Saluting Chancellor Merkel

Author: posted in Our Archive on 2009-08-03 21:17:00

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Standing on two feet doesn’t make a person human, only standing on principles does. It is for this reason that I am saluting Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany: A German woman who has bravely divorced herself and her nation from the ignominious past of Nazi Germany. A German woman who is standing for principles at the risk of her nation losing considerable profits from recognizing the legitimacy of a fraudulent government of neo-Nazi Mahmood Ahmadinejad.

Chancellor Merkel has unequivocally expressed her revulsion at the fraud and violence by the Islamic republic in reinstalling the maniacal Ahmadinejad in office for another four years. She has seen irrefutable evidences of heartless beating, torture, and murder of Iranians who aimed to free themselves and their country, by peaceful means and through the ballet box, from the mullahs’ suffocating medieval rule. In contrast to the Russians Putin and Medeved and their fellow travelers, Chinese Commiserates, who lost no time tripping over each other in expressing their effusive congratulatory greetings to Ahmadinejad for his “reelection.” Chancellor Merkel courageously voiced her repugnance at the election charade and its bloody aftermath. The Chancellor has further demanded that the murdering Mullahcracy unconditionally free all the political prisoners whose only sin has been their peaceful march to protest the shameless desecration of their votes. While the Merkels of the world stand on principles and risk profits, the Putins of the world’s greedy eyes are blinded by the Mullahs’ dollar sign, while another powerful leader, Barack Obama, is biding his time in voicing his disgust at the horrific atrocities of the Mullahs. The Islamic Republic of Iran has no legitimacy whatsoever, as determined by the votes of the Iranians themselves and the judgment of the principled leaders and people of the world. The long-suffering brave people of Iran are struggling for the same rights that all civilized societies cherish and uphold. It is disheartening to see that some powerful people are co-conspirators in prolonging the suffering of the Iranians by supplying the Mullahs with weapons as well as the means of building the atomic bomb. To these merchants of oppression and death, profits not principles are guide to their actions. When the Merkels of the world arise against injustice, they are heeding the eternal words a champion of human rights, uttered eloquently over half a century ago: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” wrote the imprisoned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from a Birmingham, Alabama jail Now, there are thousands of innocent Iranians languishing in the torture chambers of the Mullahs. The sadistic and horrid treatment of these children of mankind has resulted in the injury of many and the death of scores. The Mullahs’ goons draw pleasure from inflicting immense pain on these victims while extracting “confessions” from them. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians have been through this beastly treatment in the Mullahs’ prisons over the past three decades. Those lucky enough to find eventual freedom have provided irrefutable evidence of the beastly treatment they received. Enough is enough. This is the time of the Chancellor Merkels of the world. This is the time to put, once and for all, an end to atrocities committed by “men” against humans. This is the time to tell the Islamist theocrats that their tenure is up. These shameless fraud agents of Allah must be buried in the graveyard of history along with dictators of all stripes. I salute Chancellor Merkel for her stand on the right side of history at this critical juncture and for lending her invaluable support to the people of Iran. In recent years, the Islamic Republic has gained even more strength by playing the “Islamic” card with human-rights watch groups. It has justified a plethora of human rights violations, enabling it to literally get away with murder in the name of “internal affairs of a Muslim nation” and has managed to instill even deeper fear in the people. They have-consequently-created a nihilist country which has led to the recent explosion and uprising of the population. Millions of Iranians, (both by their votes and in the streets) loudly and clearly have declared the Islamic Republic an illegitimate entity. In return, Ali Khamenei, the self-styled, supreme leader and representative of “Allah” on earth, said that he would crush anyone who dares to rise against his chosen candidate, the psychopathic killer, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as his own President. Sham elections, and a government that tortures and kills innocent protesters while engaging in a huge military buildup and military adventures overseas, is truly sickening and unconscionable. We call upon the free governments of the world, as well as all other businesses, organizations and individuals, to enlist in a non-violent campaign of ending the reign of terror of the belligerent clerical regime. We call upon you to boycott the illegal inauguration ceremony of the disgusting puppet, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.