess to being Muslims; yet, an overwhelming number of Iranians have never read the Quran or understand its language. The events in history have toughened present day Iranians. They have become great pretenders. But the totality of 1400 years of Islamic barbarity and savagery must end. We no longer need to pretend that we are practicing Muslims; when in fact, we are not.

Realistically speaking, there is perhaps 10-15 percent of the population that continues to support the clerical system in varying degrees. Many in this group are government employees, Mullahs, and hired thugs such as the Basiji. Also, the regime has some backers among the poor, the less educated, and the deeply religious. Yet, the alienation from the regime and Islam spans the entire spectrum of the Iranian society with the intelligentsia and the university students leading the determined opposition to end Islamic rule.

Masses of Iranians are irreparably alienated from a corrupt and oppressive Islamic rule. The rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is crumbling. The previously solid edifice, or at least the appurtenance of it, is finally showing many cracks that continue to grow. There are just too many fault lines to list here.

My fellow secularist Iranians and I have indeed done, and continue to do, what we can to help our compatriots in Iran, who are on the front line fighting Islam and the Islamic Regime.

islam_evilThe 2009 protests were just as much against the Islamic Republic as they were about Shi’a Islam. In fact, much of it was against Islam itself. People have experienced what a primitive and defective system of belief Islam is and aim to abandon it for good. Many will still hang on to it to some extent for some time. Yet, a great many would simply leave Islam and even actively oppose it.

There are still those who foolishly claim that Muhammad was a messenger from God and the Quran is a divinely revealed book. My suggestion is that they use their intellect and read the Quran fully for themselves without the assumption that the book is the literal word of God and that Muhammad was their messenger. Without this assumption as their starting point, they will find better than 90% of the book is about violence, threats of hell, exclusion of people, and the like. What kind of God would dictate things like what you find in the Quran? It took Muhammad 20 years to reveal this hodge-podge book that reads more like expressions of a delusional individual with multiple personality disorder.

I bemoan the plight of my native land and the people who have suffered and continue to suffer under Islam. Without Islam there wouldn’t be any Muslims to hoist the banner of hate and violence against non-Muslims. A few claim that Islam has done some good in the past. Well, that’s debatable. There are those who are equally convinced that Islam has inflicted a great deal of suffering on others from its inception to the present. What we all must agree on is that Islam and its sharia laws, at the very least, do not fit in today’s world.

Islam is a creed of an ignorant people in a primitive and barbaric age. It is fixated in time and place; it harbors the ambition of taking the 21st century world back 14 centuries and ruling it by its dogma of violence, intolerance, injustice and death. Yet, Islam is not only an obsolete vestige of a defunct era, but itself is an infinitely fractured belief that can hardly put its own home in order. The numerous Islamic sects are at each other’s throats; sub-sects and schools despise one another as much as they hate non-Muslims. Hatred, not love, drives Islam.

I am not against Muslims. I condemn Islam with all its derivatives and those who support and promote it. Muslims are patients and Islam is a disease. You want to help the patients to rid themselves of the affliction. You want to eradicate a horrifically communicable disease. Although many prefer to tackle the militant version of Islam “Islamism,” for all intents and purposes, there is no sharp demarcation between, Islamists, Jihadists and Islamism. One and all are progeny of Islam itself. Any differences among the three are of degree and not kind. When one addresses Islamism and jihadism, their source is also addressed.

Regrettably, Islam cannot be reformed. Keep in mind that Islam claims it is the perfect eternal faith for mankind. Splits have occurred and will continue to occur in Islam. Yet, reformation has not happened in nearly 1400 years and is not going to happen. Islam is carved in granite, just the way it is. No change. Allah’s book is sealed.

In the monumental task of dealing with Islam and its variations, every individual, group and government must combine their resources and energies to prevail. We must urge all people to resist Islam’s encroachment and not be deceived by its sanitized version presented in non-Islamic lands. The destiny of civilized life hangs in the balance. Shirking of this responsibility would be an unpardonable act of every enlightened human being and organization that values human liberty and dignity.


Amil Imani is the author of a new book “Operation Persian Gulf.” Get your copy now.

113 Responses to “Islam Was Not For Me”

  1. Really experienced reading these components.Thanks Again. Keep composing.

  2. Jordie Middleton says:

    Hi Amil

    I Stumbled across your youtube video, it was great. I am also concerned about the creeping threat in the western world, I cant even go a week without hearing something about the baberic ideals of islam. We are continuously told that thease acts are commited by a so called minority, yet many countries in the islamic world carry out persacutions of torture, violence and intolerance. The values and ideals of this book out weigh any other religions on this planet with its fearful horriffic and double standards. Unlike any other religion its obssesed with its 7th century stuburn school of thoughts.

    The pathway of the future is uncertain with its apocalyptic views and world conquest goal. It would be a living hell for any free minded person to be faced with the dogmatic and intolerant ideals, choosing to live or to submit. Then to face life under a murderous and fearful regime, with no escape and no liberation.

    Leaders of the free world down play these dictators and tyrants, particularly those from Saudi arabia whom fund and arm militants in the region and all over the world, so they can kill and crush, convert inocent people with good values into a world of submission. Mosques are consistantly filled with calls of jihad and death, imposing sharia and killing infidels. Thease are the enemies of freedom or enlightenment. It took centuries for a dark aged europe to modernize and accept human values with freedom. Thease days have long gone and we do not want them back. A savage doctorine would keep mankind in the dark ages for millenia, it would take a outside force such as a meteor or alien invasion to destroy this book of hate and submission. letting a barberic arab religion from 600 ad have its goal would be a faliure to mankind as a species. A future generation would be indoctorinated and abond its past roots, they would completly forget about the freeworld and how there ancestors once got to live in it. I wouldnt like that to happen like it had in iran 1400 years ago, I cant believe some iran praise the savage invasion for bringing iran. Im sure there ancestor are crying in there grave.

  3. ben says:

    I mean in the name of islam.

  4. ben says:

    In my county, 99.9% of the followers of islam are involved in various illegal activities especially in drug trafficking, kidnapping and killing innocent people in the neme if islam. We must fight them together for they are many. The legions of satan is with them.

  5. Jane says:

    I am a canadian woman. I think you are very brave to stand up against Islam. If I have to, one day may come that I will have to stand up for Christianity in Canada, as we are becoming more repressed in our own nation, although we are the majority at 77%. I am presently banning all stores that hate christmas with the hopes of shutting them down. Hypocrites hate christmas but love the millions they make off us at Christmas, you cant have it both ways.

  6. ben says:

    Jesus Christ bless you Amil!

  7. Illya Van Hoof says:

    Don’t just ditch Islam. Ditch every religious dogma. Free your mind.


    An atheist

    • wolfy ghalkhani says:

      Atheism is an illusion. its either islam or Christianity.

