It is a crime to remain silent in the face of evil, it is said. Thus, I am speaking up and urging other good men and women to raise their resonant voices while they can before they are brutally silenced by the ever-creeping Islamofascism.

-- Amil Imani



This book is dedicated to the past, to the present and to the future defenders of freedom anywhere in the world: to those exemplary women and men who resisted and continue to resist religious and secular tyranny, who have paid and are willing to pay the ultimate price. A young woman, Neda Agha Sultan, and a young man, Sohrab, whose lives were extinguished by the brutal Islamic Regime of Iran, I name here as representative of all champions of liberty.

By now everyone knows about Obama's surprise trip to Afghanistan a while back. That's old news. What people don't know about is the side trip Obama made to Iran to meet with none other than the charming president of the Islamic Republic himself, the little fellow with a big ambition of turning the world into one huge fireball with Israel at its epicenter. This little fellow, Ahmadinejad, longs to do things that would make the heinous deeds of Hitler seem like the works of a model three-badger Boy Scout by comparison.

As usual, the lapdog liberal press, per its command from the powers-that-be, did not bark a word about these meetings. But, I am old-fashioned. I don't kowtow to any power. Nor do I aspire to be like the paragon of honest journalism, FOXNews. You've heard FOXNews blare, ad infinitum, "We report, you decide." What they don't tell you is that they make the important decisions about what is worthy of reporting.

As for me, I am a lone ranger, a maverick, really. I believe in the First Amendment and the freedom of the press. To me, freedom means just that, freedom. Not only do I select what I report, I also pass judgment freely. Give me credit--I am at least honest about my dishonesty, and that's a whole lot better than the dishonest people who go about being dishonest and pretending to be honest.


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