Shirin Ebadi: Voice of Democracy or Voice of Mullahcracy?

Author: posted in Our Archive on 2006-05-15 16:38:12

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The biggest surprise of 2003 was when an Iranian human rights activist, Shirin Ebadi, became the first Iranian ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Yet, the Nobel committee referred to her as the first Muslim woman, completely denying her nationality, which angered Iranian nationalists. It is rumored Ebadi will appear on an up coming Oprah Winfrey Show while Ebadi tours the United States to promote her book. Iran's people have suffered enough cultural destruction from Islam, but now even the Nobel committee was denying Iranian nationality, and promoting Islam instead. Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize made Iranians proud. "The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2003 to Shirin Ebadi for her efforts for democracy and human rights. She has focused especially on the campaign for the rights of women and children," as stated in the chairman's 2003 award speech. {C}</span>

Ebadi's story began as a lyrical poem, evolving into the contemplative, national epic. It meant wonderful things to Iranians across the world. In the ancient tradition of historical epics, the story's elements all perfectly matched the image of the inspirational melody. It was an incantation of nationality, conjuring up the soul of freedom loving Iranians everywhere. Iranians, who had been brutalized, imprisoned, and tortured by the ruthless and merciless agents of the Islamic Republic, found reason to rejoice. They thought Ebadi would now become their voice to the outside world. Her sudden international recognition gave them great hope for a bright future. They had reason to be happy and proud, but little did they know. Ebadi, instead of using her Nobel status to speak about the atrocities of the Islamic Republic against the innocent people of Iran, she used her platform to speak against the war on terror, and to criticize the United States. She has said the September 11 attacks had served to justify Islam's violation of international law and human rights. She has condemned the United States for its treatment of its detainees at Guantanamo. She has attacked President George W. Bush's attempt to liberate the Iraqi people. She has attacked Israel for defending itself against the wrath of the Palestinian suicide bombers. She has reversed her human rights agenda to appease the Mullahs in Iran.

Yes, Ebadi, in her moment of glory, chose to betray the very causes she was honored for supposedly supporting. What perfidy. President Bush, for five consecutive years, has adamantly supported the Iranian people in his state of the union addresses, yet our Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has chosen to use her platform to join the chorus of United States and Israel bashers. The Ayatollahs must be very pleased with Ebadi's performance as they continue the reign of terror in Iran, with the blessing of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. While Islamic militants issue decrees (Fatwa) against the civilized world, Ebadi spends her $1.2 million Peace Prize to promote the Islamic . democracy. Ebadi, speaking in Paris, denied that Islam needs reformation or modernization. Instead, she said, the West needs to understand Islam. We quickly inform Ebadi that not only does the West understand Islam, but so do the Iranian people who are being held hostage in their own country. We reject Islam as a form of government! Ebadi herself has been betrayed by Islam. Under the former, secular regime, she was a courtroom judge in Iran, but the Islamic regime removed her from that office, since Islam says that a woman's brain is worth half of that of a man (Quran, 2:282.) Yet, she continues to promote Islam, even though that same Islam has denied her rights as a human being. She obviously fears the mullahs. Should we blame the Nobel Committee, which also bestowed Noble Peace Prizes upon the former President Jimmy Carter (who is responsible for the creation of an Islamic state in Iran) and former Palestinian leader, Yaser Arafat, (who is responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks against civilian people as well)? If anything, this action should alert us all of the true nature of the Noble Prize Committee. Currently, Ebadi is spending some time in the United States and speaking in Persian (with English translation provided) about the publication of her new book, Iran Awakening: A Memoir of Revolution and Hope. She is also expected to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show, a television talk show, which most Iranians will boycott. Iranians feel totally betrayed by Ebadi and they wish to convey this message to Oprah Winfrey before Ebadi appears as a guest on her show.

At the end, one must ask whether Ebadi is truly what the Noble Prize committee believed her to be -- a  champion of human rights -- or the spokesperson for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The latter being the most vicious, tyrannical, oppressive and barbaric system known to the history of man.