      • CS Maddox says:

        Islam or Christianity. there is always a third choice. I’m a pagan i ditched them both and I’ve been a happier person for having ditched both intolerant sides of the table. don’t forget what they did in 343 when it was made the only legal religion in Rome. thousands died. then Charlemagne the Butcher on his rampage killed every Frank and Celt that wouldn’t convert in France. Christians don’t put your blinders on just because it smells better now a thousand years later. you still stick your nose up in the air when some one says no i am not a Christian. i do not hate any one for any reason nor try to judge them for not being of the same religion as me. both encourage religious elitism and bigotry

    • Illya Van Hoof says:

      That’s a false dichotomy, and atheism is in no way a delusion.

  8. Student 13 says:

    Dear Mr. Imani,
    Im a student at an american school and in my global studies class I am writing a persuasive essay on the Future of Iran. Many of the topics you touched upon cohered with Tim Judah’s in his piece The Sullen Majority. After reading his piece and yours, one would venture to hypothesize that the future of Iran is in the hands of the youth of Iran. That the young people of Iran will become too powerful and the majority of the people will have the same stance as you do against the government and against Islam. That with the motivation to rebel against Islam and towards Westernization the future of Iran is slowly moving towards a “free” and more liberal country. Would you agree or disagree with this theory? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Fab says:

    Islam is a sexist religious system that promotes terrorism, muslims want to impose their laws in force and violently, just look at some countries eurpeos or across North Africa to understand this. We must denouncing the atrocities of this violent and degenerate system. NOT ISLAM

  10. A Muslim` says:

    Nice article. However, I can’t give too much credibility to your personal hate for Islam. It does not matter what you believe Mr.Imani, what matters most is what you believe is the ultimate truth. Your opinion about Islam is probably driven by your secular education and hate for Arabs being a Persian because you feel they dominated and conquered Iran and forced this religion on you. Now your hate for Islam has come full circle.
    For all the converted Iranians here I just have to laugh at your ignorance, because instead of worshipping God the unseen and majestic one, you choose to worship a man god, Jesus? Yes very intelligent choice that only a hedonistic Iranian can make. And have you all checked the punishment for the apostate in the Old Testament the crime Mr. Imani accusing Islam of? Christianity/Judaism proposes the same punishment for the apostate, go and look it up. But I guess you willfully choose to ignore that. And please don’t flatter yourself by calling yourself Ex-Muslims, you were not a Muslim to begin with. In time of Shah you people were fornicating, drinking and eating filthy flesh of swine in the night clubs of Paris and London and all of a sudden Khomeni came and shackled you with his oppressive version of Khomeni/Shia brand of Islam, so naturally not being able to fornicate and drink freely as before, you all felt Islam is a burden and obstruction to your heathen life style, so you willfully choose to demonize it so you can justify leaving it. I grew up with Iranians in my area and I have to confess, I have never seen people who are more materialistically driven than Iranians in pursuit of women, cars and money. If you have chosen to turn away from the true path of guidance that is Islam and choose to be an arch nemesis of Allah so be it, Allah has closed his doors of Mercy upon you too. Live your life my friends, continue with your heathen ways and leave no stone unturned to berate and malign Islam and its Prophet (PBUH). But remember, you are all going to be food for worms one day in a six feet deep hole in the ground and that is when you see the unseen, then you will find out the reality of this world and things you were speaking falsely about Allah and his Prophet.
    “And for those who disbelieved in their Lord is the punishment of Hell, and wretched is the destination. When they are thrown into it, they hear from it a [dreadful] inhaling while it boils up .It almost bursts with rage. Every time a company is thrown into it, its keepers ask them, “Did there not come to you a warner?” They will say,” Yes, a warner had come to us, but we denied and said, ‘ Allah has not sent down anything. You are not but in great error.’ “And they will say, “If only we had been listening or reasoning, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze.”And they will admit their sin, so [it is] alienation for the companions of the Blaze”.
    (Quran 67:6-11)

    • Anti Islam says:

      Well said, Thanks for explaining the true pain of Iranians. Free minded Iranians will be so proud of you especially since you have been born out of Iran but you know exactly how the islam in Iran works and has worked for 1400 years.

      Ignore the apologists and keep up the good work!

      • Parsa says:

        Mr anti Islam
        (Quran-67:6-11) is about you too..unless you pray for god and spend zakat…
        What I fear for you is The flame that they have blown in it for 20000 years and has become black and dark….

  11. Anahita says:

    Wonderfully written. I am myself Persian, and converted to christianity a few years ago, like many iranians.

  12. Jason says:

    Mr Imani, Thank You for your critical and intelligent input on a matter of grave importance in a time of great need. You will be forever linked to the. Renaissance of Liberty and Free Speech, while educating masses here and abroad on the utter evil inherent in islam, “The Religion of Death and Deceit”.

  13. Ale says:

    I just read this post and I don’t know how to say thank you.

    From the deep of my soul, thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Imani. You have given me hope; you have revived my faith in humanity.

    I wish you and your family a safe, happy and healthy life. May your country obtain soon freedom from oppression and islamic enslavement.

  14. Larissa says:

    Hello Mr. Imani

    I would just like to thank you for your brave youtube video “Islam is not for me”. I wish you all the best and all my support in your activism.

    Best Regards, Wishes and Support


  15. Mary says:

    You are a freedom-fighter, Amil, and I salute you! Islam will NOT dominate, because, ultimately, Realty will always prevail. And the Reality is: people will not live under a negative, puritanical, joyless theocracy forever.

    I am reminded of St. Patrick in Ireland, who brought Christianity to Ireland, and overturned the ancient Druids without any bloodshed. It was a unique achievement, and probably cannot be duplicated anywhere else. I don’t know if you are a Christian, but Patrick’s story, methods, and heroism might serve to help liberate the Iranian people too.

    And I’m also reminded of the ancient Greek playwright, Euripides, who said (long before Christ): “If gods do evil, then they are not gods.” How can that simple concept be spread throughout the Muslim world?



  16. Page says:

    Hi, Amil.
    I really enjoy your articles. Your a fantastic writer. I love your objective.
    I’m an American living in Cairo, Egypt for 8 years now. Things ahead look very dark and depressing. I’m hoping to get back home to Georgia soon and away from all this mess.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!!

  17. Helen says:

    Good evening, Amil —

    I just now read your powerful article!! It’s absolutely superb, as usual. You are really outdoing yourself with the power of your pen.

    May God keep you safe for all us us.

    Your friend,

  18. Coupal says:

    I think you are incredibly brave to stand up for what you believe in the face of dangerous retributions. We must all stand together in the face of this monstrous evil and draw strength from each other. Together we will win our freedom.

    • Myrtle says:

      I do not believe it will be long before we will all have to make the decision, to take a stand for or against JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD. We will no longer to stand in limbo not accepting anything.

  19. John Valentine says:

    In my experience cultures that have been destroyed by Islam are better off re-adopting the culturally consonant religions of their ancestors rather than trying a new and equally foreign graft. So, Zoroastrianism for Persia, Javanese Hinduism for Java, Indian Hinduism and Buddhism for India and Pakistan, and so on. There are plenty of formerly Christian ares in the Middle East for Christians to worry about.

  20. Immanuel Goldstein says:

    Islam has not added to the sum total of human civilization in any way. Everything that it claims to have produced was plundered from more civilized nations such as that of Persia, Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia. That it has survived to modern times without serious reform is a tragedy for the world.

  21. mitzi says:

    Islam is a creed of a desert people in a primitive and barbaric age. It is fixated in time and place; it harbors the ambition of taking the 21st century world back 14 centuries and ruling it by its dogma of violence, intolerance, injustice and death.

    Excellent definition.

    • beanie says:

      The words in this essay were an exact answer to my question: “How in the world did a highly civilized kingdom of Persia with its own complete history and religion, fall to the bloody totalitarian sword of a horde of flea-bitten ignorant illiterate bandits with their hate creed of islam? I thought to myself, surely those people with even an inkling of their past would chafe under the vulgar rule of femicidal nazi imams. I read your essay and recognized your words as true and full of pain. I am so happy you are out from under the loathsome rule in Iran.

  22. toddh says:

    Moses was literate. Zoroaster was literate. The Buddha was literate. Jesus was very literate. Mani was too literate for his own good.

    Perhaps uniquely among known religion founders, Mohammed was illiterate.

    • Wolfy ghalkhani says:

      Mohammed was indeed illiterate but his sidekick was not-the brilliant, tratorious Salman al Farsi (the persian). Muslims rarely mention Salman because they dont the world to know it was a persian. It was probably Salman who was running the show in the conquest of his own country. Sadly, America is full of Salman Farsis.

  23. mean Gene says:

    If 85% of Iranians are pretending to be Muslim just to get by, I wonder what percent of Muslims is real in the whole world.

    Could be just a whole lot of intimidated folks who need a secret society, a password,” like the early Christians had.

    They need to coordinate their attack on their vicious overlords.
    Only they could tell the wicked true believers from the majority of pretenders.
    IF they wait for the infidel to do their work for them, we will surely not be able to tell the two groups apart.

  24. Scout Finch, says:

    Almost everything Muslims say and do reflects the notion that they are a 7th century society that wants to bring 21st century society back to their barbaric culture. They have nothing to offer the modern world. The only way they keep anyone in their faith is through violence, punishment, or threat of death. Oh, and ignorance, lest they learn the ways of the rest of the world.

  25. V says:

    Dear Amil,

    You are doing a yeomen service to educate the humanity on the danger it faces from Islam. The greatest breeding place for Islam is India. India (Hindus) has experienced Islamic terror multiple times more than the Islamic terror experienced by rest of the world combined. Islamic terror continues (openly supported by pseudo-secular and Marxists political parties) unabated in India (mostly against Hindus). Yet the world is silent.

    Could you please write a series of informative and educative articles on this? No Islamic terror analysis and strategy would be complete without including India’s situation.

    Thank you.

    May you live long and boldly keep up the truthful exposure of Islam.


    “A drop of practice is better than oceans of theories, advices and good resolutions.” Sri Aurobindo

    • Wolfy ghalkhani says:

      I read a few books on the muslim invasion of India. The history of what the Muslims did is horrific, and should be required study in all American high schools.

  26. Jon W says:

    When I moved to Florida in 1984, among the first ten people I met was a young surfer
    who was lamenting the flatness of the waves at New Smyrna beach. His friend, my new neighbor, was a 16 year old surfer and introduced him only as an Iranian named Ahmed.

    It was a split second after “Iranian” had escaped my neighbors teeth, that Ahmed
    protested and set us both straight about who he was. He said that he was a Persian, and that his father, an MD, had fled Iran with his family 3 months before the return of
    Ayatollah Khomeini from Paris. According to Ahmed, Khomeini’s return was not a secret, and many professionals in Iran had fled in the months before, knowing full well what was in store for their ancient country. Islamic tyranny. He asserted that his father was later told the our U.S. State Dept. was well aware of Khomeini’s eventual return a full 6 months before, and they did nothing to stop it. That would be Jimmah Carter’s State Dept.

    By the time Reagan was elected, the Shah was gone, and the damage had been done,
    and the remnants of the once great Persian empire slid into an Islamic Dark Ages…smack dab in the middle of the 20th century. Go figure? Now imagine what could have happened if another democrat president had the courage to correct the mistake of Carter, and lend U.S. support to the new student led uprising 3 short years ago, when the Islamic regime was on the ropes over the recent A’jad election scandal?

    I’ll go out on a limb: We probably wouldn’t be dealing with the prospect of a nuclear Iran. We also might have learned how many Iranians are really MINO.(Muslim In Name Only)

    Read more:

  27. Flayer says:

    Leftism by its nature is fascist. They admire and aspire to the power and domination it allows. All elitists think that THEY will be the leaders, and indeed in their utopia, they would have their hands on the levers of total control. They never consider that they would be inconvenienced by the totalitarian system they tout. History bears proof of the Islamists support and continued admiration of Hitler, Stalin and Hitler, and so on. Leftists are the useful idiots for the Islamists. They will be dealt with last, but dealt with they will.
    We must do better in replacing the infiltration of education, media and government with Constitutional Americans.

    Read more:

  28. Dean M. says:

    Great article. Thank you. Zoroastrianism has always fascinated me. It was Cyrus, who is called a Messiah in the Hebrew scripture, who allowed and supported Jews in returning to Israel to rebuild the Temple. Islam has always seemed dark to me. I tried reading an English translation of the Koran once. I read about a third and had to put it down, it gave me such a bad feeling. There was page after page of, “He who does such and such (the specific sin named), let him be punished in an excrutiating manner.” It started to seem sick and sadistic to me.

    Read more:

  29. tedh754 says:

    Awesome. The best indictment of Islam I’ve ever read. I always have hope the intelligence of the Iranian people would lead us out of this nightmare of hatred. Because I’ve never believed that a just God would say His message needed to be spread by lies and terror. And that entire concept of “paradise” of drunken debauchery didn’t appeal to the “better angels of our nature.”

    Read more:

  30. Pescator says:

    Obama is for the Egyptian revolution and the revolution in Lybia, because these movements are fronts for militant Islam. The Green Revolution, on the other hand, is AGAINST the Islamists, hence Obama treats them with less than benign neglect.

    There had been hopeful signs of Islam: the Baghdad Caliphate and the Sufis. But, any attempt to humanize Islam is defeated. Bush started to break up the Umma, but the Democrats favor the Islamists. Their motto: My enemies enemies are my friends. And the Democrats hate America.

    Read more:

  31. CharlieSlate says:

    Cheetah: Sad that our fearless, terrorist slayer leader doesn’t have a better sense of history and who our true friends are. But he DOES have a sense of history and who OUR true friends are: he’s just not one of us.

    Read more:

  32. jrendini says:

    The estrangement between Iran and the US is one of the great tragedies of Middle Eastern history. Iran and the US are natural allies. America has no strategic interests that conflict with Iran’s and the two nations share several enemies (if only the American State Department could wean itself from its strange, self-defeating fascination with the House of Saud and its willful blindness regarding Pakistan). America’s role in toppling the Shah and its unwillingness to assist Iran’s stillborn Green Revolution were regrettable failures of diplomatic skill and strategic vision.

    In short, Americans need to change their minds, ditch the Arabs and join the Iranians’ team. But what is it that the Iranians need to change and what do they need to ditch in order to join the Americans’ team? Mr. Imani’s article makes me think that the Iranians need to undergo a change of heart and soul and ditch Islam.

    But is this possible? Is dissatisfaction with Islam and its mullahs widespread enough among the Iranians to generate a truly popular movement? If it is, then the Obama Administration’s efforts to engage Iran’s Islamicist leadership is deeply misconceived. What Americans should be doing, if the Iranians are predisposed to it, is fostering a popular rejection of Islam.

    Iranians must realize that such a strategy is difficult for Americans to adopt. Because of a dominant misconception about what separation of Church and State means in the American Constitutional order, American leaders find themselves uncomfortable dealing with religion as a real force with practical importance in the world. Worse, our diplomats, taught as part of their professional formation that only idiots believe in God, can understand neither that most of their own countrymen sincerely hold religious belief important nor that foreigners often act from sincerely religious motives. This narrow-minded attitude is exacerbated by the generally atheistic and specifically anti-Christian prejudices of the Obama Administration.

    Even if the Obama Administration ends with the next election, American hesitancy to deal with the Middle East’s problems as flowing from a level as deep as that of religion will not change without signals from the ME. The Arabs cannot currently escape from Islam. It is tied up with their identity. Non-Arab and non-Muslim minorities have been submerged by the Arab Muslim tide in most of the ME. Only the Iranians, with their long history as a non-Arab people with a non-Islamic religion, offer a real if remote prospect of throwing off the yoke of Islam and creating a chance for peace and prosperity in the region. But how do we start? Or, more accurately, how do the Iranians start in such a way that their movement influences American policy? Will the movement start as a religious movement, such as a revival of Zoroastrianism? Or will it start as a a purely secular movement? Or will it take the form of a “moderate” Islam that accepts Jewish and Christian minorities, not as barely tolerated dhimmis, but as full members of the Iranian national community? (Remember, both Jews and Christians flourished under the Persians.) Could such a movement, whatever form it takes, possibly be both sufficiently widespread among the Iranian people and deep-rooted in Iranian culture to succeed? Or is it simply the wishful thinking of an isolated minority of Iranians with Western-style educations?

    Mr. Imani needs to address these questions. I admire his courage and the historical achievements of the Iranian people. Other than the Israelis, they form the only real state and national culture in the Middle East. But admiration and good wishes only go so far in this dangerous world. The accumulated mistakes of two generations of Americans and Iranians are now building to a flash-point. America’s policy choices are narrowing. The need to deal with the nuclear ambitions of the Iranian Muslim theocracy is real and pressing. I hope the heirs of Cyrus find some way to give both Iranians and Americans a little more room.

    Read more:

    • Anahita says:

      I am Persian, and i have like many Iranians converted to Christianity. But we keep it to ourselves. That is probably why you don’t hear about us to often. Islam is like a toxic shot, which destroys all beauty and humanity from inside. It is not a religion, it is a crime. My wish is that all of Persia becomes a Christian area one day. Christianity is the best, and most successful religion contributing to a society. Zoroastrianism have not had a development for many hundred years, so it will be difficult to use it as a religion today. I am planning to return to Iran one day, and make sure it will be as i say. I hope that answers all of your questions. I now it will be like this in the future, due to all the problems with Islam in Europe and United States. It just can not go on like this in the future. Whatever problems there is now, it will be ten times worse tomorrow.

  33. Atrox says:

    Thank you Mr. Imani for speaking out on behalf of those who do not to want live under Islam. Like anyone else before 911, I didn’t know very much about Islam or the middle east. What I’ve learned since scares me deeply for the future of humanity and more importantly, the people of Iran. After reading your article, I was left with a sense of hope.

    You’re a brave man. My prayers go with you and your people for freedom from tyranny.

    Perhaps one day, Americans and Persians will be fast friends, united in the ideals of freedom.

    Read more:

  34. Cheetah says:

    A large number of the people Imani refers to as having turned their backs on Islam are the same people Barry turned his back on almost two years ago. Sad that our fearless, terrorist slayer leader doesn’t have a better sense of history and who our true friends are.

    Read more:

  35. CELT says:

    Tomas – excellent point. No question that fear is part of the equation in Islam in controlling the believers. I should have been more explicit by saying that the expansion of Islam in to the lands of the non-believers (kuffir) is hate-driven. And I have personally seen the fear and the hatred on the faces of Muslims while I was in various Muslim countries – so, yes, fear is ever present and hate for the infidel (me in this case) is always very close to the surface EXCEPT when they are clearly not in a position to express it without consequences or shame.

    @ Redhawk – you brought up a very good point in describing how “quickly it (Islam) resorts to violence and death to enforce its edicts.” I believe that this is so because they who are responsible for indoctrinating the youth and the newcomers to Islam know full-well that if they allow them to have access to ideas outside of Islam and allow independent thinking that the lie that is Islam will be readily exposed. Therefore the punishment must be swift and it must be severe in order to discourage others from questioning the tenets of Islam and also to allow the imams to maintain their hold on power. What you cannot accomplish through reason, you may accomplish through terror and violence. And I would suggest that this is how the powers that be in Iran have been able to sustain themselves in power since 1979. The Taliban uses the same methodology in Afghanistan. Muhammad used terror and violence to spread Islam and it is the same today.

    Read more:

  36. Long Live the Republic says:

    Thank you, Mr. Imani, for this very interesting and informative article. Like many Americans, I have known quite a few Persians in the course of my life, from college days on. I have often wondered how these inheritors of an ancient civilization reconciled that heritage with the cruel barbarism that is Islam. You have certainly answered my question. You must also possess great personal courage, to write so openly and so often against Islam as you do.

    Unless and until the rest of the world “mans up” enough to support the Iranian people with more than lip service, I fear that your countrymen will continue to face a lonely uphill struggle. And, unfortunately, a grass-roots revolution against the Ayatollahs would likely be bloodier than the revolution that brought them to power. Our hearts go out to you and all of your like-minded countrymen. I hope we live long enough to witness the sea-change.

    Read more:

  37. devilpup says:

    After 9/11, I thought to myself, maybe they have a real grievance. So I started to learn about Islam. What I found appalled me, Islam is the most hideous,vile,murderous, blood drenched cult in history. Thank you Mr.Imani for confirming with first hand knowledge what I learned.

    Read more:

  38. JasonP says:

    While my Greek ancestors and your Persian ancestors had their differences, we can both unite against mankind’s enemy: Islam. And we can both be grateful that our ancestors come to America. Let’s fight together for this great nation and its founding principles.

    Read more:

  39. ArabVisitor says:

    Thank you Mr. Imani for this removal of the mask of Islam. I have known Iranians (some have married into the family) and I always found them to be somewhat different than other Muslims. Thanks for the insights.

    Read more:

  40. Redhawk says:

    There will always be rare individuals who are born with some innate immunity to the strict indoctrination which starts as soon as they are able to comprehend language. Amil Imani seems to be such a one, and this gives us hope. Most are too susceptible to early indoctrination and are never able see the world in any other way. Islam seems to be more pernicious than any other religion in the totality in which it seeks to influence every thought and action and how quickly it resorts to violence and death to enforce it edicts. Islam will be impossible to reform when any potential reformer is immediately silenced or killed. It will be great day for the world when the Iranians can finally throw off this Arab desert religion and become a Persian people once more.

    Read more:

  41. truthcrushedwillrise says:

    The million dollar question is why does the secular Left associate so well with Islam? Could it be the dynamics of control that so fascinates them? They do seem to enjoy control through intimidation.

    Read more:

  42. serf says:

    Thanks Mr. Imani for reminding us that there are STILL people all over the world that reject the doctrines of the few tyrannical minnows who are impersonating whales. It proves to all that the tyrants have failed and will always fail. The Truth is self-evident and imperishable, lies cannot prevail.

    Read more:

  43. Tomas says:

    Celt, perhaps Islam is not driven by hate as much as fear. Amil related his reluctance to expose his true beliefs in the interest of self-preservation. It is difficult to avoid compliance with a sword at your throat. Perhaps hate and fear deserve equal consideration. Basically, most religions preach the same tenets. Most churches of any denomination preach that if you don’t believe the way we believe you will suffer eternal damnation and burn in hell. Oh yeah, and give us your money. The difference is Islam says believe the way we believe or we’ll kill you. I’m not anti-religion I just don’t believe everything the teachers of religion tell me. However, it is obvious that free people will have to combat Islam and probably on Islamic terms, with the sword or whatever is in hand.

    Read more:

  44. CELT says:

    Best article that I have seen on the subject of Islam in quite some time. Thank you Mr. Imani for having the courage to write it because I know that it puts you at tremendous risk. You have astutely pointed out what I have long known: Islam is incompatible with the concept of a democratic republic and with the concept of human rights. The bigger issue of course is that the sword of Allah is now being used on a global scale and what you described as the outcome of its use in the region of the Middle East should serve as a warning to us all. Islam must be confronted and it must be stopped. You are absolutely correct that it will NEVER be reformed. It is indeed driven by hate. What a sad state of existence for so many people in this world.

    Read more:

  45. Navyvet says:

    I believe many Americans realize that young Iranians do not buy into the murderous philosophy of Islam and the Koran. But they are going to be collateral damage if they do not overthrow the Muslim mullahs who are currently ruling Persian Iran. Our Muslim educated president had a chance to support the young Iranians but did not lift a finger. More than the OWS demonstrators young Iranians really do desire their freedom and their right to prosper in a peaceful country. We should support these freedom lovers both overtly and covertly because they may be the difference between a free people of Iran joining the rest of the world or a devastated country with these young people killed and wounded in a terrible war that they don’t want and don’t care about.

    Read more:

  46. amerigal1 says:

    Impressive article and personal testimony! Thank you! I’m glad Mr. Imani escaped Islamic slavery. He and many others have chosen to leave their own country to escape Islam. He rejoices in that he has been set free from Islam, but mourns for his native land now under the yoke of a barbarian tyranny. I suggest this article be sent to all those who doubt that Islam is a threat and is incompatible with our culture, country and Constitution. We must not lose our souls and our freedoms. I appreciate that Mr. Imani explains why he is no longer a Muslim. We have what overtook ancient Persia to look forward to if we do not heed the warnings he gives detailing what islam did to his own, his native land. We are looking at countries whose immigration policies have allowed this pariah to get its foot in the door. Stealing the joyous heart and soul of a people and ruling over it with a mind-numbing tyranny focused on violence and death is what Islam conclusively does best. Can it be any clearer?

    Read more:

  47. DONAL says:

    Right, Foxdog… I suppose Obama’s reluctance to act on behalf of the the reformers in Iran doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that they have global nuclear weapons, and Egypt and Libya didn’t…

    Read more:

  48. SKIP says:

    Mr. Imani has described perfectly why I believe that if Iran only gets one bomb, Saudi Arabia is gonna get it. Persian grudges make Sicilian Vendetta look like an angry child waiting for ice cream. The Iranians and Iraqis HATE the Saudis more than they hate the Jews.

    Read more:

  49. Foxdogs says:

    People have struggled to explain the Obama administration’s hands-off approach to the Iranian uprising vs their approach to those in Egypt and Libya but it is perfectly understandable given that what the author says about large numbers of Iranians being ready to leave Islam is true.

    Read more:

  50. HarryHEllis says:

    I have always had the greatest respect for the philosophy and morality of the Persian culture. It most obviously got a poor review from the Greeks. Zoroastrianism presents a sound and intelligent approach to living with a satisfying and beneficial lifestyle. Islam as set forth by the mullas of Iran is indeed primitive, crude, bellicose and most importantly unwilling to adapt to become harmonious with modern global society.

    Read more:

  51. Bessie says:

    “For one thing, I had a very difficult time following a so-called religion whose founder and followers had butchered my ancestors, raped and sold our women, burned our libraries, and destroyed our magnificent culture. Islam was forced down the throats of Iranians with the sword of Allah.”

    That would certainly tend to completely tick most self-respecting people off – an historically great people like the Persians being brutally conquered and subjugated by … … throwback Arab hordes, who are beyond salvation and redemption, who forced their ‘religion” on them. It would be a wonderful thing if the Persians rose up in righteous rath and threw off that foul Arab “religion” and all the Iranian turncoat Imams and Ayatollahs commanding it in Iran. It is not Israel and the Jews who have done this to the Persians, it is the Arabs. Maybe this is why the commenter SKIP predicts that if Iran gets the Bomb they will use the first one on Saudi Arabia.

    Read more:

  52. Linda says:

    Thank you for this Amil. I’m sharing it will all my friends and have seen it posted on FaceBook also…..I had a dream a few nights ago… that Islam was and is the greatest accomplishment of Satan, himself…. to mislead all mankind and send them to the fires of Hell…..I can’t get this thought out of my head….that Satan is the one and the only one behind this great travesty to humankind….and the many who willingly or unwillingly follow such perverse teachings are doomed to an eternal Hell with Satan…forever….God bless you in all your efforts Amil….you are making a difference. Thank you.

    • Steven says:

      It appears from your response that you think Islam is an evil theology spawned by ‘satan’. I posit that ‘satan’ itself is a phantasm of an evil theology. Consider this statement seriously.

  53. sanjay117 says:

    dear imani
    i am amazed to know that there are lot many iranians hating islam!
    i had been in azarbaijan and there also i found lot many azeri’s hating islam!
    they were aware that islam was forced on them
    but we should always be alert to work on quadrant II
    joining more friends,increasing our power,planning and gathering more material strength,means working in our sphere of influence
    every where politicians are misguiding people for there own advantage
    a simple tool against them is to VOTE in high percentage and make more and more people know the politician’s real nature and choose carefully whom to vote!
    i am from india and i know that not only americans but people from all over the world are in same boat as indian people, that is threat of islam and politicians!!!
    people like you are most wanted by all means!!!
    thanks for good article

  54. Steven says:

    Mr. Imani,

    I enjoyed reading this article, and will bookmark your website for future articles. I agree with your assessment that Islam is anachronistic and derives its life-blood from the concrete theology ascribed in the Quran.

    I do believe, however, that it is not fully immune to change. A congruent example, Christianity, could very well have been described in past centuries to be just as unchangeable as Islam is today, but it certainly has changed. When I see advertisements for local churches touting the availability of snacks, and that the sermons are “relevant”, I realize how far from absolute this theism has evolved.

    Congratulations on this project of yours and I wish you the best in health – always remember that bad ideas can only be superseded by better ideas. I believe you are bringing the entirety of mankind in the right direction with your words.


  55. AP says:

    Perhaps it’s time for Iranians to look toward India, your ancestors the original Iranians (Sanskrit:ariyani = noble people), India has given shelter to your real ancestors (Parsis) and they have thrived and have integrated well in the big Indian family.

    • Anahita says:

      That is not true. The aryans were an ethnic group in Iran, in ancient times. They made the hindu-religion and the caste-system, and condemned people into eternal misery or glory in a hierarchy. Gypsies today, are from the lowest caste of this system. They have no country, no language or any national ground. There were native people living in India, before the aryans arrived. The nazi-symbol means : Aryans = Nobels. Adolf Hitler used this famously in his propaganda, and declaring the german/scandinavians ace the superior race to all mankind. The caste-system in India made also the british divide them and a massacre occurred between the low caste : muslims and the high cast : Hindus. I am Persian. I am not a fan of India, or this particular system. Hope that clears up a lot of things….

      • wolfy Ghalkhani says:

        you are about 80% right. the Aryans came from Siberia. they were a huge mass of Caucasians who spread to northern India to Persia-Armenia to Greece and swept into Europe. that’s why Germans are related to Iranians. most of us Europeans have that same ancient link. the Aryans indeed have a sect system basically to keep their blood lines pure from the indigenous people they conquered. Zoroastrianism itself had a sect system although not as harsh and enduring as the Hindu religion.

  56. Rob says:


    Thank you for all of the informative articles! Keep up the good work.
    Rob Thomas
    Dallas, TX

  57. Natalia says:

    Dear Amil:

    Thank you for what you are doing. It is people like you who will be blessed for speaking out for freedom and the truth for the Iranian people,and the rest of us. I wish the press would give as much attention to the Iranian people who do not agree with these Islamofacists, as they give to Mr. A and company. We, who want freedom for all people, will have to be brave because it’s going to get worse. Mistakes will be made by all countries and many people, but no matter how anyone chooses to fight terror, even if we don’t agree with their methods, we all know it exists! As individuals what can we do? What you are doing!!

    We wish you and your family many blessings now and in the future, and hope that you will keep up the good work. I pray for protection over you as you step out in faith with the truth. I hope that you and many others in Iran who want their country back in the hands of people who will respect it and it’s future, instead of trying to destroy it, will prevail! If the people can stop this terror in their midst from within, maybe the weaker ones, will finally see through the lies that have kept them in poverty, and promise only death.

    You are in our prayers!



  58. Jonathan says:

    Mr. Imani,

    I greatly enjoyed reading this article in the Family Security Matter yesterday and I also took the time to go on your website and look through what you’ve written.

    You are a brave man.
    All the best,

  59. Kate says:

    Dear Mr. Imani,

    Your burdens are indeed great and I applaud you for your brave and lonely stand. I am proud to know you for you are truly among the few and courageous men who will change the face of the globe.

    Who said, “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing…?”

    You are not among the good men….you are among the great men because you actually put your blood where your mouth is.

    Carry on soldier….

    Count me one of your greatest fans,

  60. Charles says:


    What a brilliant masterpiece on Islam. You have said what all true civilized peace-loving people would like to say but are afraid to say it for fear of being labeled “Islamophobe.

    ” Yesterday Nov 14 2011 cable outlet TLC showed a program entitled ”
    “American Muslims”. The producers of the show should have been advised that what they are trying to portray to ordinary Americans is not the true Islam. Yes there may be peaceful western muslims but that is because the majority of them have not read the qu’ran or thought for themselves.

    So thanks for a very brilliant articulation of the barbaric cult called Islam. Thanks for enlightening all of us. Keep up the good work. We are praying for you.


  61. HerAmericanPOV says:

    This article is one of the most enlightening pieces I have read on the subject. I am very touched at your sincerity and frank information presented. In fact, it caused me to do quite a bit of research on the movement of “Islam”. I had always thought that it was an idea that was counter to the ideas that any person that loves and/or knows God or peace and liberty would have. Thank you for opening my eyes further than ever.

  62. World Peace says:

    Congratulations, Amil.

    First, let me say that your life is almost a mirror of my own(which I write about and share) secondly I never ever believed in Islam despite being born one. Second, what you have said about is 100% correct: Islam is anachronistic because of all reasons you have elucidated. There is no basis to compare your beautiful culture anchored on “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” with the Islamic destructive one. Your article is a must read, please find other fora to publish it for maximum spread, particularly in Iran.

  63. Amna says:

    Thank you for your frank and deep analysis. I often thought – how come such cradles of world civilization as Persia and Egypt turn out to be such a primitive poor and backward places in modern world? The answer is obvious – Islam. Islam prevented any progress, any modernization among people who were unfortunate to live under its fist.
    Persians and Egyptians are not stupider than their Christian and Jewish neighbours, yet their living conditions are much worse, poorer and less satisfying. The only answer is because of barbaric culture of Islam.
    will majority in these countries ever realize it?

  64. Yiscah says:

    True words have greater igniting power than all those 7th century Mullahs with their ticking bombs. Go, Amil Imani, ignite the world!

  65. jzaik says:

    Yeah, persians are a proud people. Dirty little secret is that they hate arabs. Real arabs I mean, from the hijaz. They were seen as barbaric, illiterate, extremist heathens. Persians basically persianized islam by creating Shiaism–but they still bow to an arab idol.

    Iranians hate islam. Any average iranian will tell you the same thing.

  66. Muni says:

    “Hatred, not love, drives Islam”

    No truer words were ever written. The secret to exposing Islam’s, warped, vile, and despicable culture comes straight from its founder the Monster Muhammad. Focusing on this sub-human sociopath’s biography is the key.

  67. Simple Truth says:

    The last paragraph says it all.

    “In the monumental task of dealing with Islam and its variations, every individual, group and government must combine their resources and energies to prevail. We must urge all people to resist Islam’s encroachment and not be deceived by its sanitized version presented in non-Islamic lands. The destiny of civilized life hangs in the balance. Shirking of this responsibility would be an unpardonable act of every enlightened human being and organization that values human liberty and dignity. ”

    I was so thrilled to read this very well articulated piece. I would like to see more people take this approach and voice their opposition to the disease known as Islam.

  68. The Purple Marquise says:

    I so much identify with what Mr. Imani wrote in that fine piece! Iran is a country with double personalities. One is the one which we inherited from pre-Islamic times who love poetry and music and beauty. Our women love to look beautiful, we love our pre-Islamic celebrations around the year, most of our families look at polygamy as an abomination, we love a kind of religion which would offer us a real and close relationship with God and many sects of Islam have been born in Iran which tried to mould Islam into such a religion (all deemed heretical of course)!

    But on the other hand people cannot completely let go of Islam. The terror and brainwash has been so effective for the past 14 centuries that it is hard to eradicate it from our psyche. People say they are Muslim and believe in Muhammed and Quran and the “14 sinless ones” (the 12 Imams+Muhammed+Fatima) without having read a single verse of the Quran in a language they can understand or a single Hadith and book of History.

    But I can say one thing about Iranians that I cannot say about many of Arab and Pakistani Muslims that I have come into contact with online and elsewhere. Iranians are truly unaware of the true Islam. Even till this days many can’t believe that what the mullah regime is doing is pure and authentic Islam. They are used to the Islam of their grandma which was no Islam at all and don’t want to admit that their grandma was a heretic according to Muhammed’s Islam!

    So if the true Islamic sources could be sufficiently demonstrated to the people of Iran so that they could read the Quran and Hadith for themselves and see the disgusting behavior of Muhammed and even his offspring they will leave Islam rather than try to whitewash and excuse that kind of behavior. I know the vast majority will apostatize immediately.

    But unfortunately many Muslims from other parts of the world ARE aware of the Haditha and Sirah and Quran and know that Islam allows rape and killing and plundering and slavery , but their value system has become so distorted and Islamized that they already think these things are OK and would even defend it and try to pretend that amputation of the hand and feet from opposite side or Jihad or taking women as war booty is acceptable behavior and good things indeed!

    So I really see a great ray of hope in Iran. It is a big and powerful country with a lot of population and if we Iranian people, with the help of the world manage to redeem it from Islam imagine what a positive anti-Jihad and anti-Islamic effect it will have on the world. Khomeini actually was the very person that started this very wave of Islamism around the world! We Iranians started it we shall end it too!

    Imagine the loss of morale and credibility and funds for Islamists all around the world if Iran becomes a free democratic society where Sharia is ditched for ever and secular law will come back and people will prosper and live well. Imagine all those Arabs and Pakistanis that now are rushing to go under strict Sharia will look at their own loss of freedom and misery and poverty and will see Iranians freed from shackles of islamic government are living so much better and happier than them and they will be truly disillusioned! They will start to ask themselves “what did Sharia bring us other then oppression and misery and poverty and violence?”

    I hope and pray to God that the world will wake up and assist Iranian people in their quest for freedom from Sharia!

  69. Yiscah Segal says:

    Thank you for your brilliant and articulate analysis, Amil. This article gives me hope that the freedom loving People of Iran will prevail.

    Sincerely, From your friend in Jerusalem

  70. C"H"Martel says:

    Thank you for your fine article. If I may, My book, “Satan’s Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad, is available at For the first time in history “HSM” appear together on a book satanstrinitycover. The idea behind the book is to make headway against the ludicrous idea that Muhammad should be conjoined with any religious leader/founder. This book uses the specific names of Hitler and Stalin to efficiently identify the nature of Muhammad and by extension Islam. It compares the personalities and approach of each man to such categories as; war, peace, sex, torture, slavery, women, their respective childhoods and deaths, the critical affects of geography and timing, each man’s anti-social and narcissistic personalities.

  71. Sunny says:

    Dear Amil,

    Your recent piece on why Islam was not for you was outstanding. It should be read by everyone, Muslim, Christian and Jew. What you said could not be said by anyone other than a Muslim because of claims of “Islamophobia.” You lived it.

    Thank you for all your work.


    p.s. I also love your posters!

  72. Nisha says:

    You are my dear brother, Amil, I am so grateful for your bravery and your love, Amil. I pray for your safety and your outreach to the lost and confused…

  73. Islam Was Not For Me…

    By Amil Imani My breach with Islam started as far back as I could discern things. More to the point, I never embraced Islam in the first place, although I was born and raised in a Muslim family. For one thing, I had a very difficult time following a so…

  74. NavyOne says:


    My friend, that was beautiful. It is a sad state of affairs that your previous community finds themselves in. I can only hope that more of them are of your cloth. . .


  75. Jim says:

    Amil, Well said indeed. God speed, Jim

  76. GB says:

    ‎”Moderate” Muslims are not even Muslim because real Islam is not moderate. Only “radical” Muslims are true Muslims, as they have studied and know Islam in and out. But fake Muslims who call themselves “moderate” think they represent true Islam. The contradiction is built into the very foundations of the belief that democracy and Islam can co-exist.

  77. Rene says:

    Great piece Amil – One of the things that I find upsets me about islam is it’s suppression of ideas, of knowledge, of history, of the arts – any of the universities that are in Muslim-ruled countries seem to only teach Engineering, IT , English, Business and of course Arabic!! – none of the other mind expanding subjects that are taught in other great universities – and when they want their youth to learn medicine or such like they send them to European universities – imagine with all the petro-dollars they have in their coffers and they can’t even educate their young!!! Another thing is; where is all the athletic female talent in say tennis or swimming? Where is all the artistic talent that is bound to exist in 1 billion or so people, where the musicians? They are worse than stuck in the 7th century they have impoverished even what was good in the 7th century – r

  78. Lita says:

    Brave man to speak the truth, wise man to seek the truth, a redeemed man and at peace when he finds the TRUTH, the Way, and the Life, Yahushua.

  79. Testa Sterone says:

    An excellent article. I am particularly interested in Amil Imani’s observation on the qu’ran as follows:

    “It took Muhammad 20 years to reveal this hodge-podge book that reads more like expressions of a delusional individual with multiple personality disorder.”

    I have read the qu’ran and that was my observation several years ago already. It reads more like a personal hatred and condemnation of Judaism and Christianity than it does of a “religion of peace” as the islamists claim to be. It is plagiaristic of the Bible and makes claim over the teachings of Christ even though it was written over 600 years after Christ first walked this earth. It is truly delusional indeed that a madman could even claim to have taught Christ anything 600 years after the fact.

    The closest link of Christianity to islam is Ishmael, the son of Abram (Abraham) and his slave girl, Hagar, as Abraham’s wife Sarai (Sarah) was barren. Ishmael is the oldest son of Abraham born when Abraham was 86 years old. Isaac, his second (?) son was born when Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90. No mean feat at a time in any person’s life when having sex is mostly a fond memory. This truly speaks of Divine intervention!

    In Genesis the Lord said to Hagar, about Ishmael, that “He shall be a wild ass of a man, his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him: In opposition to all his kin shall he encamp.” Gn 16,12. Since Ishmael is considered in the line of ascendancy of islam, as well as Abraham, this not only speaks volumes about the violence and hatred found in the islamic religious cult but is very well the watchword for muhammed who lived this kind of life, with hatred abounding for Judaism (probably the religion Ishmael was born under) and Christianity. It then seems as if Christianity was born of Divine intervention, with Isaac being born to a 90 year old woman, and islam being born of a man whose life reflected that of a “wild ass of a man.”

  80. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much, Mr. Imani! You will never know how much millions of Americans (and citizens of other western countries) admire and appreciate your immense courage, your endurance and perseverance!

    We MUST prevail against this 7th century barbaric, ruthless, disgustingly primitive cult masquerading as “one of the world’s great religions.”

    I honestly believe that the world IS awakening. We are nearly strong enough against these people, but without you and the other anti-Islam, anti-Islamofascist warriors, we would be in greater peril.

    Thank you. God bless you. Keep up your sensational, powerful writing!


  81. Robert says:

    What strength, to see so clearly at such an early age – from within the confines of a family cloistered by the yolk of Islam; what strength, what wisdom, from a child! It’s not easy to escape one’s parents’ programming, particularly at a young age! Thus your observations, explanations, and determinations are beautifully clear & sensible, starting points for both captured Islamic minds, as well as the uninitiated, who may yet be deceived, & preyed upon by Islam – points you bring fore, Amil, to commence the fight for freedom – freedom for ourselves, and for our fellow-travelers on this beautiful, but dangerous, journey of life.

  82. Cyrus says:

    I like this excellent quote:
    “Muslims are patients and Islam is a disease.”
    May consider addition:
    Muslims are patients, Islam is a disease and Amil is a brain surgeon for removing cancer tumor from patients …

  83. Sheri says:

    Masterful. Passionate. Simply stunning cry for deliverance for your people. I stand in admiration of your endless efforts to help true Persia to become ‘free at last……….Great God Almighty, we’re free at last!’ – [MLK – 1968]

  84. Debi says:

    Thanks, Amil. Excellent article.

    If only people will start leveling with the basic reality of what it means to be a Muslim. You know, we just elected our first Muslim (as far as we know, our first) to Congress. He was sworn in on the Koran.

    We are so blind and foolish, when it comes to Islam. Unless we wake up, it will take America.

    I appreciate your article.



  85. Rudy G says:

    Hello there;

    Your blog has been amazing reading for me. I simply wanted to congratulate you on such thought-provoking and wonderful writing.

    Rudy G

  86. Kris says:

    Dear Mr. Imani:

    Thank you sir, for providing your assessment. Your clarity in your writings is so fascinating. I have enjoyed reading your articles for the past 10 years. Mr. Imani, I have never been to the Middle East but through much study and some knowledge of the of the culture and its literary traditions, I understand that deception and lying are considered virtues that are much admired in the Middle East, something that we, in the West have difficulty comprehending. I live about twenty miles from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and just over a year ago, it was reported on Fox News that a Taliban leader from Afghanistan was attending Yale University. This individual had the equivalent of a fourth grade education. The academic community demonstrates, once again, that they exist in an ivory tower, believe themselves to be intellectually and ethically superior to all and yet possess not the slightest amount of common sense or interest in the reality of what we will have to deal with in the future. Stunning arrogance and ignorance at one and the same time; two totally opposite and disparate qualities that somehow manage to coexist where they should not. Thank you again for this educational piece.

    God bless,

  87. Susie says:

    What a breath of fresh air!!! Just outstanding writings. Mr. Imani, I have a degree in English writing and journalism, and I have to say that, as someone who has also lived abroad and struggled to write in other languages, your writing ability for a non-native English speaker is outstanding!

    Thank you for the education you provide and may God keep you safe.


  88. Acharya S says:

    Excellent work as always, my friend.

    I do believe more people need to have this understanding:

    “For one thing, I had a very difficult time following a so-called religion whose founder and followers had butchered my ancestors, raped and sold our women, burned our libraries, and destroyed our magnificent culture. Islam was forced down the throats of Iranians with the sword of Allah. In my heart, I never considered myself a Muslim. However, I didn’t reveal this until later in life for fear of retribution by radical Muslims.”

    If everyone understood what rabid Islamist invaders had done to their ancestors, surely they could not in good conscience follow such a depraved cult. That’s precisely what happened with me when I discovered the brutal history of Christianity: I am a Christian apostate.

    As another example, the “Pakistanis” were once Indian Buddhists and Hindus; yet, their ancestors were brutalized, raped, killed and forcibly converted to Islam. Now they HATE their own relatives, because of the divisiveness of the ARAB INVADER CULT. That’s what they’ve gotten from Islam – and look at the state of Pakistan. It’s one of the worst hellholes on planet Earth, all thanks to Islam.

    Keep up the great and much needed work. I’m glad to see you have so many fans making comments on your blogs. It’s every encouraging.

  89. Z says:

    Another outstanding column, Amil.

  90. Arash says:

    As the Turkish Primer Minister aptly and frankly put it: Islam is Islam, there are no variations. Islam is A violent, non-democratic ideology programmed to destroy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hopefully American will wake up soon, before is too late.

    Thanks Mr. Imani for your efforts.

  91. Roya says:

    Very Well Said, Mr. Imani. It is Sensational and beautifully articulated. Must be read by all Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

  92. Paul says:

    Dear Mr. Imani,

    As the science-fiction writer and editorialist Spider Robinson observed in his late, lamented Toronto Globe and Mail column ca. April 2002–

    “A God who says He wants you so much as arguing theology with your neighbor, much less trading punches (let alone bullets), is not God at all, but 1) a damnable hypocrisy invented to excuse villainy, or 2) the same voice all the other schizophrenics hear if they stop taking their medication.”

    Please keep up your excellent work.

    Sincerely yours,

  93. George says:

    Hi Amil

    In 1937 Mussolini’s foreign minister visited Libya. He pronounced “the principles of Islam are fully compatible with those of fascism”. Check it out, Mussolini’s foreign minister should have known.


  94. Pat says:

    Thanks Amil.

    That’s a great article and you have a great website. I am totally convinced about the cult of hatred..I know there must be a lot of Muslims wanting to escape the terror.

    • AP says:

      Evangelists must be having multiple orgasms after reading this! Sooner the Islam falls, greater the number of souls to harvest for the lord almighty eh? Abrahamic religions are so pathetic… MAN!!

  95. Ron says:

    Dear Amil,

    This a powerful and an eloquent article. Why aren’t there more voices like yours? The silence in the Muslim community is quite deafening. Is it because most of the middle eastern immigrants are sitting on the fence, ready to join whatever side prevails? While this may sound harsh, moderate Muslims are unconvincing in their wake-up call.

    Peace-loving Muslims are also allowed to take to the streets in this country to protest the extremists, but that is a very rare site indeed. Are there liberal websites carrying your message?



  96. Mavis says:

    Hello, Amil:

    I know I have emailed you before. I appreciate and encourage anyone who knows the truth of the situation in Iran. I just returned from a bible study where we discussed world events and how it is getting very serious in the world. We pray for the young people in Iran (70%) of the population that they will work towards a better future by being more involved in changing their government. Americans Stand behind anyone who seeks freedom. Freedom is a wonderful thing to have. BRAVO of your article.

    Thank you again

  97. Kenneth Powel says:

    Dear Mr. Imani:

    Eloquent. I salute your decision to make a stand as a “human being”.


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